Thursday, June 30, 2011

So behind...

WOW!  I am a week over due in updating the old blog...we moved the desk out of the "old office" and into the new over the weekend, so it has just been a matter of getting the internet re-hooked up!

A little re-cap of the past week:

Thursday:  Reags and I hit up the library for our little "outing" of the day.  They had a toddler story time, which was cute, and then we checked out books.  Reagan thought it was way too cool to be able to put books in her "purse" to bring home.  Of course we had a few Dora books, a Thomas the Train book, Maisy, and a couple other cute selections.  We got "Fancy Nancy," which I knew she would love and I honestly think we have read that book a hundred times in the past week.  :)  Whenever she picks it to read she says, "uh oh, sip in rest-a-ront." (Fancy Nancy slips while picking up her family's "parfaits")  There is a playground next to the library, so then we played over there for awhile!  Reagan has discovered her love for twirly slides :)

Friday:  I can not for the life of me remember what we did Friday morning...age or pregnancy brain!?  My project of the day, well of naptime anyway, was to make Reagan's curtains.  I am NOT a sewer at all, in fact, I don't even know how to thread the thread..ha!  I did a total "non sewing" approach.  I had found this adorable bedskirt from Target that was going to be too much with Reagan's yellow bedding, but I couldn't find cute curtains.  One day I got this idea, why don't I buy the bedskirt and make valances from it...I don't know WHAT I was thinking!  However, the project turned out to be pretty fun and a lot easier than I thought, not to mention a LOT cheaper than buying valances.  It was a fun little project!

(from my phone, so not the best pic)

Saturday:  We MOVED FURNITURE, cleaned out "stuff", set up guest room/office and nursery, worked on finishing Reagan's room!!  Busy, busy...we treated ourselves that night to dinner out at Outback, I was slightly craving it!

Classic...helping daddy paint the crown molding!

Being SUCH the helper :)

A new doo!

Yummy dinner at Outback

Sunday:  More moving, cleaning out, organizing...Keith took Reagan to the park to get some energy out!

Monday:  Reagan and I ran a couple errands that morning.  We went to the post office and saw the sweet woman who works there that just LOVES her some Reagan!  She is so sweet and even made a blanket and hat for our new little man.  We gave her a couple of Reagan's two year pictures and she was so happy.  That is a perk to living in a small town, you know the postal worker! :)  We also made a lovely trip to Wal-mart, which is always so fun, but really it was enjoyable because there was NO line, no waiting...I could harldy believe it! :)
My babies snuggling after naptime

Fixated on Dora :)  Is it crazy that we have 78 on our DVR right now...yes, 78 recorded Dora's!!

Tuesday:  In the morning we met Wendy at the park with Aaron.  The kiddos had a lot of fun playing together and running around!  It was pretty warm, but the park was nicely shaded.  It was so great to see them, especially when Reagan ran up to Wendy to give her a hug.  Have I mentioned we are going to miss them so much when they move?!  After the park we went home to play and have lunch...I was feeling rather exhausted!

Wednesday:  Keith had to take my "car" (I know, I need to just say it...van) to work because his was getting looked at AGAIN!  SO we were car-less for the day.  We got some things done around the house and then I decided we needed to get out, so I set up the sprinkler for Reagan and let her go to town.  She had a lot of fun running through the sprinkler and getting wet!  She knew she was finished though and told me she was ready to go inside.  :) 

Chatting on the phone with Mum-Mum before we went outside!

Thursday:  Today I had another doctor's appointment and everything continues to look good.  I am feeling HUGE, but that is to be expected when you are just 3 1/2 weeks from your due date.  I am 1cm. dialated, which obviously doesn't mean a whole lot.  Reagan liked listening to the baby's heart again, but was wondering why there wasn't a tv in the room to see the baby on.  :)  I think we set a record for the doctor's office appointment was at 10:00 and we were OUT of there by 10:35.  Seriously, that has NEVER happened!  We left and there were still women waiting that got there the same time as we did.  What a BEAUTIFUL thing!  We ran a couple errands after the appointment, came home to eat lunch, and Reagan is still snoozing (it's 4:45 and she went down a little after 1).  She started getting stuffy last night and continues to be today.  Poor thing!  I'm glad she is getting a good nap! 
The 4th of July is this weekend and we are looking forward to a long weekend!  It is going to be HOT and I know Keith is very excited to take Reags to the pool.  I can't believe I haven't taken her yet...hopefully next week!  We go to the allergist tomorrow...I am so nervous...I'm just hoping they don't need to do too much poking on my little girl!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Pictures

Two weekends ago when my dear friend Heather was visiting, she took some pictures for us.  I just got the CD yesterday and have already printed out several.  She is SO talented!  Here are a couple of my favorites :)  (excuse the roots...that issue will be taken care of this weekend :) ha!)

35 Weeks!

Yes, I did just type that...35...t-minus 5ish to go...holy!  We are getting so excited and things are SLOWLY coming along with our upstairs disaster area.  Keith assures me we will get "most" of it done this weekend.  Fingers crossed!! :)  I am ready to see a lovely little boy's room as I walk up the steps!

On Monday I had a doctor's appointment with an ultrasound as well.  I love that I have had so many with this pregnancy, and all for good reasons too!  The good news is our little man looks great...and not so little!!  I am measuring more at 36 1/2 weeks, rather than 35.  His approximate weight right now is 6 pounds 12 ounces, however, this is when babies really pack on their "fat layer" so I'm sure he will be just as big if not bigger than his sister.  (Reaggie was 8lbs. 13oz.)  The main reason for the ultrasound was just to TRIPLE check that my placenta was far enough away from my cervix and it that was a relief. :)

I am TRYING to sleep guys!! 

I wish this one was a little can really see his face well!

Little profile shot!

Reagan was SO excited to see her baby on the tv!  (that is how they do the ultrasound)  She really wanted to see his ears and his "cuut yittle nose."  Precious.  She remembered on Sunday when we were talking about going to the doctor that they were going to have to put soap on my belly to hear the heartbeat and see him.  This was followed by her saying "ba bump ba bump" to describe his little heartbeat.  She was such a good girl during the ultrasound and just laid right next to me and then kept herself very entertained jumping around waiting for the doctor to come in.

I start going to the doctor every week now!  I just can't believe he is going to be here so soon...we are getting very excited, but I really don't think it has sunk in yet.  I question if I will be able to give both of the kiddos the attention that they need...will I remember what to do with a will Reagan handle this transition...I know everything will be fine...I am just a nervous nelly!  Oh and did I mention yet that I am starting to have flashbacks of the "recovery" after he is born...yeah, that's fun ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day weekend has come and gone so quickly, but I think it's safe to say our Daddy had a great one!  Keith played in a soccer tournament this weekend, that was thankfully right down the road, and had a total of 4 games.  (I asked him tonight, did this remind you that you are not 16 on the soccer field anymore??  4 games is a lot...especially in the heat!...and when you are thirty couple!) 

Reagan and I went to Keith's first game yesterday, which was at 8:00, so it wasn't TOO hot out yet!  She had a blast running with a couple other girls there and wanted to go "pay soccer" with Daddy.  It was pretty cute!  One of the women had the coolest fan/water spritzer and she let Reagan play with it...a total hit and apparently a $2 special at Walmart...I'll have to keep my eyes open for one!

Today we were able to have a nice breakfast, give Keith his gifts, clean up the garage a bit, empty out my school stuff from the car (finally!), and do a little work in the nursery.  (I will do a post tomorrow updating our little man, but let's just say our upstairs STILL looks like a furniture/stuff bomb went off and it is driving me NUTS!!  I can NOT seem to make of these days I might feel organized again, but holy cow...this is crazy!)  Keith was then off to his noon game and then had another at 4.  Reags and I had a pretty good afternoon together, except for the fact that she threw her harmonica at my eye and left a nice little black and blue mark and then decided to color on the carpet in the nursery for the minute I wasn't watching her with markers (my fault, I know!).  Other than that, we had a good afternoon and she was excited for her Daddy to get home! 

Keith is a very sweet Daddy to Reagan!  She is one lucky girl to have such a sweet Daddy.  It is hard to believe that next year we will have a three year old and an almost one year old to celebrate Father's Day with!  We love you Keith and hope you had a great day!! :)

2 Year Stats!

Reagan's Two Year Stats:

Height:  36 3/4 inches (>95%)
Weight:  32 lbs. 1.5oz (95%)
Head circumference:  49.6 cm (94%)

She is growing very well and is a healthy girl!  We are so thankful for such a great report from the doctor!! :)

A Fun Week with Gran!

We had such a fun week with Gran!  Obviously, Tuesday didn't start our week off the best, but we moved on and had no more peanut butter crackers...

Wednesday we decided to have a more "relaxed" day.  We went to the park, went out to lunch, found a great ice cream spot adorably named "The Ice Cream Cottage," napped, made a quick trip to the grocery store, oh and played! :)

Swinging on the "big girl" swing!

"nilla ice ceam with prinkles" :)

Pushing her own cart...this was pretty much the coolest thing ever!

Thursday morning Reagan had her 2 year physical!  Poor thing was SO excited to go to the doctor and wear a pretty dress.  She was so happy and did SO great and then there was the shot...thankfully there was just one, but bless her heart, I just felt so bad.  Thankfully she got an Abby sticker for being such a good girl and that helped to cheer her up!  (The doctor recommended that we go to an that will be July 1st's fun and excitement...not looking forward to that one at all...)  We had a nice dinner Thursday night and had plenty of play time with the little miss!

Friday was Gran's last day and we were off to get Reagan's 2 year pictures taken.  We went to Cary, which is close to Keith's office, so we were able to meet him for lunch.  Reagan did really well and we were happy with several of the pictures!  We made a quick trip to the Babies R Us/Toys R Us close by and then went to get Keith at the office.  We had a nice lunch and then we were home to take naps.  Gran's flight was that evening, so we picked up a pizza and then we were out the door to the airport.

insisted on wearing her Dora helmet during breakfast...hilarious!

Chatting with Daddy about lunch plans after her pictures...she is LOVING talking on the phone these days!

Lunch at could it not be cute with such a cute name?

It was so nice to have Gran here, we just love having her!!  Reagan REALLY enjoyed having her Gigi here too!  :)  Thanks for the wonderful visit Gran!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swell Start to the Summer...

Well it's always something, and yesterday didn't fail to keep that saying true.  My Gran has flown in for the past couple years to spend the week with us to get one on one time with Reagan, which I love.  How precious that Reagan has a GREAT-grandmother that can fly down to see her and play so much with her...amazing!

SO excited...waiting for Gigi!

We picked up Gran yesterday morning from the airport and Reagan was so excited...she kept saying "Gigi fly air-pane come see us."  We got Gran and we were off to run a few errands.  We made it to TJ Maxx where Reagan was running ALL over the place, just in total show off mode, and went to Kohl's.  After Kohl's I wanted to go to a Target down the street that apparently had a red frame I was looking all over for for the nursery.  It was about 11 and I gave Reaggie a snack of fruit snacks and I broke out my peanut butter crackers, which I eat almost everyday for a snack.  I shared them with Gran, Reagan had one, and we were on our way to Target. 

Within MINUTES of Reagan eating her cracker she started coughing and I gave her some of my water since her cup was on the opposite side of her carseat.  We got to Target and she was still coughing, this is when Mommy instinct started telling me something just wasn't right....I got her out of the car quickly as she was really coughing and just as I got her out, she threw up in the parking lot.  It wasn't terrible and she said she felt better, so I didn't know if maybe the cracker had been sticky in her throat or what.  We went in Target, bought some apple juice to get the "yucky taste" out of her mouth and again she was running all over the place.  I started to feel a little less nervous.  We got what we were there for, got in the car, and we were going to go out to lunch.  As I was turning at the traffic light, Reagan started coughing again and this time vomitted all over herself...ALL over!!  I immediatly pulled the car over in the right lane, put my flashers on and ran over to get her out.  I got her out of the car, she didn't really throw up anymore at that point, but was so sad about her "pretty dress" getting all yucky.  I had taken off her dress and noticed a couple bumps on her tummy and called Keith...he said to call the pediatrician, but I wasn't messing with that, I told him to meet us at the ER.  Thank goodness Gran was with me, she drove and I held Reagan in my lap in the back on our way to the hospital.  We were only about 5 minutes away from the hospital, but if felt like it took us forever to get there!  I ran her right in and since she is a little kiddo I think they sympathized and saw her right away.  Everything was checking out fine, but she was acting like she wasn't feeling so well.  We went back to a curtained room in ER, by this time Keith arrived, and the doctor was in within minutes to check on Reagan.  He asked what happened and that's when a few waterworks from Momma kicked in...I had been doing so well.  He assured me she was going to be just fine and that he wanted to keep her there for another hour or two just to monitor to make sure nothing changed.  The sweet nurse brought Reagan some apple juice in a big girl cup and I think they put an extra cup of sugar in it because it didn't take too long for Reagan to perk right back up!  The doctor really didn't feel as though it was a severe peanut allergy, but recommened for sure talking to the pediatrician about it.  I was just glad she was doing better, it was so scary!!!  We left around 3, about 3 hours after we got there and Reagan told Gigi and I that she was "hungie" so we stopped at McDonald's for a late lunch and came home and played like nothing was wrong...except for the fact that there was no nap yesterday, which meant an extra sensitive Reagan, but she really was pretty good.

Thank goodness we had blankey with us :)

Enjoying the apple juice...and Sponge Bob, the only cartoon on...

And by the time we got home, we were just fine!

Silly girl playing with Gigi that is how we started our first official day of summer right? :)  Reagan has her 2 year physical tomorrow, so you can bet I will be talking in length to the doctor about what to do about this whole peanut situation!!