Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Saturday at Elon...

Today Keith and I went to Elon for lunch. Sidetracks has been calling my name for the past several weeks, crab dip and a turkey burger! Tomorrow is our 3 yr. anniversary of getting engaged, so I figured that was a perfect excuse to celebrate! :)

Lunch was delicious and of course the weather was rainy...but we did drive around a little and then stopped at TCBY for ice cream.

It was so much fun to go back and think about our fun college days! It is so hard to believe that it has been FIVE YEARS since I graduated college. Those years really do go by so fast and now there is a baby on the way! Thanks to Aunt Stef, Baby K already has a "Go Phoenix" big to wear to their first game! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

30 Weeks!

30 down, 10 to go! :) It is hard to believe that in just 10 weeks-ish, we will have a little peanut! I just read about 30 weeks and the baby is about 15 1/2 inches long and weighs a little over 3 pounds, on average. (This baby is probably a little heavier!)

We cleaned out the baby's closet today and moved the holiday decorations that were still left in there elsewhere so that it is strictly a baby closet now. I can't wait to fill that closet up with some cute clothes for this little one!!

Everything is going well! I still feel great, a little on the tired side, but other than that no complaints! Just getting VERY excited! :)

I will post a 30 week belly picture soon!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Much Are You Exercising?

Yesterday I had my LAST monthly doctor's appointment...I now start going every two weeks! Very exciting and that means this baby is coming soooon!!

So I had to wait for a little while to see the doctor, but the nurse did see me pretty quickly. The first thing they always do is weigh me...after stepping on that scale I kind of couldn't believe the number I saw!! The nurse asked, jokingly, if I would be okay with her taking my blood pressure! haha...I was fine! Didn't really think too much about my weight gain so far, but then the doctor walked in. She reviewed my chart with me quickly and then asked, "so how much exercise are you getting?" I WAS NOT HAPPY!!! I told her that I was a teacher and on my feet all day, walking all over the school several times throughout the course of the day. She understood that I had a "physically demanding job" and just recommened that I take a brisk walk on the weekends. I guess my weight gain was a little too much for her!! Oh well! My brisk walk today consided of walking around the mall with Swies...that works for me! :) Maybe tomorrow I'll brisk walk around the grocery store!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nursery Updates...

Here are some pictures of the nursery, as of tonight! The furniture is in and the bed is made! I will do a "close up" of the crib soon! I can't wait to hang curtains, pictures, accessories, all the works! It will come together in due time! Thanks to Julie McPeak I am going to have some GEORGOUS letters to put above the crib too once this baby is born and we know what name to put up! It is all coming together, slowly but surely! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Nursery!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have to say that I think the nursery looks amazing! It is a little different than originally planned, but I am in love!

On Thursday three guys arrived at 7:30am, thirty minutes early, to begin working on the room. We talked to them for awhile about our options and they were saying the beadboard might be a better idea than actually doing it. The seams wouldn't be perfect and yada yada. SO finally we decided to do chairrail, crown molding, and wainscoating. They did a SUPER job and I was really happy with it! (Basically it is what got me through the day at school on Thursday, to come home and see it!)

My dad and Jamie arrived on Friday night, Mike got in on Wednesday, and the project began! First thing Saturday morning Keith and my dad went to Lowe's and painted away! They did a second coat of the green and then painted all the trim. I just think it looks precious!
Here are all kinds of pictures of Grandpa working hard, Daddy putting furniture together, Aunt Jamie hanging out in the room, Uncle Michael putting together the rocking chair, and of course Bailey helping to get his brother or sister's room ready!

As of today all the furniture is in and in place, but that will be another posting once I get the bed all made! (That is tomorrow nights project!) I can say that the furniture takes up a little more room in the room than I thought, but after playing around with every possibility, we were happiest with the original layout!!

Let me know what you think of the peanut's room! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nursery - Take 1!

Daddy was busy this weekend painting the nursery! Last week I FINALLY decided on the green for the nursery. Keith said that all the greens were looking the same to him at that point and just couldn't make a decision, so I just went to Lowe's and made a decision myself! I am THRILLED with the color, it looks great!! On Thursday a guy is coming out to do the bead board, chairrail, and crown molding! Here are a couple sneak peak pictures...

CO Visit!!

Last night I got back from the CO state and what a great weekend it was! Six of the eight of us from Danieley L-103 reunited to invade the Johnson crew. :)

On Thursday night Vater and I arrived late and we all hung out until about 2:00am...I don't know the last time I was up that late! :)
Friday was shopping day! We got up, cleaned ourselves up, and headed to the outlets! It was great!! We all got some great deals at the outlets...I tell you, the Ann Taylor outlet is so great and I think I am thankful that I don't live closer to it. We also went to Boulder to get pedicures that were delicious! It was so relaxing and the cutest place. Finally we had a yummy dinner on Pearl was wonderful!
Klein and I getting our toes did!

The result of our shopping trip! :)

I was spoiled on Saturday with a wonderful shower, hosted by Ellen! We had delicious food, great company, and the peanut continues to be spoiled :) It was wonderful!! We hung out the rest of the day with Connor man and had a delicious taco bar dinner!

Well it wouldn't have been a trip to CO without posting some pics of sweet Connor man! He is getting so big and is such a handsome man. He even bought Baby K a special gift!

I just wonder why the weekends have to go soooo fast! SERIOUSLY?? Sunday came way too fast, but I was kind of excited to come home to see the nursery that Daddy Keith was busy painting over the weekend!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hospital Tour!

Tonight Keith and I went to Durham Regional for our "hospital tour." It was fun, but gave me the heeby jeebies (spelling?!). Hospitals just do that to me! It was so cool to see where I will have this baby though! Delivery is done in a comfortable and cozy room. I really liked that. I guess I just always pictured that you give birth in an operating room looking place. Keith told me that is just what I see on Gray's Anatomy :)

We were really impressed with the hospital and how they run things. Everyone that we met was so nice and very helpful. I even met a girl tonight that was also due on May 31! She is thinking of bringing in a doula to help with the birth...unlike me that would like the drugs in the parking lot before I even get out of the car!! :) It was kind of funny...hopefully she doesn't think I'll be a bad mom because I don't want to feel pain!

Oh...just on a side note...labor and delivery is on the 4th floor of the hospital, which just so happens to be my lucky number!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Furniture Is In!!!

Today was such a fun day because we got to pick up all the furniture for the nursery from Babies R Us!! (I was nervous that it would take forever to come in because I have heard some horror stories, but it was all there and ready to go!) Thanks to the help of our wonderful neighbor, Darin, we were able to fit everything into his truck to bring it home. We got the crib, the changing table, the armoire, the glider, and the ottoman today! I can't WAIT to put them all in the baby's room!!

Next weekend the plan is for Keith to paint, while I'm in Colorado, then the next weekend my dad, Jamie, and Mike are coming to "do" the nursery!! It is going to feel much more real, I do believe, when the little one's room is completed!

Obviously, pictures will be posted when the room is in progress! :)

Gran and Gramps Come to Visit!

It's always so sad to see family leave, but we had a great weekend with Gran and Gramps! They arrived on Friday afternoon and when I got home Keith said they were watching my favorite show, obviously he was kidding considering we don't have a TV in the family room anymore! Anyway, we hung out for awhile and then went out to dinner. On Saturday we were up for breakfast and then were busy running errands all day! We went to Carter's and we decided it was a good thing we don't know if this little munchkin is a boy or girl because we probably would have bought the place out!! We did do a Babies R Us run as well, which is always exciting! For "linner" we met Keith and some friends downtown at The Oxford, it was so good! Then we came home and relaxed for the evening. We did manage to watch a little TV in the "man room" aka soon to be nursery, which is the smallest room in the house, but it has a TV. We all crammed in there for some TV entertainment! This morning we finished our trip with breakfast and then they hit the road to avoid hitting any of the snow!

Bailey just loves when his Granny and Gramps come to visit. They brought him a hedgehog squeaky toy and is currently snuggling on our bed with it. :)