Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clean House?!

It's a cold and dreary day here today, sooo we are having a pajama day!  These always sound like a good idea and then we hit that 10-11 time of day and I am kicking myself for thinking such things ;) 

"Loving" her brother...do you see his face?!  He's not feeling the love!

Telling me all about his sad story...

And if by chance you are thinking your house is a little untidy today, please feel so much better when you see the bomb of my downstairs :)

...and I wouldn't have it any other way!
(Although  now that both kids are in their rooms sleeping/resting...it looks all better...just to be destroyed again when they are both up!)

Six Years!

On Sunday Keith and I celebrated our 6th anniversary...SIX years?!?!  Lots has changed since we got married, but I am so thankful for a great husband (most of the time!) and a wonderful daddy to my babies.

I had a friend of mine come over, that I used to teach with, to watch the kids.  Reagan was so excited for her to come over!  We just wanted to go out to lunch and not be rushed...just a couple hours away...we NEVER go out, unless maybe family is in town...so this was a super special treat!

We had a great lunch...started with a beer and appetizers, watched the pathetic Eagles game, and just chatted...what a concept right?! :)  We went to this new shopping plaza that is more like a little village and it was sooo cute!  After lunch we just walked around for a few minutes and guess who we saw...SANTA himself!!  He said we had to get a picture together for the kids :)  He was the REAL DEAL!

We finished up our anniversary date with a quick trip to Harris Teeter :)  Does it get any more romantic than that?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Go Pack and Leaves

Saturday was a big game day around here...NC State played Carolina and obviously in this house it was all about the RED!!  (and YES somehow even Reagan agreed to wear her "Go Pack" sweatshirt!)  Even though the game didn't turn out as hoped for, in this house anyway, we still have a couple of the cutest State fans around!

Landon taking all of Keith's clothes out of his laundry basket and then putting a few back in ;)

Ummm...she is hilarious! 
"Shoot Mommy, I didn't put my bra on today!"

Laundry basket rides...yes, I worked up a sweat pulling them around our bedroom!

Does that kind of look like a smile from Landon?!  Because it isn't...he did NOT want another picture taken!  Family pictures should be really fun in a couple weeks... :)

Keith SO kindly took the kiddos out for a bit on Saturday and I got ready in peace and then ran several errands.  It was so nice...I got a lot accomplished and just enjoyed the cool weather and the quiet :)

As soon as I walked in the door though both kids were crying, Keith was asking me how to make sweet potatoes, and both kids were attached to my leg, pretty sure it was the same leg too...like I said, I enjoyed my quiet while I had it.  Since Keith was making dinner, I put on comfies and the kiddos and I headed straight outside.  They are SO happy outside and for that I am very thankful!  We have a LOT of leaves in our backyard, which is so fun.  First I had this great idea of going on leaf hunt around the yard and filling up buckets with leaves...Reagan bought into a little longer than Landon, however it wasn't long before he was hightailing to the swingset.  SO I raked up a pile of leaves for Reagan and Landon to jump in and they were having a blast!

Ready, Set....


After dinner, Reagan did my hair and put jewelry on me and a visor...fancy huh?!

Then it was time for bed... :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012


On Friday afternoon we headed up the road to The Factory for their annual Spooktacular!  This was a total last minute decision...a friend told me about it and I was thinking, I don't think so...but it was an excuse to get another wear out of their costumes and a little extra trick or treating never hurt anybody ;)  I am actually SO glad we went...it was so fun!!

The sweetest Cinderella I've ever seen...I literally was tearing up putting on her makeup and curling her hair.  She just looked so beautiful!  I was having flashes of dances, proms, and her wedding day...

Cinderella's doggie, Bruno, was NOT thrilled with his costume!  He wanted to rip that thing off the minute I put it on :)

The following sequence, again, is HILARIOUS to me!  It shows how much Landon LOVED being a doggie...

okay, what is this thing on my head?

get it off...

seriously...get it off!!!

I'll do it myself then!




Look at her...gosh, I LOVE this!!

My beautiful princess :)

After my photo shoot with the kiddos we stopped by the bank to see Keith and to show everyone the cuties!  Keith wound up walking over to the Spooktacular with us, which was unexpected, but I was thankful for the extra hands :)  It was slightly crowded!

(Disclaimer:  I wore this same outfit last Friday I know...I was not thinking Keith would be going with us therefore did not think I would be in any pictures!  I know it doesn't matter, it's pictures with my kiddies!)

They had a little photographer there to take pictures...our princess shot!

And look who we saw!!  Brooklyn...how cute are these Cinderellas?!

It really was such a cute little event...we will surely have to go back next year!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Picture Fix

Happy Friday!!  Here are some pics of the kiddos from this week, mostly from Wednesday morning before school...they are just too darn cute! (if I do say so myself...)

Insisting on posing with a princess Valentine's Day card...okay?!

Starting to get annoyed...

Totally annoyed :)

This cutie has been saying "eeeez" for "cheese" lately and it's too cute!!  This is full on "eeeez" face!

Look at this boy...how on earth is he this big?!?!

Sweet shug...yes, he was playing with a princess Valentine too! 

Attempt at a timer-mode picture before school...worst possible angle of me, but a pic with my kiddos none the less :)

Now this series of pictures is LANDON to a T!!!  He thinks he is a hot shot going into the pantry and can reach the cereal shelf...so he sneaks on in, grabs a box, brings it out to the kitchen, takes the bag out of the box, and goes to town on a little snack!


Notice how 99% of the Apple Jacks are falling onto his shirt, therefore onto the floor!

I LOVE this picture...such a sweet, sweet, happy big boy!

I also LOVE this one too...look at that face?!?!  He is T-R-O-U-B-L-E and knows it!

Num, Num, Num!!
Bailey is never too far from either of the kids when they are eating and he is smart because he always tends to get a little something!

Somebody does not like it when Daddy has to leave for work...it literally takes Keith about 5 minutes to leave because Landon keeps giving his kissy lips and wanting hugs, which then results in Reagan wanting the same attention and then Landon wanting it all over again...it's pretty cute and I'm pretty confident that this Daddy doesn't mind one little bit!

Fireman Landy to the rescue?!

This was taken at about 8:00 on Thursday morning...you can see Reagan STILL eating, because it takes her 12 years to finish a meal, Bailey waiting oh so patiently for SOMETHING to drop, my house trashed, and fireman Landon getting that hat on all by himself!  The day continued to just as lovely as the morning had been...let's just say I had to have my own little "mommy meltdown" which included tears over a stupid lady at Michael's that totally ticked me off, a failed, flopped Apple Cake that I was to take with dinner to the Davis', yogurt splattered all over me, and a bird trapped in the top of our garage storage area...just to name a few ;)  We have those days and hey, a good tear session is sometimes just what one needs!