Monday, November 30, 2009


Reaggie has on a brand new outfit today from her Mum Mum and Pop Pop and I just think it looks too stinkin' cute on her! She was so sweet just playing in her jumperoo before naptime and then playing on the floor with a toy! Just couldn't help but snap a couple pics! How is she already going to be 6 MONTHS on Saturday?!?! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

Yesterday, after we got home from the PA state, we went out to get our Christmas tree! It was a quick and easy process, we thought! Turns out the trunk was WAY crooked and it wouldn't even go in our stand, even after trying about every poor Keith had to go back to get it fixed and FINALLY it was all set! We put the lights on last night and then decorated today :) Reagan even helped out a little bit! Sweet girl :)

A tradition we started with her was putting a Christmas tree in her room. Every year growing up my sister, brother, and I would all have an artificial tree in our room. I would even buy some of the most "beautiful" decorations to make sure my room was plenty festive as well. It was always so fun and I loved falling asleep with my tree lights on! Reagan doesn't have any "memory" ornaments yet, but I know over the years she will collect plenty! It was so sweet last night putting on her ornaments...she just sat in the floor and stared at the lights on her tree. I am just SOO excited for Christmas with our baby girl this year!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Travels!

Reagan and I left on Sunday afternoon to head to the first part of our trip, to my Gran and Gramps' in Maryland! Reaggie did great in the car, but the last 20 minutes was not so fun! She was not a happy girl and it just broke my heart, she finally put herself to sleep about 10 minutes before we arrived. We had a DELICIOUS dinner with my mom, John, and Jamie too! They just couldn't wait to get their hands on Reaggie Mae!

Monday we did some shopping and went out to lunch. We went to Baugher's which is a Westminster trademark. :) Of all things to get I ordered MD crab soup (YUMMY!) and a hot dog! What a combo right?! By the time we finished lunch it was time for baby girl's nap time, which didn't last so long...oh well! After naptime Reagan had a special visit from Aunt Diane. She and my mom were inseperable growing up and my middle name name-sake! She is sooo sweet and even brought Reagan a couple new Christmas books, she is a teacher! :) It was sooo great to see her and introduce Reaggie!

Tuesday Gran treated me to an early Christmas gift of a mani and pedi, which was SOOOOOO wonderful! I don't think I have had my toes done since Reagan was a couple weeks old, so it felt great!! Reagan liked watching my toes get painted. I can't wait to take her one day! Gramps walked around the mall with Reagan while our nails were getting done, that was a HUGE help!!
After nails and toes were all did, we hit the road for PA. How nice it was to just have about a 2 hour trip as opposed to the 6!
Jamie and I did a little Christmas shopping on Wednesday and had dinner at my mom's house. They insisted on having Reagan for the day!! She did great with them, as I knew she would, but it was crazy how much I missed the little girl! :)

Thursday was Thanksgiving and a relaxing day! Of course there is always SOME family drama, but it was all under control and we had a great dinner at Uncle Gus and Aunt Linda's. It was great to see everyone and of course Reagan was the hit of the holiday with her ADORABLE dress and sweet smile!!

Black Friday, I have to admit that I did sneak out...briefly! I went to the outlets and selfishly bought myself a couple little things for the Bahamas!! I did get a couple gifts though :)
We just got home this afternoon and made GREAT time! We didn't hit an ounce of traffic...mental note leave on Saturday! Last year we left Rochester on Sunday morning and it took us about 15 hours to get home...that was MISERABLE!!!

All in all it was a great trip! Reagan is a great traveler and adjusts very well to being in a different place. It will just be a few more weeks and we'll be up again for Christmas! So hard to believe it's that time of year already :) Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!! Keith just surprised me with tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular while they are touring in Winston!! I have hinted that I would love to go, but knew that wasn't what we should spend money on this year. However, he said it was a gift for being such a great mommy! HOW SWEET!!! I can't wait to go!! Keith has never seen the show, so I am excited for him to see it too! It has been probably 6 or 7 years since I have seen it and I can't wait. During my early teenage years I guess we started going to New York City to see the show every year. My dad worked in Rockefeller Center, well close to it, and was able to get us GREAT tickets. I ALWAYS looked SO forward to going!! Maybe one day when we hit the lottery it can be a tradition we have with Reagan and all of our's just such a great time! If you haven't seen those rockettes kick their legs, I HIGHLY recommend going!! You see, I wanted to be a rockette...I wanted to kick my legs like they do and wear their cute little outfits. I just always loved it!!

I love you Keith!! Thank you for such a thoughtful gift!!

So Much To Be Thankful For!!

(Sadly, Reagan didn't smile in this picture, but I wanted to show you the dress and boots!!! ELLEN MADE THE DRESS!!! MADE IT!! Thank you sooo much Elle, she was PRECIOUS in it!! I just loved the little boots fun!!)

This Thanksgiving we have SOO much to be thankful for!! I think we are most thankful for Reagan becoming a member of our family, I can't even remember what life was like without her. She is the most precious baby and we just couldn't love her anymore!! We are so thankful for Keith's job with BB&T...SOOO thankful that the program in Winston is almost over!! We have great family and friends, a roof over our heads, food on the table...we are so blessed! Hope you had a VERY happy Thanksgiving this year!! :)

(Smiling with Auntie Em! How cute and trendy is she...Em I mean!! Watch out for her in the fashion world soon!! I call first dibs!)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Visit with Santa!!

This morning we took Reagan to see Santa at the mall! It was TOO cute!! There was NO line...the time to go is before Thanksgiving for sure!! :) She just STARED at Santa at first, then got a little nervous, finally gave us a little smile, after both Keith and I played peek-a-boo with her! We told Santa Reagan has been such a good girl during her first 5 1/2 months! He said he would be sure to bring her lots of presents :) SO FUN!!! I already can't wait to do it again next year!!

Okay...on a Mommy note...I was all excited about Reagan's outfit. Adorable sweater, white turtleneck (can't even tell!), red mary jane socks, cute little jeans, specially made bow...well Santa got her all dishefeled (spelling?) and her socks are falling off, jeans hiked to her neck, but you happens! We still think she looked pretty cute!!

Are you as ready for Christmas as I am!??!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lunch Outing!

Today I met my friend Carrie, from college, for lunch and it was soooo nice to be out with another mom! We weren't in the same sorority, but we did have education classes together and I just thought she was GEORGOUS and so nice! We reconnected through facebook and blogging and she just had a baby about two months ago!

Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Reagan and sweet Cal. However, I know there will be plenty more times to snap some pictures of them!! It was so nice to have someone else with a baby to talk to about everything in person...we just had a great time and both babies were SO well behaved!!

It was so great to meet up Carrie!! Hope we can do it again soon! :)

5 Month Pictures!

Here are sweet Reagan's 5 Month pictures!! (Carrie...I will eventually learn to scan!) I think they turned out pretty cute! I LOVE having her picture done every month to see her changes...she just gets bigger and bigger and has more and more personality! The hard part is not making our house a shrine to Reagan!! haha :) Our poor second do you have enough room in your house for all of the pictures you want to show off?!?!

Reagan had JUST started sitting up by herself, so I loved getting a shot of that!

(Is this not TOO cute?! Reaggie did that pose on her own too...she was propped on her knees and just put her hands so politely together...LOVED it!!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just cute

Here are just a couple pictures from the week! (Nanc and Mom...sorry for my "lack" of postings!!) We have had a pretty low key week, which has been nice :) Reagan helped me get all decorated for Christmas on Tuesday, yes I know it's early, but we're leaving on Sunday for PA...SOOOO, it had to get done!! Happy ALMOST weekend!!

(NO hairbow!! What was I thinking?!?!)

(Aunt Vater...I LOVE my lovey that you gave me!! We hope Hong Kong is GREAT!)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rub A Dub Dub...

There's a BIG GIRL in the tub!!!

Now that Reagan is such a PRO at sitting up, she now loves to play in the bath. It's so cute! Of course I don't let go of her, but she likes to chew on whatever she can find, especially the washcloth!! Bathtime is now playtime for this big girl! :)

So Funny!

I just think a baby laughing is the sweetest sound, especially Reaggie's!!

Here you go Mum-Mum and Gigi!! VIDEO!!! :)

A Trip to the Park, Part 2!

Today was a GEORGOUS day in NC!! Could not have been we decided to take Reagan to the park for a little bit. Keep in mind there just is not a whole lot for a 5 month old to do, but she likes it none the less. She did a little swinging, a little sliding, and a little walking with mommy, daddy, and Bailey! It was a nice little afternoon activity!

It was SO nice today that Keith did the outside Christmas lights on the bushes! They are currently on, and guess now has me READY to decorate!!! I think I'll start this week!! :) Reagan just loved looking at the lights too....wait until you see what's going in her room!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

T-Minus 16 Days...I think!

With there just being 16 days until Thanksgiving, so hard to believe, Reagan had to start wearing some of her Thanksgiving gear today! (after a spit up-ing incidient on her other outfit!) She has a few little shirts for the holiday! I love that this one says, "Thankful for Mommy." Miss Liz gave it to her and it's just too cute...almost as cute as this sweet little girl! :)

A little behind...

I just realized that I hadn't posted Reagan's FOUR month pictures yet! They have been sitting on the counter and finally today I decided to take pictures of my pictures and post them! Next week I will post her FIVE month pictures! :)


Reagan's newest and most favorite form of entertainment and guess what!?!?

Momma LOVES it too!! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Months Old!!

(Thank you Aunt Ellen and Boyfriend Connor for my SOOO cute outfit!! Thank you Mum-Mum for my adorable bow that matches this outfit perfectly!!)

Today is Reagan's 5 Month birthday...I am already crying...I just don't know how it's been 5 months already!! I know I say that each month, but really it is going SOOOO fast!! (seriously...tears streaming down my face right now!)

She is getting so big! For about the past week Reagan has been "sitting up." She has been REALLY wobbly and couldn't really hold her balance, until yesterday!! She sat on the floor by herself for about a minute without tumbling over! This morning she did it!!

(Yes, she decided she wanted to chew on the tape dispenser...she is getting BUSY!!)

We have taken a break from rice cereal for right now because after we started she got a cold and I am pretty sure that resulted in some tummy issues. However, just to be on the safe side the doctor said no more rice and let's switch to a non cow's milk formula for a couple weeks, which is breaking the bank by the way!! I know Reagan is excited to eat cereal again though because whenever she watches me eat she kinda makes a sucking sound with her mouth and almost is looking like she is chewing! It's pretty funny!!

Reagan is still an angel...seriously! She is taking her morning nap right now, which will probably be from 8:30-about 10:30. After her nap we play or run errands until it's time to eat again and then take her afternoon nap from about 1:30-4ish, sometimes that is more like all just depends on the day! One thing is for sure though, by no later than 7:15, she is ready for that last bottle and ready to go to sleep!!! :)

I don't know how much Reagan weighs, but I would imagine somewhere between 17 and 18 lbs! She is still wearing her 6 month clothes, but some of the 3-6 month items are a little short on her.

One of my favorite times of the day is when Reagan wakes up in the morning. She just talks away in her so sweet baby voice and when I walk in to get her, she squeals with excitement and smiles from ear to ear! It pretty much melts my heart and starts everyday off perfectly!!

I can't believe next month she will be SIX months, HALF OF A YEAR already!! Can't dwell on that long though...she has a picture appointment at 11:40 and I have NO idea what she is going to wear!! haha! :)

Happy 5 Month Birthday Reaggie!!! We LOVE you tons and tons!! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My New Trick!!

Reaggie has been wobbling on the floor for about the past weerk, but now she is sitting all by herself!! Such a big girl :) She is still a little wobbly, but can sit for a couple minutes at a good sitting!!