Monday, June 28, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I am super behind in blogging, so here are some pictures of what we've been up to...

Morgan started spending the day with us last week...Reagan LOVES having her here to play with!!

Role reversal

We went out for a triple date on Friday night while Opa and Miss Liz listened for Reagan, she was already in bed!

The boys at dinner, wish I would have gotten a picture of the girls!  We went to a Japanese restaurant...yumm-o!

Reagan with Opa

Love those crossed little feet!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What a great Father's Day we had! Funny to think that last year on Father's Day we had a two week old baby...

I started the day by giving Keith his choice for breakfast and he chose a homemade bacon, egg, and cheese english muffin...wish I liked eggs because it looked pretty tasty! His presents were waiting for him on the table and he was like a kid in a candy store just waiting to open them!

Reagan loved playing with each of Daddy's gifts as he opened them, especially the ribbons and the wrapping paper!

Quick snuggles, our diva wanted to play!

With the World Cup and the US Open (I am pretty sure these events were specifically planned to make Daddies happy on their special day) Keith had plenty of tv on to keep him occupied!

We went out to lunch, which was great! We tried this new little place and it was VERY good! It was kid central, THANKFULLY, so Reagan enjoyed "talking" with all of the other kids there.

Cheese!  Reags looked so cute in her little pink smocked dress that I got for a STEAL at Macy's, however this is the only picture of her I got in it!  She did wear her sunglasses for a couple minutes in the car today, which we just had to snap a picture of! :)

Daddy sporting his new outfit!

Reagan is giving Mr. T a run for his money!  She LOVES playing and wearing mommy's necklaces!! 
Thank you Aunt Ellen and Connor for the adorable crab shirt...LOVE it!!

Our little comedian...we just had so much fun with Reaggie today!  She makes us laugh so hard!

I had asked Keith what he wanted for Father's Day dinner earlier this week and he couldn't decide. We had recently had some of his favorites, so I didn't know what he would want. WELL...leave it to my husband, he wanted the "tour of Italy." This is what he orders at Olive's lasagna, chicken parmesan, and fettuccine alfredo! Needless to say while Reagan napped today I was making everything for dinner tonight!! It was yummy though and to top it off we had Keith's fav, homemade banana cream pie for dessert.

Reagan wanted to EAT, NOT have her picture taken AGAIN!!

Keith works so hard for our family and we are so thankful for that. Reagan has a WONDERFUL daddy that loves her so much! She is a very lucky girl to have such a loving, happy, and caring daddy!! We love you Keith!! :)

Fun with Gran!

Reagan is saying "chhhhh" for "cheese!"

Last week Gran flew down to visit us for the week! It was so fun having her here and the time went so fast! We went out to lunch everyday, which spoiled me big time!! Reagan was great and I kept telling Gran that Reags hadn't ever been out to lunch that much!

Eating lunch like such a good girl...

Two minutes later...finished with lunch, took her mat off the table, ripped out her hairbow, and now is "cleaning" the table with a wipie.  Would you believe that kept her entertained long enough for Gran and I to finish our lunch?!?! :)

We shopped, ate, played with Reagan, chased Reagan, went to the park, ate some more...the usual! It was just so nice!

Thank you for coming Gran!! :) We miss you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just a Few More Pics!

Well I have a problem, a "I have WAY too many cute pictures of my daughter" problem!!  Gran flew in yesterday so after we picked her up from the airport we took Reagan to have her picture taken at Portrait Innovations.  I have not been thrilled with them before, so I was going to buy their $10 package for a million pictures, specifically with their "1" block.  I really was convinced that is all I was going to buy!  WELL...a few more adorable pictures and a slightly larger package of pictures later and we have these!  I was so happy with them!!  The guy did such a great job with Reagan and it shows!  There were THIRTY-EIGHT wonderful pictures to choose from, thankfully I was able to get the CD of all the pictures which I was so happy about!

Reagan knows how to do "SOOO big!" now!

Do you SEE this pose?!?!  We are in t.r.o.u.b.l.e!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soccer Frenzy!

This weekend has been ALL ABOUT soccer!!  Keith has been playing in a soccer tournament this weekend, thankfully in Raleigh, and is currently playing in the finals!! :)  This is their fourth game this weekend and these "boys" out there are thinking they are still 16 playing high school soccer.  It's really cute though and they are good!!  (side note:  I think Keith has been playing soccer for, literally, 30 years!  Crazy huh?!)

Reags and I went to the first game yesterday, at 8:00am, and thankfully had a spot in the shade on the field where they were playing.  It was TOO hot to go to the noon game!  (These pics of Reagan and I were just posted on the league's website...I took none that day believe it or not!)

Obviously the World Cup is right now as well and it was SO fun watching the US game yesterday!!  Did you watch?  Did you see that goal slip right through Green's fingers??  That guy had to have gotten RIPPED apart for that...poor thing, good for us though!! :)

Hope you've had a great weekend!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

12 Month Pictures!

That's it...I need a scanner!! I took Reagan for her 12 Month, ONE YEAR OLD, pictures today and they were just too cute! Her little personality is totally shining through in them! Here is the best I could do of taking pictures of my pictures, but if you go to this link you can view all of them!!

Where's Reagan??

Have a great weekend!!

Catch Up!

What a week!! I think after all of my blogging on Tuesday, I needed a couple days to recover! Let me rewind the week just a bit...

Monday...the pool day! We already know about that whole adventure, so here are just some pictures!

Reagan actually KIND OF liked the popsicle!

Just sitting back and relaxing in the pool!

Keith and Lyndsey

Kristin and I at dinner!

Yup!  That is spaghetti sauce ALL OVER my shirt!!  I swear, can't take me anywhere!!

After Reagan's doctor visit on Tuesday she took the BEST NAP!! Oh my word...combined with not getting a lot of sleep the night before with, sadly, four shots and a fingerprick...the girl was out! She slept from 1-4 in her crib and then from 4-5 in my arms, rocking. She was a VERY happy girl afterwards and was having SO much fun playing with her too cool shades!

Wednesday night I headed to New Hope to go to the 5th Grade Graduation. My first class of second graders were graduating and they were just the sweetest class!! I also saw some of my other kiddos that will be in 5th grade next's always so fun to go back!

Sweet Becca and Brooke, rising 5th graders!

Three of the sweet 5th grade graduates!
*Ortencia, Griffin, and Trevor*

Thursday Reags and I had to run a couple errands, one was to the grocery store. She LOVED the cart with the steering wheels on it...ha! She was driving through the whole store. My mom and John stopped back Thursday night on their way back from Savannah and we had fun playing with Reagan and had a nice roast beef dinner, yumm-o!

Please notice the pearls! :)


Oh... I must mention that Reagan's newest fun trick is playing with mommy's necklaces!! She found a pearl necklace yesterday and played with it all night. Today it was a green long necklace...she also busted my favorite red one, I am pretty sure I can fix it though!! The girl is no doubt in a "girly" phase!! She has even picked out her outfit the past couple days...I have laid out three options and she picks the one she wants. ha! I think I am going to stop that though because I want to enjoy as much time as I can picking out her outfits for her! :)