Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Keith's birthday and we had such a great day!!  Reags went with me to a quick doctor's appointment and then we were off to see Daddy at work and take hime to lunch.  A few weeks ago I got a Groupon email about this German restaurant in Cary, hello, PERFECT!!  So we surprised Keith with a delicious, authentic German lunch...he LOVED it!! 

(Don't ask me what this is...I forget, something that starts with an "R")

Little ham "cleaning" the table!

Little angel, thank you binky and book!

Don't ask me HOW this happened!? :)

When Reagan woke up from her afternoon nap she decided that, again, she wanted to play with her hairbows.  Oh my word!  Cracked me up!  She kept giving me more to put in her hair, she looks pretty cute if you ask me!

When Daddy got home we had his choice dinner, romantic with lit candles and Wonder Pets on Nick Jr. as our background was lovely! :)
I don't know why Keith and Reags both have pictures sticking their tongues out at me!

Reagan LOVED helping Keith open his gifts!  She took each gift to him and unwrapped it for him.  Keith kept saying, "Christmas is going to be SO fun this year!"

Our little family, minus Bailey!

We finished the day with a little Banana Pudding Pie after little miss went to bed!  Delicious :)

Happy Birthday Keith!!  We LOVE You and hope you had a GREAT day!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Merry Christmas... July! 

Just FIVE more months until Christmas!!  Can you believe it?!

A little gift...

Well we all know how Reagan has been sitting on anything and everything to make her own make shift chair lately, so it was officially time to get her her own chair!  I have been eyeing the Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids for awhile and I still had gift cards to use, so I went last weekend to pick up the insert and then ordered the slipcover this past week.  It came on Friday, which was two days earlier than the tracking information said it would, and needless to say it is a TOTAL hit!!! :) :)

Lunch Date

Before we left for our lunch date on Thursday, Reagan was enjoying watching her video on the blog of herself playing with the air vent! :)

We met Aunt Swies (Stef) for lunch on Thursday at Panera!  It was so fun to see her and to chat.  Reagan was such a good girl and LOVED playing with her Aunt Swies!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who'd a Thought??

...that an air vent could be so fun!  :) (Here is your video Mom and Gran!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Official

Allow me to start by saying that I LOVE being home with Reagan.  It is the BEST decision Keith and I could have made for me to be home with her during her first year...I feel so blessed that I was able to do it.  I think back and hope that I truly enjoyed that time with Reagan as much as I could have and made the most out of everyday.  I'm not going to lie and say everyday was perfect, because it wasn't...there were days that I couldn't wait for Keith to get home, or I just wanted to go run errands and not work around naps or the diaper bag that needed to be filled with supplies before we went anywhere, but it was all TOTALLY worth it and wonderful.  In fact, I always thought I would be a stay at home mom.  I think growing up in a house with a stay at home mom you just kind of make that assumption that you will be too.  Sadly, with the economy being the way it is and our family circumstances, that isn't the case...

A little over a month ago the assistant principal at the school where I taught the year I was pregnant with Reagan, called me to talk to me about positions that would be open for the upcoming school year.  I was very flattered that she called me because we had never worked together, so she was going by hear-say.  She told me about a 4th and 5th grade position available and a math coach position.  I KNEW that I was not ready for a classroom position...I know how I am as a teacher and would be way too stressed out with that and wanting to get home to by baby as soon as I could!  The math coach position did sound very appealing though because I do really enjoy teaching math.  Once the new principal was hired, the beginning of July, I went in for an interview.  I went in with the mindset of "do the best you can" and "just be you."  If I got the job it was meant to be, if not then it wasn't.  The next night I recieved a phone call from the principal offering me the job.  WOW!!  NOW we had a decision on our hands...take the job or not.  On Friday I called thankful for the position, but saying I needed the weekend to talk it over with my husband and think about childcare options.  Talk about a stressful weekend!!  We went over our budget, played with numbers, I cried a lot, talked more about the pros and cons of the job, cried some more, and FINALLY made the decision for me to go back. 

We are still finalizing plans for Miss Reagan, but she will definitetly be staying at someone's home.  I have met with a couple stay at home moms and will meet with more tomorrow to find the best fit for Reagan!  I think daycares are great and work for a lot of families, but for us, we are wanting to go this route. 

I will be on a traditional calendar again and starting in mid-August, so each day I just cherish with my Reagan...I am, of course, soooo sad to be leaving her, but I have to keep telling myself this is what is best for our whole family.  I am TERRIFIED about missing something, some big milestone that I would have seen if I were home with her, but I just need to tell myself that I got to see so many...(I currently have tears streaming down my face...) 

I am so fortunate to have a job, to have it be a non-classroom job, for it to be a mile from our house, to be teaching again, and to have the "teacher schedule."  If you are a working mom and have any advice on how you manage everything, feel free to leave me some advice!  Everyday I mentally prepare myself bit by bit for this, exciting, but scary change in our life! 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Long Gone in Hong Kong...

came home for a visit!!!
Emily, Katie, Reagan, me, Lauren (Vater), Marta, and Leah

This weekend I was so excited to see my friend Lauren (Vater)!!  She and her husband have been living in Hong Kong for just about a year now and have another year or two to go.  Her family lives in Charlotte, but came to visit Raleigh for the weekend and we were lucky enough to see her!!  Vater hadn't seen Reagan since she was only about a month old, so needless to say, Reagan had changed quite a bit!  Reagan was hamming it up in front of all the girls, showing her belly and dancing around.  Not so much fear in that little girl! 

On Saturday night Keith and I went out with a big group to celebrate Vater being in town...everyone else went "out out" afterwards, we headed home...6:00am is an early wake up call from even the cutest 13 month old!

Vater is was SO great to see you!!  Hope to see you again during one of your next visits!! 

Reading Machine!

Reagan is a TOTAL reading machine!  She LOVES to read her books...most days they are her favorite toy.  The other day she SAT in one of her little book bins to read a was hilarious!!  It is OFFICIALLY time for Reagan to have her own chair :)

Most of her books were dumped all over the floor and she was taking her time to look through each one!

Do you see this face?!?!! are such a piece of work!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Miss Personality!

Miss Personality herself continues to crack us up!!  Reagan has discovered that her little tush fits perfectly in on of the cabinets and it is a really cool spot to sit...ha!  Of course she was trying to get out right as I took her picture! :)

I can't believe I never posted these pictures!  A couple weeks ago, after Reagan's nap, she opened her armoire and pulled out all of her hairbows and decided she wanted me to put about four in her hair...

Then she decided she wanted to put on her favorite butterfly pj's!

Finally, the hairbows weren't fun anymore, BUT all of her socks and her crochet headbands were!

That night for dinner I made sloppy joes and Reagan thought they were delich!  As you can tell she didn't want to waste a morsel!

Field Trip #2

On Wednesday we celebrated our last day with Morgan before she officially started Kindergarten!!  (yes, year round school...)  We went to Marbles, in downtown Raleigh and it was SO fun!  The girls had a BLAST!!  We stayed there for a few hours, headed home for lunch, Reags took her nap, and Morgan and I made homemade ice cream!!  It was delicious, especially with the M&Ms and chocolate chips that Morgan wanted to put in it. :)

Bus driver Morgan coming through!

Yes, she had to wear the pearls!  She had just been screaming at the fish behind her...loved them!

Reagan the ambulance driver...Mommy wasn't in the back of this one!

Reagan the cashier!

The look of pure happiness!

ha...the smock for the water area was a little big!

Nice flippers!

Soooo happy!

Dancin' to the music!

Um...this made my knees weak!  This "cage" is on the second floor and as you can see there is not a solid base to it...of course Reagan didn't care!

Morgan was brave to try it out!

Making sandwiches

Blowing bubbles!