Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Week Catch Up

Happy Monday!  It was a busy week last week and a tired one...Landon man FINALLY cut his two top toofers.  They were giving him a run for his money (and mommy's sleep!).  Nothing too exciting to report...the weather has been so pretty, BUT oh so pollen-y.  It's gross.  Last week everything was dusted in yellow, there was even a yellow haze in the air.  When I was taking R to school on Wednesday it literally looked like we had a dusting of snow, except it was yellow.  Thankfully we had a lot of rain this weekend, which helped to clear things up a bit!

Before we left for school last Monday...

snack time at school with her "prince" Nolan

sweet Brooklyn

Before school on Wednesday (just FYI, this is going to be one of "those dresses" this summer, I just know it.  I will want to add this to my burn pile by August guaranteed!!  Right now, it's still cute, but Reagan wants to wear it everyday.)

Wednesday night I was able to slip out to meet up with a sweet friend for dinner.  Keith had a soccer game that night, at 9:30, so I wasn't out too long.  A break is a break though :) 

Thursday we headed to the library and the park with a couple of R's friends from preschool.  It was a beautiful day and the kiddos had tons of fun!

Friday night was a (late and) sad night because NC State lost...we had a sad and sleepy Daddy on Saturday, however we are just happy they made it as far in the tournament as they did!

Rainy ballet class on Saturday...someone was pretty excited to use her umbrella and rain jacket though!

Saturday night, this little man was just as excited for the Syracuse game as his Daddy was!  Reaggie even decorated an orange egg for Keith because "Daddy love orange for go 'Cuse."  ha!

can you just hear a sweet giggle when you look at this one??

LOVES his veggies!!

Overall a good weekend...we were supposed to get a lot of yard work done, but since it was so rainy, that just didn't happen.  It was nice to have a low key, inside kind of weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Today Landon had his head ultrasound.  It was scheduled for tomorrow, but Keith was going to be home with Landon while I volunteered in Reagan's class again, so I called first thing this morning to see if there was a chance to reschedule.

Thankfully they had an 11:30 appointment, which worked perfectly!  I was a nervous wreck at school, just waiting for Keith to call.  One sweet mom asked me how Landon was and I just lost it.  There is nothing worse than your baby being sick, having to go to a specialist, whatever...anything not "happy" going on with your kids is the worst feeling of all.

We were oringinally told the ultrasound would take atleast 45 minutes, but Keith was in and out of the doctor's office in 30, which is a miracle!  Apparently they were SO sweet with Landon and he was SUCH a good boy.  The doctor came right in afterwards and assured Keith that everything was perfectly normal, that Landon was just going to be a BIG BOY!

Words can't describe how thankful I am for a healthy baby, two healthy kids for that matter.  My heart aches for parents/families that have a sick child.  I have been a basket of nerves and am just so relieved that my little man is as healthy as can be!

Reagan's sweet, sweet, sweet teacher sent me this right after school...1 Chronicles 29:13  Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.  AMEN!!

Weekend Fun!

Our weekend was a fun one, but BUSY!!  To say that Keith is excited about NC State's big win yesterday is an understatement...we're all pretty excited! :)

Saturday morning Reagan had ballet and was excited as ever!  Keith took her this week and he agreed that it is pretty much one of the cutest things ever.  Our little girl is just getting so big...

Oh yes and silly was St. Patrick's Day!  Aunt Ellen spoiled the kiddos with two adorable shirts :)  My little German/Irish babies!

After Keith and Reags got home we did a few things around the house and then this Momma was OUT OF HERE!  I was honored to be invited to a sweet former student's Sweet 16!  I decided I would make a day out of it and have some time to myself :)  It was necessary and so wonderful!  While I was gone, Keith had the kiddos, obviously.  Jeff and Parker came over in the afternoon and the kiddos had a VERY fun time!  Reagan has three band-aids on her knees to proove it! 

Emily was in my class when I taught 4th grade. I remember her beautiful smile from when she was in 2nd grade and I was student teaching 3rd grade...she is a precious girl. I am not sure how I am old enough to have a student that is 16 already, but time does fly by. :) Emily's party was so fun! She looked SOOO PRETTY, as you can see, and her parents did such a nice job. I was so glad that I was able to be there for Em's special night!
The cake was just as delicious to eat as it was to look at!

The birthday girl and I!

I was lucky enough to hang out with a sweet friend, Carolyn, from New Hope as well!  She was Emily's kindergarten teacher.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


A few shots of my sweeties before we went to the park today!

This little one was SO excited to wear a dress and flip flops...she is a summer girl at heart!

LTK was pretty excited to have on plaid shorts and bare tootsies too!

"Reaggie will you stand with Bubby for one more picture, please?" 
...and this is what I got!

Then we were off to the park to enjoy this beautiful day!

Just One of THOSE Days...

Yesterday was one of "those days."  You know the days where you have just HAD it, the day that just needs to be over, the day that really the only thing to get you through is to cry, which I did a lot of....

It all started Tuesday night when Reagan's cold developed into a cough...a constant, would not stop kind of cough.  I put her to bed and she kept coughing and coughing...about 15 minutes later I went up to hold her against my chest so she could be more upright and I could just tell that the coughing was about to make her throw up.  Well, it did and right into my hands...yum.  Thankfully I was able to catch most of it and just a little got on her top sheet, considering I had just changed her bed that day!  We cleaned her up, took off the top sheet, and we cuddled.  A few coughs later and she threw up again, this time we made it to the hallway and the bathroom floor...close to the toilet, but not there yet...not to mention a little in between my toes...lovely right?!  I just feel terrible for her at this point, as there is not a darn thing you can do for a two year old when they are coughing like that.  I think it was at about 9:30 I asked Keith to go to CVS to get some Vick's Vapor Rub to put on her chest and the bottom of her feet...I was willing to try anything.  No luck!  I "slept" with Reagan that midnight, when she was still on and off coughing and struggling to sleep, I called the over night nurse.  She called me back about 20 minutes later and really didn't tell me anything I hadn't already done, except for the steamy bathroom.  I was about to do that next.  However, thankfully, Reags slept pretty well from about midnight on.  Poor thing!

Wednesday morning came and it was my day to volunteer at Reagan's preschool...seriously, just my luck!  Working on no sleep and a sick little girl...not to mention at 11:45 Keith was going to take Landon to the doctor to have his head re-measured to see how much more, if any, it had grown.  I knew I couldn't bail on preschool because they need 3 adults in the classroom and it was my snack day too...we couldn't have hungry 2 year olds!  SOOO Keith stayed home in the morning (which thank GOD he was already planning on being home with LTK for me) and then I was going to meet him at the doctor.  I had called the doctor that morning to try to get Reaggie an appt. and there was nothing...then I had the thought, after I'd hung up, to have her take Landon's appointment and I would reschedule his.  That worked out and then while I was at preschool I got a phone call that the doctor could see both kiddos at the same time, phew!  Oh did I mention I clocked my head at preschool on one of the shelves helping a little friend wash their hands?!?! was only 9:30 at this point...

At 11:30 I left school to meet Keith and the kiddos at the doctor.  Reagan first...thankfully there was nothing in her lungs, no ear infection, nothing...everything was fine!  The doctor thinks it is just a cold/allergy combination.  The only problem with that though is no meds, just let it play its course.  Yay?!?!  The cough is still there, but it is getting better!  Landon was next up and it turns out his head has grown more and isn't following the growth chart...granted he is hitting all of his milestones, if not more, so she isn't overly concerned.  However, she did refer us to Wake Radiology for an ultrasound of my sweet man's head.  Of course I am sobbing, thinking the worse for my little man.  She assured me that she is pretty sure everything is fine, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  She is the same doctor that thought she heard a heart murmur in Reagan and scared the living everything out of she airs on the side of caution, which I appreciate, but that doesn't keep me from worrying.  (Please keep Landon in your prayers as we go to the specialist on Tuesday morning!)

We left the doctor at about 12:15...Keith went on to work and I came home with the kiddos.  We got home in time to eat lunch, which is just a crazy time...feed Reagan, change Landon, hold him off until 1 for nap, put on the right show for Reaggie, maybe take a bite of a sandwich for myself...just nonstop :)  (I wouldn't change it for the world, but it's crazy time when we get home later like that)  I went to put Landon down for his nap and he was screaming crying...he NEVER does this.  He wouldn't take his bottle, just screaming.  I am panicing because I remember Keith read something online about water on the brain in babies and they are fussy all the time...I was thinking oh no...he does have water on the brain and got myself all worked up.  Turns out I think the bottle wasn't warm enough, then I got it too warm, so I finally just made a brand new one and he gobbled that down, as it was just right :)  (he doesn't usually care about the temperature of his bottle at all...I don't know what the deal was...)  Finally got him down, go downstairs to get Reagan and guess what??  She was standing in a POOL of pee....yes, lucky me...all over the floor.  I stripped her down, wiped down the floor, cleaned off her shoes, and took her up for her nap.  WELL, after books, milk, songs, she was coughing coughing and couldn't sleep.  She laid in bed for a little while though while I did eat lunch.  Landon was up at 2:15, so earlier than normal and pretty much right after I finished my last bite of sandwich.  I got Reagan up, let Landon talk for a little bit in his crib, and just CRIED!!  I laid on our bed and just sobbed...poor Reagan came up next to me and wanted to make sure mommy was okay and said, "Mommy why you sad?"  I tried to pull it together, but seriously I was just exhausted and had had it! 

A good 30 mintues later I had finally pulled it together after getting Bubby up and reading Reagan her "Barbie Fairy Dream" book for the twentieth time.  Amazing what a good cry can do!  I told myself to frieckin' get a grip and move on with the day.  We played for a bit, gave Landon his bottle, and went to Target to get our new deck furniture (which is my Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of name the holiday gift!).  I am pretty excited about that.  At first they told me they didn't have it in stock, however upon asking someone else they magically had it in stock.  This of course made our Target trip last a little longer and it was just at Landon's dinner time and I was anticipating a huge meltdown, thankfully, he must have sensed Mommy's day and was a trooper.  All of the furniture didn't fit in the minivan (you know you're jealous!), so I was going to have to make a quick trip back that evening, prior to Keith leaving for his soccer game.  SOO after Target we were going to go to Chic Fil A drive thru and just as we were trying to pull in, so was the rest of Wake Forest.  Seriously!??!?!?!?!  The line moved pretty quickly though, oh and did I mention Reagan went to Target in her ballet-tard and ballet slippers and Landon was in a mis-matched outfit that Keith had dressed him in that morning, oh and I probably had mascara dripping down my cheeks from my tear session...ahhh such a sight we were :)

We got home, Keith was already home, I had him feed the children, I left to go back to Target to get the rest of the furniture.  I had the windows down, the music loud, and took lots of deep breaths... :)  Keith had bathed Landon man by the time I got home, so I just had to do Reaggie's bath and get her to bed.  The rest of the evening was a succcess and thankfully Reaggie slept much better....

this guy is rolling EVERYWHERE!!

I do realize this probably all sounds so silly...looking back one day I will laugh reading over this, which is why I wanted to write it out.  However, there are just SOME DAYS that are just not our best.  I am not a perfect mom, I'm not a perfect wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, name it, but I just try to do my best and tell myself on repeat "it won't be like this for long."  :) 

The crazy part of this...after yesterday's fiasco...tonight, since Keith had yet ANOTHER dinner meeting, I decided that I would take the kids to the mall and to Panera for dinner.  What the H#LL is wrong with me?! :) haha!  Dinner was crazy, mine wound up being put in a box to go, Reaggie had to go potty just as we sat down and I didn't have Landon in his stroller, so I had to hold him and help her on the potty (good times), then he screamed for about the last 7 minutes of our trip home because he was over the carseat and truthfully, I think he was thirsty becaue I am awesome and forgot his sippy cup for dinner.....did I mention the weather is so pretty though!?!  We did play outside for a little bit once we got home, everyone was much happier! :)  Reagan did say on the ride home, which melted me, "Mommy we had a date.  Reaggie loved dinner with Mommy and Bubby."

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Picture Day

Today was Reaggie's spring picture day at school!  They were doing individual and class pictures this time.  The background that was described to us didn't sound like the cutest, SO I wanted to try to take a couple shots this morning before we left.  SOMEHOW we had a couple extra minutes this morning :)  My sweetness is looking like such a big girl these days!!

Getting a little TOO big!

Yesterday was a big day...we had a car seat switch-er-oo!  While home in PA last week I got Reagan her new really big girl carseat (tax free in Delaware!).  This now converts to her high back booster and then boster that she'll eventually need.  She LOVES it!  It has a cup holder and everything!

This big guy has now inherited Sister's old car seat.  He was TOO BIG for his infant seat anymore, lengthwise and over the weight limit too!  Landon man seemed to enjoy his first day in his big boy carseat!  :)

AND just for is Reagan's first ride in her big girl carseat, she was just over 8 months old, so a month older than LTK...time is going a little too fast!

Little Ballerina

The day that Reagan has been waiting for for so long finally came on Saturday morning...her first ballet class!  She was SO excited, despite the cold she came down with that morning.  (She had JUST gotten over a cold, literally was cold free for a day, awesome.)

Reags was a little hesitant walking into class, but her teacher is so sweet and there is a viewing window for parents.  She kept looking back to make sure I was still there.  Let me tell you, watching all of these little girls in their little leotards (ballet-tards) is pretty much one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Getting ready to dance to the "Teddy Bear" song

All of the ballerinas!  This is a 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 year old class...I'm assuming the taller girls are on the older spectrum, then there is Reags, as someone told me last week at the park "you grow big babies" :)  Proud of it too ;)

It was an adorable thirty mintues of "ballet-ing."  Reaggie is excited for Daddy to take her next week...he stayed home so Bubs could take his nap.  On the way home Reagan said to me "Daddy gonna love watchin' me dance.  He gonna say 'Reaggie, you a great dancer girl!"  Too cute!