Thursday, November 20, 2008

PERFECT Heartbeat!!

Well I went to the doctor today for my "12 week check-up" and all I have been able to think about all week was hearing that little heartbeat! As the doctor put the goop on my belly and very quickly found the "thumping" I felt SOOO relieved!! What an amazing sound that is to hear YOUR little baby's heart beating inside of you!!! Of course I was tearing up again, as I think I will each and everytime I get to hear it! The doctor was funny (keep in mind it was the same monotone doctor that so nicely told me I was pregnant!) and said that it was a very easy heartbeat to find and a strong one at that! That was music to my ears :) I think I have had a non-stop smile on my face since leaving the doctor's office today!

I go back on December 22 for the "anatomy ultrasound!" Perfect timing to have pictures to take home of the little peanut for Christmas! (and of course post on the blog!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

See Ya First Trimester!

It is hard to believe, but tomorrow begins the first day of my second trimester!! I am SOOOO happy that we can share the news of our little peanut with everyone now!! Everyday I just would say we are only "2 weeks and 1 day away." My Gran is so funny, she sent me an email today saying not to even try calling her tomorrow because she will be on the phone all day spreading the news!! :) Thank you Gran for waiting five weeks to share...I know it has been hard!!

Well being 12 weeks prego means that the little munchkin is now opening and closing their hands, toes will start curling, and the mouth will make sucking movements!! PRECIOUS! The little one is a whole TWO inches long and is weighing in at a half of an ounce!

We are just so blessed to be experiencing this...I can not wait to meet this little baby! Six months, I have a feeling, will go by very quickly! Happy 3 Month Birthday (in Mommy's tummy) Little One!! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've Popped!

Well the past couple days I have certainly noticed that my belly is popping a little bit. We'll go ahead and say that I am starting to show, and not just that I can NOT stop eating and gaining weight!! It was so funny...I went out to dinner with Vater, Shae, and Klein the other night and literally ate a plate full of meatloaf BEFORE we went out to dinner. When I told them a) that I was pregnant and b) that I ate meatloaf, they were laughing pretty hard.

Anyway, my clothes are everyday becoming less and less comfortable to wear. My shirts are fine, but my pants, uggghh!!! I even wore a skirt to work last week thinking that might be a little more comfy, but it wasn't!!

Today also marks the 11 week mark!! We have known now for about four weeks that this little munchkin is on the way! The big news this week is that the baby is about 1 1/2 inches long and the size of a fig. (Not that I know how big a fig is!) Little tooth buds are forming and it's little hands are starting to open and close. WOW!!!

Now I'm off to the grocery store and to run a couple errands. I am going to eat something real quick though because last week when I went to the grocery store a little hungry, I walked out with $200 worth of groceries!!!!! How did that happen!??!?!?! Happy Sunday!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that Keith and I have already been married for two years! We had planned a trip to Chicago a long time ago and were so excited to go. Uncle Walker lives there, so the plan was to visit him and also enjoy a trip to the windy city!

I must preface with the fact that Keith and I weren't going to exchange gifts since we were going on a trip. I had just mentioned very casually a few weeks ago that the traditional gift for year two is cotton. On Thursday night, the day before we left, Keith came home from class saying he had a gift for me. I said, "Keith!! We said we weren't going to do anything!!" I felt awful because I didn't have anything for him. He said, well I had to get you something cotton. He then gives me a Mimi-Maternity bag with my first maternity outfit wrapped up inside of it. It was so sweet!!

So we left for Chicago on Friday morning and arrived by mid afternoon! Walker picked us up at the airport, but had no idea about our little surprise we were going to tell him. While waiting 12 hours in JFK...not really, just felt like it...Keith and I were talking about how to tell Walker. We decided Keith should leave his "Daddy" book on the coffee table for him to just happen to see. Well the book was in the back seat of his car with me and Keith's suitcase. When we got to his apartment, Walker opened the door of the backseat to get out the suitcase and saw the book...he was in shock! He was like, "Steph, are you pregnant?!?!?" Even telling him yes several times, he still had a hard time believing it!

We went out to dinner, went shopping on the Magnificent Mile, took a carriage ride around Chicago, and of course, had Sunday dinner! It was a great trip and Chicago is a great city!!

10 Weeks!

Our little peanut is now double digits, in weeks that is! The baby is now over an inch long and weighs a whopping ounce!! The fingers and toes are developed and there are even little fingernails!! The little one even has some peach fuzz on the top of it's head now too!!

I think we are still getting used to the idea that we are going to be parents in a few short months! It is hard to believe when I'm not showing, and when we haven't told a lot of people, but I know it's coming by the way I'm feeling!! :) I am NOT complaining, I love every second of not feeling good...well kinda...but the past week or so has been a little rough. I just feel nauseous in the morning and a little at night too. I am now taking a Flintstones vitamin as well as folic acid as my vitamins. The pre-natals were not agreeing with me! However, this all means that the peanut is getting all settled in mommy's tummy and is cooking until his or her May 31st due date!
We just love this little peanut so much already! We keep telling Bailey what a great big brother he is going to be and he just looks at us like we're crazy. What is so funny though is that he has been sniffing my stomach a lot lately and laying his head right on my tummy. It's like he knows something is growing in there!!

The best part of now being 10 weeks along, is that it means only two more weeks to go until we can shout from the roof tops that we are having a baby!! It is killing us, more me I think!! I know Great Granny (G.G.), Mum-Mum, and Aunt Jamie can hardly stand it anymore...they are ready to BUST! (As are mommy and daddy!)