Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snoozing Away...

I just love these pictures! Reagan picks and chooses when she would like to sleep throughout the day, but it is almost always with her Daddy!! (of course!) She is such a little sweet pea and loves to cuddle or be all swaddled up! Yesterday Little Miss decided she wanted to be awake ALL day! She literally slept for an hour total all day...she just wanted to be in the middle of the action and checking things out! She is so cute though, I just love to watch her and tell her how much I love her!

Tummy Time!

Reagan does NOT love tummy time! :) Bless her heart! She is so cute on her little tummy though!! Yesterday she did hold her head up for a couple seconds, but then just wants to be snuggled! Our little girl is just getting so big!

More Visitors!

Reagan continues to be one lucky girl and have sooo many fun visitors! It is a great excuse for us to see friends that we don't always get to see as well! Here are a few pictures of some of the visitors Reags has had the past couple weeks!! :)

Last week Katie and Jeff brought us a delicious dinner! It was so great to see them and fun to hang out for the evening!

Hill stopped by while she was working at a camp in Raleigh. She just moved to Charlotte the day Reagan was born...we miss her so much!!

Starks stopped by on Saturday to meet Reagan and got to witness her loosing her belly button! She was pretty excited to be part of the "historic" day!

Kelly, Sabrina, and Julie (plus Ethan and Eric!) came by on Monday and also brought a delicious dinner. It was so fun to hang out with other Mommies and hear how quickly this time will go. I have heard from soooo many people to enjoy every second, and that is exactly what we are trying to do!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

No More Belly Button!

Yesterday afternoon Starks was visiting and Reagan was all swaddled from being fed. We went upstairs and I undid the swaddle so Reags could have her hands free and what did I see...HER UMBILICAL CORD STUMP!! I almost cried!! I know, it's no big deal, but it means she is getting so big :) Okay moms out there...do I still clean with alcohol? There is still some yellow"y" stuff in her belly button, will that just dry out? Let me know!! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

To The Dog Park We Go...

Last night was a pretty night, so we loaded everyone in the car and were off to the Dog Park! Bailey gets sooo excited to go and play with friends. :) There weren't any dogs in the "small dog park" so we took Bailey to the "big dog park." I mean, there were BIG DOGS in there!! There were 2 great danes that came up to Reagan's stroller and sniffed the outside of it. I was so scared they were just going to attack her, but I remained calm and so were the dogs. Bailey got a run for his money and was exhausted after about 20 minutes of playing...can't say I blame him though, I'm pretty sure I would have been too! Needless to say it was a nice little evening out and about and again, Reagan just slept through it all! :)

First Lunch Date!

After Reagan's doctor's appointment we decided to go across the street to Mellow Mushroom for lunch! This was Reaggie's first time at a restaurant and her first lunch date with Mommy and Daddy! She did great and slept through the entire lunch. :) We ate outside with a nice breeze blowing and she was as good as could be. It was fun taking her out and having everyone that pass by ewww and ahhh over our little baby girl! Now that she is getting used to being out and about, Momma is ready to take her all over the place!

Such A Big Girl!

Yesterday Reagan went BACK to the doctor, again, to have her weight checked. We were crossing our fingers that she would have gained weight! (How funny is it that a baby you want to gain weight so badly and a Momma wants to LOSE it so badly!) Good news!! Miss Reagan is 9 POUNDS 1 OUNCE!! She has now surpassed her birth weight...good girl!! We were sooo excited! :) Now she doesn't have to go back again until her 2 month check up...I know that is going to be here before I know it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mum-Mum Comes Again

Reagan is one lucky girl to have her Mum-Mum come and visit her again! My mom came on Monday and left Thursday morning. It was so nice to have her here and her extra hands! We had a good time and Reagan loves being spoiled by her Mum-Mum!

Sweet Summertime

Reagan just looked too cute in her big girl summer outfit yesterday! We couldn't help but take lots of pictures of her. We went out today to buy her more, Mum-Mum, Reagan, and I! She just looks so cute in her little shorts with the ruffles on her bootie!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy 1st Father's Day!! We had a great day...didn't do a whole lot, but we did have a lot to celebrate! We started the morning off with Reagan giving Daddy kisses when she woke up in the morning, but then she decided she wanted breakfast. We made Daddy a delicious breakfast of Frosted Flakes and almonds, that's what he wanted! Then Reagan gave her presents to Daddy...he got all kinds of good stuff; new shoes, a new Polo, a personalized bottle of crown (thanks Gran!), a new mousepad full of Reagan pictures, a level, and a picture frame to take to his new apartment in Winston. Keith loved all of his treats :)

The rest of the day we just hung out with our Reagan. I ran to the store inbetween feedings to get dinner and dessert supplies. We had Keith's favorite dinner and dessert. Reagan was such a good girl all day for her Daddy!

On a side note, I can honestly say that I have been so proud of how Keith has transitioned into the role of "daddy." He has not had hardly any experience with kids or babies, so this was totally unchartered territory for him. He has taken right to it and is doing a wonderful job! He loves his little girl and she loves him so much. I love watching him with our baby girl...it just is the cutest thing.

We hope you had a great day Daddy!! We love you :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mommy's Helper

Today I was doing laundry, for the first time in a long time thanks to all of our help, and Reagan decided she would help me out. :) Actually she was being a little fussy and I laid her down on the warm laundry and she loved it! Pretty cute! She quickly fell asleep in my arms right after I picked her up. Such a sweet girl!

First Shopping Adventure!!

Reagan and I ventured out today for her first shopping adventure with Mommy! (After her doctor's appointment on Thursday we did go to Sam's, but I made sure we were in and out of there!) We had to run out to pick up a couple things for Daddy!

Right after I fed her early this afternoon, we were on our way. (Well first I had to figure out how to fold up the stroller to get it into my trunk. After grabbing the instruction manuel, I figured it out and then we were on our way!) Our first stop was Macy's! She did a great job...started to cry a little in the Polo section, but that's probably because I was going to spend too much money on Daddy! :) As we were looking in the baby section she just snoozed away! Such a good girl! We didn't last long in Macy's because I really didn't want anyone else to breath on her. I know I will get over that sooner rather than later.

Here is my shame for the day...our second stop was the ABC Liquor Store. We had to get Keith a little something from there (picture to come tomorrow!) and I just had to take Reagan with me. The guys in the store were so nice though and kept saying what a pretty girl she was! I told them thank you and that I had to agree!

Overall, our first trip out was a total success! I know that was just the first of MANY MANY MANY shopping adventures with Reagan and I! :) Lord help us if she likes to shop as much as her Mommy...hopefully she likes the deals just as much as I do too!

Fun Visit!

On Friday Heather, Jess, and Colbs stopped by for a visit. They were so sweet to come by to see "Baby K."

Jess and Colbs were itching to hold Reagan. They are both naturals!

It was such a fun visit and always great to catch up with the Rabalais girls! Thank you for coming to see us and come back anytime!!

Just the 3 of us...

On Friday afternoon Keith left for Charlotte to play in the State Cup soccer games this weekend. I was pretty nervous about it just being Reaggie and I, but I think we did okay. Keith was going to be gone until Sunday morning, but decided to come home tonight after his last game this afternoon. I know I am fine with Reagan, but it is just nerve wracking being by yourself with a little baby for the first time all night. She was a fussy girl all evening, but at about 8:00 she finally passed out! Momma took advantage and also fell asleep for a little while and woke up to feed Reagan and we both went right back to sleep!

Erin and Bradd came by this morning at 10, which meant I had to plan my morning accordingly to be sure we were ready for company! I haven't been up and showered by 10 since Reagan was born! It was great though :) Reagan was a good girl, sleeping until 8:20, which gave me time to let the dog out, eat breakfast, and shower! By the end of the summer we'll be down to a science!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 Week Check-Up

...just a day early! Reagan will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, but Momma has a haircut appointment and couldn't make a doctors appointment that day, so we went a day early! :)

Reagan was all fresh and clean from a bath this morning and ready to go! She has gained more weight, weighing 8 pounds 10 oz!! GO GIRL! She still is not up to her birth weight, which they like for the baby to be by 2 weeks, but she is so close!! They want us to go back AGAIN next week to make sure she is still gaining. If she is, then no more appointments until her 2 month check up!

It was funny because we had so many questions for the doctor today. I think my number one thing is how to do I know if she is dressed comfortably? I don't know if I should have her in just a onsie because it is so hot out or in a little sleeper?!? Turns out I think we have been doing just fine with her outfit selections, but I am ready for that body temperature to regulate and for Reagan to pack on a little more weight so she can wear all of her adorable 3 month clothes!! :)

Such a Sweetie...

Yesterday morning I was eating breakfast in the family room, as I always do, and Reagan was just lying on the sofa next to me. She was so stinkin' cute I couldn't help but take some pictures. She was just staring at me, staring at the sofa...so entertained for about 10 minutes! :)

Play Dates!

Reagan is one popular girl! On Monday she had a play date with Miss Emma, who is 5 months old, and on Tuesday night she met Parker for the first time.

Reagan and Parker are only allowed to be friends until they are 12, according to their daddies. It was so cute seeing the two of them together. Reagan is a little chunker next to Parker, who is 3 weeks older than her! However, I'm sure he will catch up very soon!

Parker's Mom - Steph
Parker and Reagan (aka the burrito!)

Reagan and Emma
Reagan with Kate (Emma's Mom)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When are you due?

This is exactly what I was scared of...I know that I don't look like my normal self yet, obviously, I just had a baby 11 days ago!! HOWEVER, I was showered, dressed, and was out and about, in between feedings, running a couple errands today. I was in Kohls and bought Reagan a couple cute little outfits. The cashier said, "aww what cute outfits. WHEN ARE YOU DUE????" Seriously, I almost cried!! I thought I looked "okay" today...I just couldn't believe it. I said immediatly back, as nicely as I could, "I just had my baby 11 days ago." I know she felt really bad, which I felt badly about too. However, MENTAL NOTE Kohls lady, don't ever ask someone when they are due if you don't know if they are pregnant or not!!

On a happier note, today was the first day that I have slipped out by myself to run a couple errands. I by no means am a "stay at home all day" kind of girl! It was nice to run out, but I have to admit it was very strange not having Reagan with me. I called Keith about an hour after I left just to make sure the little one was okay and he assured me that he was just fine, to take my time. I took him up on it and when I got home Reags was sound asleep like such a good girl!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just the 4 of us...

Well...this is it, just Keith, Reagan, Bailey, and I! Our last visitors left yesterday and lets just say it is very quiet around here, except for when the baby is crying. It was so nice having so much help, but at the same time it is nice adjusting to our own little family life.

Keith had his last day of work today, which I am so excited about! He will start his new job with BB&T the beginning of July, but until then he is home with Reagan and I. Thank goodness!

Thank you so much to Mum-Mum, Opa, GG, Grandpa, Aunt Jamie, and Aunt Kristin for staying with us and helping us get used to having Miss Reagan. We REALLY appreciate all of your help!!!

Heart Murmur?

Thank you sooo much to so many of you for checking in on how Reagan's doctors appointment went with the cardiologist today. To say I was nervous is an understatement, but I just had a gut feeling that everything was going to be okay.

We got to the doctors office and they had to take Reagan's blood pressure, weight, and height. (She has shrunk an inch from her conehead and has gained another ounce!) Reagan was such a good girl taking her blood pressure, we were sooo proud of her! She just sucked away on her binky.

Finally it was time to see the cardiologist. He was a SUPER nice guy and listened to Reagan's heart. He said he heard a VERY LITTLE something, but it was totally normal in newborns. I said, "THANK GOD!!" (Keith laughed at me!) We were sooooo relieved!! (I think he could sense my relief because he said to not loose any sleep over this...haha...he read me pretty well.) The doctor didn't feel it was necessary at all to do an echo, but we do need to go back in six weeks just for a follow up. He said it is very likely that he won't hear anything at that point.

Thanks again for checking in and we are soooo glad that there is good news to report! :)

The First 10 Days

WOW!! It is so hard to believe that Reagan is already double digits, in days that is! It is crazy that 10 days ago she entered this world and has already figured out so much, and so have Keith and I!

In the 10 days we have had our sweet girl we have had sooo much help! It was so nice to have so many pairs of extra hands, obviously more than willing to hold the peanut and change diapers. We are so thankful for such great family and friends that were an AMAZING help with getting us used to being a mommy and daddy.

I can honestly say that being a mom is a LOT harder than I thought. It's not that it's "hard," but you just care sooo much for this little life that is totally dependent on YOU! We just want the best for her and to make sure she is as happy as possible. Obviously that isn't always an easy task, but it's one we do the best we can with.

Reagan has had doctors appointments, gas, spit ups, poopy diapers, and very fussy times, but she is SUCH a sweet girl and is sooo good! We just love when she stares at us or the tan wall...whatever!

Happy 10 Days Sweetie! We love you!! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleepy Girl...

With the arrival of Aunt Kristin (Keith's sister) meant I was going to get BIG TIME help in the routine department. I realize Reags is just a week old, but I want to get something started. Last night we did her last feeding in her bedroom with the lights down low, relaxing music playing on her CD player, and rocking. She fell right asleep and we put the car seat in the crib. She loves how cuddly she is in her car seat! She slept from 10:00 (if not a little earlier!) until I went in at 3:15 to feed her! Once she finished feeding, around 4, she didn't wake up agian until almost 7:30! It was so nice to get such long stretches of sleep last night!! YEAH REAGAN! Fingers are crossed that she keeps us the good work! It makes for very happy parents, and guests! :)

Big Eyes!

We love when Reagan opens her eyes sooo big, especially when it's during the day! She has georgous blue eyes, just like her daddy! I just couldn't help but snap a couple pictures of her with her eyes WIDE open! She just stares at who knows what, but gets infatuated with whatever it is she is looking at!

Happy 1 Week Birthday!

I promise we won't celebrate Reagan's birthday every week...seriously! HOWEVER, Week 1 is too important to let pass by!

After the doctor's visit on Thursday we ran by Kohl's, because it is KILLING me to not be going shopping for this little girl, and picked Reagan up a couple outfits. (Don't worry, Reagan waited in the car with GG and Mum-Mum!) One outfit I bought had a little cupcake on it to celebrate her birthday! The perfect outfit.

All day yesterday I kept saying, "one week ago today I was..." Let's just say I was very thankful that I was saying that yesterday than re-living it from last Friday!

Aunt Jamie and Grandpa (my sister and dad) arrived yesterday afternoon and they surprised us with a little cake for Reagan too. No big deal that her name was spelled wrong...we'll get over that...it's the thought that counts! :)

Happy One Week Birthday Little Girl! We love you to pieces :)

Doctor's Visit #2

When given the chance to hear the good news or bad news first, I am usually one to say the good news....sooo we'll start with that. On Thursday Reags had a doctor's appointment to check her weight to make sure she was gaining. The doctor really wanted her to be back to her "leaving the hospital weight." I am proud to report that our little girl weighed 8lbs. 5.5ozs! GOOD GIRL!!

Okay, "bad" news...the doctor was checking Reagan out again and listened to her heart. She was listening and listening. The doctor thought she heard a heart murmer. OF COURSE when she said that I started to cry! She really doesn't think it is anything to be concerned about, but because Reagan is so little she just wants us to get it checked out. My rational is that if no one heard it in the hospital or at the first appointment, then everything should be fine...right? I hope so!

We are scheduled to go to the cardiologist on Monday afternoon to get an Echo. (if that is how you spell it!) Please keep Miss Reagan (and her mommy and daddy) in your prayers!

Four Generations

My mom and Gran were here this past week and left on Friday. It was sooo nice having both of them here to help, well do, the cooking, cleaning, dead heading on the flowers...you name it! My mom was helpful with Reagan at night too! Not many babies are able to say they have a Mommy, Grandmother, and GREAT Grandmother, but this little one sure does! Granted these aren't the best pictures because we were running a couple minutes late for the doctor, but you get the idea! We'll get plenty more in the months and years to come.

Daddy's Little Girl

Reagan loves to cuddle with her daddy...it is just so cute! Keith was so nervous at first that the baby would break or that he wouldn't be able to hold her, however he has gained a natural ability with his little girl. As much as I thought little Reagan was a boy, I just can't imagine it any other way and she just continues to melt both of our hearts! Daddy calls her his little princess and I know that is what she will be, always!

Reagan's First Walk...

On Wednesday Aunt Kristin arrived! She and Keith went for a walk that afternoon to let Mommy get a few minutes of sleep. She loved being outside and just loves going in her car seat!