Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rochester Weekend

This past weekend Keith and I went to Rochester for a wedding.  This was one of Keith's good friends that he had grown up with.  It is always so cute to see all of these boys reunite, it is like no time has passed since they last saw each other.

My mom and John came down Wednesday and they watched Reagan Thursday, while we were at work and then took over for us for the weekend.  I know Reagan had so much fun with her Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop.  She was spoiled rotton I am sure :) 

We flew up Thursday night, got in super late, and then Keith was up and at 'em for golf with everyone on Friday morning.  Kristin, Laurie, and I went to get pedis and manis, out to lunch, and did a little shopping.  Then it was time to get ready for the rehearsal, which was beautiful and so much fun!

Keith was in the wedding, so he had those things to do on Saturday morning.  Laurie and I grabbed lunch and then headed to the church!

Mr. and Mrs!

Mike, Jill, Erica, David, Krista, Laurie, Walker, me, and Keith
Laurie and I were the odd balls not growing up in NY! :)

We had a great weekend!  It was so much fun and always so great to see so many wonderful people and visit with Keith's family.  We missed having our Reaggie with us, but it was also nice to have a little mini-break.  :)

Sunglasses and TV

Last week Reags was loving some Kai Lan and of course her sunglasses!  These pictures just so accuratly portray her sweet and silly personality!

Go Elon!!  My heart just melts seeing my baby wear Elon gear :) Thank you Aunt Bush (Angela) for the shirt...we LOVE it!  Wouldn't it be so fun for Reagan to go to Elon one day?!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Week

I just don't know why the weekends have to go by so quickly?!  Don't you think we would be so much more productive if we had a 4 day workweek and a 3 day weekend!?!  I would be ALL for that!  Anyway...another week has passed with our little miss...time just seems to be flying by...

cup, baby, and a Halloween bowl that she loved...doesn't get much better than that huh?!  Oh and of course her shades, she is obsessed!

Reagan is TOTALLY into stickers right now.  She started this a few weeks ago when she opened a little book I have from Hallmark that you write birthdays in and then keep cards in the back pockets.  I had a few "gold crown seals" in the pockets, so she put them on the back page and loved it.  It is now covered with gold crown seals, old address labels, and the cool stickers she got in her goodie bag from Cal's party today!  :) 

She is also a VERY good dancer these days.  ha!  I downloaded a few new songs last weekend and we have been dancing to them every night!  We both love Stuck on You by Sugarland...she squats up and down to the music, it's pretty cute. 

This is more for my memory than anything, but Reagan loves to say "pee-pee."  I know, I know...however, she knows right where we go to go to the bathroom.  Last weekend she kept saying it, so Margaret, our neighbor, put Reags on the potty to see if she would go.  She didn't, THANK GOODNESS!  I am not ready for that, I think I would have cried!  ha!  Today Keith put her on again, no pee-pee, but a good try.  Don't worry, we will not be making a game of this.  It's just kind of cute right now.

She will REALLY love me one day for this one! ;)

Yesterday was "Steph run around Raleigh" day...I think I was everywhere.  I had errands to run and needed to find a dress to wear for a wedding this weekend.  What do you think?  I got some gold shoes to go with it...I thought it was pretty fun!!?  Am I off?  I just don't feel stylish at all anymore, so with my luck this is just plain ugly! :)

grabbing a bite to eat Saturday night!

Today we just hung out, decorated for FALL (YEAH!!), and went to Cal's birthday party!  Oh my gosh, it was too cute.  His Momma outdid herself :)  They had a little bouncy house and Reagan had too much fun in it.  The whole theme was football...so cute for a sweet little boy!  Sadly, the only picture I took was on our way out because Reagan just LOVED her little goodie bag.  :)

She did have in a precious navy blue bow, but that was long gone at this point!

Playing with her new pink play-doh!

Now it's time to get ready for another week!  My mom and John are heading down on Wednesday, so that will be a nice "something to look forward to!" 

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

15 Month Stats

On Wednesday morning I took Reags to the doctor for her 15 month appointment.  Bless her heart, she woke up around 4:30 that morning, fell back asleep for a little bit and then had her appointment during what would be morning nap time. (when she decides to take one!)  Anyway...she was a VERY sleepy girl and fussed more at this appointment than any other, but we all survived!

On a sad note, our favorite pediatrician at the practice we go suddenly passed away a couple weeks ago.  We were so sad!!  She was so sweet with Reagan and was just so comforting to talk to...we will miss her so much.

Here are Reagan's stats:
Height - 33inches (>95%)
Weight - 26.7 pounds (92%) ...this is the FIRST time in a LONG time that Reagan wasn't "off the charts!"
Head - 48.7cm (>95%)

She is doing great!!  We are SO thankful for such a HEALTHY and HAPPY little girl! :)


Playing catch up with pictures, and a few words!  Happy "Football" Sunday!! :)

Playing at the pool on Labor Day

Snacking poolside :)  Life is rough!

Getting excited for the State game!

New favorite spot...sitting in the sink!  This was before storytime on Saturday morning.

Little miss LOVES LOVES LOVES to color now...oh my, we do a lot of coloring!


Strutting her stuff!

Am I cute?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

It is Friday morning and I am up before Reagan...I can hardly believe it! :)  Here is a little video of her from last week...have a great day!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday of Fun

Sunday was a busy day around here!  On Saturday afternoon we spontaniously decided we would get paint for the office...no pre-planning, just let's get paint.  We picked a blue called "blue eyes" and it is a pretty blue...a little darker than Carolina blue, which I couldn't believe my NC State fan husband picked!  Anyway...I attempted to help, but so did Reagan and we all know how much help a 15 month old is, so Keith was on his own!

Reaggie and I went for a walk and we played with chalk outside...the weather couldn't have been more georgous all weekend!

oh and she "helped" me empty the dishwasher too!

Sunday night we braved a baseball game with Reags...since bedtime is usually between 7 and 7:30 we were a little nervous going to a 6:15 game, but she did great and we left around 8.  She and Parker had fun reading books, eating, and playing in each others bags during the game.  I don't think I watched more than 5 minutes of the game, but it was a fun night and again, the weather was amazing!!

That was our Sunday in a nutshell...not we are getting ready to head to the pool! 
Happy Labor Day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

15 Months!

Reagan is 15 months old today!  How did that happen already?  She is just so big and doing so much, she is just a big girl now!

Reags is really starting to talk a lot now...little words here and there.  I know I am going to miss some, but off the top of my head she says:  home, Bay (Bailey), mom, dad, cool, ch (cheese), Elm (Elmo), cha (chalk), wa (water), wa (walk), abba (Yo Gabba Gabba), lai-lin (Kai-Lan), blue, wa-woah (hello), no-no, hot, up, and plenty more I'm sure!!

She LOVES to draw with chalk on the driveway!  It's pretty cute, but such a mess.  I just suck it up and let her do it...she's a kid, but it gets on the floors when she comes in, all over her clothes...I'm not a "mess" kinda person, if you didn't know! ;)  (Ellen...I'm sure you are laughing at me...you are the fun one!)

What else...Reagan still LOVES her necklaces and any "pretty" she can get her hand on!  Oh...she LOVES to help me put my make up on in the mornings.  She sits in the sink and watches me in the mirror...she reaches in my make-up bag and gets out a brush or, my personal favorite, my eyelash curler, and tries her best to use them...it's hilarious!

Reaggie is doing a great job following directions and listens really well, for now! :)  In our bathroom if there is something on the floor, it goes in our hamper.  It's a basket with a lid and she loves to take the lid off and put whatever in there.  Today it was my slippers and then the drier sheet from a load of laundry...I asked her to put it in the trash, but it made it's way to the hamper instead.  Such a good helper.

Oh and did I mention that she loves to "mix?!"  She loves to play with a bowl and wooden spoon and "mix, mix, mix."  Yes, she gets it honest!  She loves to help me bake and if it makes her happy, I guess I can make a batch of chocolate chip cookies or some brownies...only because Reags likes to stir, not at all because I need to eat those! :)

We just can't get over our Reagan!  We just love her to pieces and are amazed at how big she is and how much she is picking up on and learning :)  These teenage months are a piece of cake...I guess it's the teenage years that are the hard ones!