Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Years!

It is hard to believe, but three years ago today we got our first "son." :)  Keith and I had been talking about getting a dog and around that same time a few emails were circulating around Keith's office with dogs that needed a home.  The guy that found Bailey had two broken feet and just couldn't take care of a dog.  He just found our little man wandering around the neighborhood.  He had put up signs about finding a dog, but got never heard from anyone.  SO we went to look at this little man and FELL IN LOVE!!  We left with him that afternoon, which was NOT in our plan! :)  He was such a little terror!  Bailey was a biter, play biting, and wild!!  What had we gotten ourselves into?!  Turns out he was already crate trained and knew to go to the bathroom outside!  (This isn't saying we didn't have a couple accidents!!)  I think Bailey lasted about 2 nights in his crate before he started sleeping with us, and ever since them he has been taking over our bed, snuggling right inbetween Keith and I.  Somehow Bailey gets more room in the bed than either of us...something is wrong with that!! :) 

Keith and Bailey snuggling on the sofa!

Bailey and I the day we took him home!

Poor little man, things have certainly changed around here for him.  We still love him, but his sister has sure taken over this house!  Bailey is SO good with Reagan!!  She plays on him and takes his toys...Bailey just takes it.  NOT ONCE has he taken one of Reagan's toys, blankets, diapers, anything!  He knows they are his sister's! 

We love our little man and he was the first addition to our family!  If three years with a dog has gone this quickly, I can't imagine how quickly they will go with Reaggie!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Month Pictures!

We just got Reagan's 10 month pictures back a couple days ago!  We think they turned out pretty cute :) 

This is SO Reagan, just munching on her finger!

I hate that this is blurry, but ya'll know that I take a picture of my do you not buy this?!  Precious little girl!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Weekend!

Third Annual Danieley L 103 Reunion!!

What a FUN, FUN, FUN past few days we've had!! On Wednesday afternoon Ellen and Connor arrived in Raleigh and we were soooo happy to see them!! (Please allow me to confess this...I would have bet money that Elle didn't get in until 11:30 Wednesday NIGHT. She called at 12:30 Wednesday afternoon and said "we're here!" and I was thinking at the airport in St. Louis. I quickly realized that she was here as in Raleigh! I literally tossed Reaggie and I in the car and we were off to the airport to pick them up!)

We hung out on Wednesday, on Thursday we did a little shopping, went out to lunch, and got some take out for dinner. (We were going to go out to dinner, but thought the kiddos were getting cranky, so decided to do take out. The little munchkins decided they didn't need to go to bed until almost nine though!)

Did you know playing in the bathroom could be so much fun!?

Attemped outdoor photo shoot!

Late Thursday night Angela (Bush) and Klein (Lauren) arrived from Atlanta!! Storms (Emily) and Shae came Friday morning! There were six of the eight of us that lived together our sophomore year at Elon. We had so many good times together and even though we don't see each other often, it just feels like old times again the minute we are together!!

Look at these ADORABLE outfits Ellen made for Connor and Reagan!  We took some cute pictures of them with Klein's nice camera, so those will be posted soon!  They are just too sweet and really do already love each other!  Elle and I can't wait to make their rehearsal dinner slideshow! :)

Saturday we went out to lunch and shopped around Cameron Village in Raleigh and then headed out on the town for the night. Poor Elle was going to stay in with Connor because he was having some troubles sleeping at night in a different house, in a different's just so hard for the little ones, but thankfully Keith convinced her he was fine with the kids and to go out and have fun! I would say our mission to have fun was a success. We went out to dinner and then went and saw an 80's cover band, The Breakfast Club. It was a lot of fun and needless to say we didn't get home until after TWO!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!! I don't think I've done that since college! :)

It was so much fun with such a great group of girls!! Can't wait until next year already!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Because :)

(Elle, I had to copy your title because I just didn't know what else to call this one!)

Reagan was being such a good "helper!" while I switched out my winter/summer clothes!  (First time in two years since I was rather preggo this time last year!)

Reaggie and Bailey looking out the window together!

Reagan was "dancing" this morning while watching TV!  It was too cute! :)

Guess What?

Well "it" happened yesterday for the first time and I really COULD NOT believe what I was seeing, but when "it" happened again multiple times today, I knew I couldn't be in denial anymore about it.  Oh what is "it"?  "It" is WALKING!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, Reagan has taken FIVE STEPS several times today!!  I can't believe it!!  Yesterday Reagan walked to Bailey in the hallway and I really thought I was seeing things.  :)  She is just a baby...a baby with a nasty cold!  (fun nights let me tell you!)  Anyway...I was able to get this video today and I was sooo excited!  Please pardon the "mommy voice" and the ending, but I had to pick her up and give snuggles right away!! :)  Not too much longer and we will have a full fledge walker on our hands!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons!

This morning Reaggie had her first swim lessons! I went to zumba, while Reagan slept, and then Keith brought her to the pool for her lesson. It was too cute! She LOVED the water! She was the ONLY girl in her class of six and the youngest! I guess she is young for "swim lessons," but we wanted her to get used to the water so we could spend lots of time at the pool this summer! (Momma has some tan to catch up on from last summer...haha! Right, because I'll be doing a lot of sitting in the sun...more like chasing a toddler around!)

Ready to hop into that pool!

Keith had been sooo excited to take Reagan swimming. Last summer he even kept saying how he couldn't wait for next summer to take Reagan swimming. Needless to say he enjoyed the lesson just as much as she did! It was so sweet to watch. :)

Future Lilly Model

Oh I could just eat this girl to pieces! My mom bought Reagan this Lilly dress and I just thinks she looks way too cute in it! OF COURSE the perfect smiles were never captured, but you get the idea. :) Notice the standing...the world of walking is right around our corner!

On Thursday she climbed up the entire flight of steps by herself, I was standing behind her the whole time, but she cruised! I think she was a little exhausted when she got to the top, but I can't blame the girl...I get winded doing those steps too!

Splish Splash I'm Standing in the Bath!

Hi everyone!  I'm just standing in the bath :)

Reagan loves the bath and used to sit so nicely and play with her toys...she still plays, but prefers to be STANDING doing it! :) She also would be fine if you took all the toys away and just gave her the shampoo bottle and a washcloth to play with. What else does a girl need?

Before we got in the bath, she just had to eat her socks!  This girl puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!

Sweet girl! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Trick and New Do!

Today was such a pretty day!  Reaggie and I went to story time and then ran to Kohls for some new summer pj's, to the Dollar Store, and then to the grocery store.  They are all in the same shopping center so we could walk, which was nice and Reags loves the fresh air!

Well you all know how devistated I am that Reaggie won't keep a headband/bow in her hair anymore..haha!  I bought her some small bows at Wal-mart the other day and decided to give them a shot today.  THANKFULLY she didn't rip it out!  I don't think she even feels it!  She barely has enough hair to hold it in, but guess what, it stays!! :)

After nap Reagan was playing in her room and loves to read her books.  I love it!  She will grab a book and hold it out for me to read it to her :)

This afternoon I also had success getting this little video of Reagan doing her new trick!  It's pretty cute if you ask me! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Soccer Game!

Yesterday we were able to go to Keith's soccer game.  For one reason or another we haven't been able to go to the previous four...either the weather was bad, the game was during naptime, or whatever else.  It worked out that we went for the second half yesterday and the weather couldn't have been better!  Reagan, obviously, didn't pay too much attention to the game, but climbing around her stroller and along the fence was a lot of fun!  Little does Reaggie know how much time she will be spending on the soccer field one day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TEN Months Old!!

Not too many pictures!  The tape was a lot more exciting than trying to smile at mommy too!  Notice she is STANDING all by herself AND there is NO hairbow in her hair!  I'm afraid my days are over...she pulls them right out!!  I'm so sad! :)

On Monday Reagan turned TEN MONTHS old!!  How can it be!?!? Reagan is already TEN MONTHS old!! Double digits!! I remember when I blogged about her being ten DAYS! Oh our sweet little girl is getting so big!

This month Reagan has been VERY, VERY busy! :) She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on everything!! She walks around any and all pieces of furniture and wants sooo badly to just move on her own! It's too cute! Reags also loves to "shake her booty." She responds to this, is that bad?! :) She will bounce up and down standing by herself and when a song comes on the tv or the radio in the car that she likes she will dance or wave her arms around! The girl has rhythm too! ha! 

Reagan is eating pretty much all "people" food now.  :)  She will occassionally have some baby food, but doesn't really care for it too much anymore...can't say I blame her!  She really will eat anything I give her, I am so hoping this lasts!  She even eats veggies!  Yeah!  When she is eating something that she really likes she says, "mmm."  It's pretty cute!

Her newest trick is copying what you do.  Keith has taught her where her belly is and also to put both hands behind her head on command :)  When you say, "Reaggie, where is your belly?" she will rub it!  Precious!  Also while we were in Rochester she would stand up along the coffee table and duck down when you said "where is Reagan" and then she would pop up for peek a boo!  This girl has the best personality!!  I could just squeeze her!

Uncle you like my dress?!?!  Thank you!!

Reaggie is still a good sleeper taking about an hour morning nap, about 2 or 3 hours for an afternoon nap, and sleeping from about 7:00pm until 6:30ish am.  We are VERY lucky!!  The girl needs her sleep! :)

I recently heard someone say they love their kids so bad it hurts.  I totally feel that!  I can't believe she is so close to turning ONE!  She is such a sweetheart and just brings so much joy to our lives everyday.  I love taking her out and about because she just smiles and waves at everyone she sees.

We love you so much Reaggie!!!  Happy TEN MONTH Birthday!!

Happy Easter from Rochester!

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day!! The night before was a little rough because Missy Reagan did NOT want to sleep!! She does NOT like that pack n' play and even sleeping with mommy and daddy didn't help! Keith wound up sleeping with Reaggie on the sofa for half the night...he loved his snuggle time with her!!

We woke up and the search was on for the Easter baskets!! The Kepplinger tradition is to hide the baskets...did you do this growing up!? We never did, but man do the kids LOVE it! Obviously Reaggie didn't "get it" this year, but to watch Alex and Lyndsey run for their baskets was too cute!! Reags had a basket from her aunt, uncle, and cousins and also a basket from the Easter Bunny! She got lots of new books, a new beach towel, bunny ears, sunglasses, a "Baby's First Easter" bib, and a new outfit.

Alex found his dinosaur themed basket and was SOOO excited!  Lyndsey found her bag from Reagan!  Alex gave Reaggie hugs and kisses for his bag from Reagan too!

Kristin was hosting Easter lunch, so after the baskets were opened, we had to get busy! Lunch was great and all of Tom's family came plus Keith's dad, Heinz. It was a fun day! There was a big Easter egg hunt for the big kids. Kristin walked Reagan around to see what the big kids were doing!

All of the Kepplingers!

On an egg hunt with Aunt Kristin!

This is Reaggie's Easter dress from Aunt Ellen!  Isn't it ADORABLE?!?!  It was perfect!!
It was a great day and a wonderful last "first holiday" for Reagan. I guess she does have Memorial Day and Mother's Day...but last "big" holiday!!

We hope you had a wonderful day!!

Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Saturday morning, April 3, we left for Rochester! I was so nervous for the flight...I just didn't want Reaggie's ears to hurt and be those parents with a screaming baby! Well, needless to say I worried for nothing because Reagan did great!

We had to leave our house by about 6:00am on Saturday, which was early!! Reags was just pretty much in a daze the whole way to the airport. We parked, shuttled to the airport, and didn't have to wait too long before we boarded. Security wasn't bad at all...they just ran a little scanner over the formula, water in the bottles, and baby food to make sure we weren't smuggling drugs or anything! :)

Reagan and I infront of our tiny plane to DC.  She was still comfy in pj's!

We flew from Raleigh to DC, Reagan International Airport! It was SO nice because our flight wasn't full at all. Keith and I each sat in an aisle seat and could disperse all of our "stuff" on the other seat. It also gave Reaggie some room to stand up and move! We just waited there about an hour, but with bathroom breaks, diaper and outfit changes, snack, and stretching the legs went by very quickly!

The best sign we could do for Reagan's airport!

That stroller was too much fun to play with!

Second flight to Rochester was just as easy! Same thing...pretty empty flight so we each got aisle seats again. Reagan fell asleep in my arms before we took off and stayed asleep for about 20 minutes, take off didn't phase her at all! I think her ears might have started bothering her though because she woke up grabbing at both ears, but then yawned and was totally fine! Keith bought a portable DVD player before we left and we popped in some Blue's Clues and that kept Reaggie's attention for a little bit. She did great reading her books and playing with a couple little toys.

Sadly, this is the last time we saw both of these cute pink shoes.  One of them is lost forever in the Rochester airport.

Watching some Blue's Clues!

All in all it was a GREAT experience!! THANK GOODNESS!! :)  Now on to see the Rochester crew!!