Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catch Up Time!

Last week was such a cold and dreary week here in the NC was just nasty!  It was GLORIOUS to FINALLY see the sun on Friday morning, especially because the night before had brought a wee bit of snow too!

This must have been last Wednesday while Reagan was at school...Landon just LOVES to PUSH things ALL the time!!!

She wanted me to send this picture to her Daddy at work :)

Thursday evening my friend Stef came over to work on some things for a baby shower we were helping to host on Saturday.  It was SO great to see her and Reagan just thought Miss Stef was the BEST! (which she is!)  We had dinner, played with the kiddos, made favors, and then it started snowing and poor Stef had to drive home in it!  Thankfully she made it home just fine.

Friday morning, we woke up to snow!!  It was SO pretty, but not nearly as much as they predicted.  (obviously!)  NC cracks me up though...Thursday night, before ONE FLAKE of snow even fell, a neighboring school district was already closed!!  As a teacher I never complained about it though :)  Snow days are a beautiful thing!  R's preschool was delayed an hour on Friday morning and her bestest friend Brooklyn came over in the morning and got to ride to school with us.  The girls loved it!

This guy was screaming "MAAAAA" as I snapped a couple quick pics dare I leave my sweet man for one minute unattended ;)

Lovely pic of my oh so sweet 3 1/2 year old

After we took sister to school, we came to play "in the snow."  AKA, push his toy all over the place!

I decided on Friday that I was sick of making lunch...somedays I feel like I make breakfast for the kids, clean up, make lunch, clean up, make dinner...anyway, Landon and I did a little CFA drive through and had a picnic in the car while we waited to pick up Reagan from school.  It really is a nice treat to not mess with a meal at home :)

Saturday I got my hair did (what a treat) and then headed to Hillsborough for Sandy's baby shower!  It was SOOO cute!  It was so great to see the momma to be and so many friends from New Hope.

Once I got home, there was a house full!  Brooklyn's family had come over and the girls had been playing all afternoon.  Lindsey and I slipped out for some was a nice day out for this momma!

Sunday Reagan and I used up the gift certificate Daddy gave us for Christmas for his girls to get their nails and toes done!  We had SO much fun together and Reagan just LOVED it.  She was so excited to get her "feet washed" this time :)  Love these sweet girly moments with my girl!

She wanted hearts for Valentine's Day...I did explain they would probably not last that long, but she still insisted :)

Sunday night, a rare treat, Keith and I got to go out to the State basketball game!  Our sweet neighbor watched the kiddos and we were on our way :)  We had GREAT seats and had a really good time!  It was a close game against Clemson, but thankfully State pulled out a win!

Monday, Keith was home so I had a doctor's appointment (family doctor, NO baby doctor involved!!) in the morning and he took the kiddos to music class and the pet store.  We just had a relaxing day at home!  ...although I was slightly friecking out because my blood pressure was a little high at the doctor and I worry about everything...(the doctor thought NOTHING about it being a little higher, just me making it a bigger deal...typical!)

Yesterday Reagan had swim lessons, we ran to the grocery store, and dry cleaners and then home.  I was worried sick about my blood pressure and I'm pretty sure I was a MESS most of the day...finally in the afternoon I calmed down...I'm such a worry wart, seriously...Princess Reagan helped to lift my spirits though :)

I think that's our past week in a nutshell!  Phew... :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Swim Lessons!

While Missy was home from school on Monday I was able to call and get her all set up to start swim lessons on Tuesday morning!  (I asked about the Tuesday morning and Saturday morning class...there was only 1 other kid in the Tuesday class and 1 slot open in the it is, pretty much private lessons for the price of group lessons!)  Well needless to say this girl was SO excited!!  She decided she had to wear her swimsuit Monday afternoon so she could "practice wearing it again."  She's a nut!!

Oh yeah!  Feeling ALLL better!

Tuesday morning she could hardly wait to go!  I was going to swim with Landon, while she had lessons, but then decided we would just watch this time :)

...yup, I kept this guy locked and loaded! :)

It was just one other little girl in Reagan's class and she was so sweet.  The mom was so fun to chat with and she had a little boy too, about year younger than Landon though!  Needless to say swim lessons were a hit!

She jumped off the side, went right under, and was a little surprised, but did so great!

Landon took a great nap that afternoon, so R and I had a little "school" time.  We worked on numbers and then she wanted to practice her name...I think she did pretty good! :)

Sick Weekend...

Last Friday Rdidn't have school because it was conference day!  A sweet dad from R's class as able to help watch my kiddos during my conference and I watched his daughter during worked out great.  I kind of snuck out of the room where the kiddos were playing and I was pretty sure I heard my LTK not too happy about that...poor man.  Reagan's conference was GREAT!  I was literaly crying, I'm such a basketcase, because I was so proud of what her teachers were telling me.  There are certainly days that I feel like I must be the worst mom because of the way she's acting, but the conference helped to hear that maybe I'm doing a little something right!  When we were finished chatting I went in to get my kiddos and Landon was just lying on Reagan's was pretty pitiful.  I felt so sorry for him, but so thankful he had his sister there.  I thought that was odd, for him just to lay there, but just figured he was sad that I had left him...

After giving R a HUGE hug and telling her how proud we were of her, I told her we could go to Target and pick out a little treat.  She found a Barbie Princess dress up dress (on clearance!) and some Dora "lipstick."  She was SO excited!!

L was thrilled to be at Target again!!

We came home, had lunch, which L didn't eat a lot of, which is a little unusual for him, but he did have a lot of snacks that morning so I figured he just wasn't that hungry.  I got him ready for his nap, kissed his forehead and I thought it felt a little warm, but he was acting totally normal downstairs so figured he was warm from running and wearing his fleece outfit.  At 2:00, less than an hour later he woke up crying...I thought, awesome nap buddy!  I was hoping I could rock him back to sleep, but he just wanted to be cuddled.  At this point R was screaming in her room..a great "rest" for her as know it's going to be a good afternoon when...By about 2:30 L just started crying...I didn't know why.  It was just such a pitiful little cry.  You know how you know your kid's cries?  It was one I didn't know...I thought maybe his tush was hurting because he did have a bit of diaper rash.  I was going to put him in the bath, but then took his temperature...102.7!!  Poor thing!  I started shaking...of course because I don't handle sickness well at all...I was shaking trying to call Keith, he didn't answer.  I was going to take L's tempature again, he was still crying, and that's when he THREW UP EVERYWHERE!!! All over his carpet...awesome.  Now I was PANICKED!!  I was sure he had the flu.  I was still trying to call Keith...I did call the doctor and made him the next appointment they had, which was at 4.  FINALLY I talked to Keith around 3 and asked him to PLEASE come home.  (I know, I'm such a baby...I was just so scared and sooo convinced it was the flu.  Then couldn't stop thinking about R getting it thoughts were not helping me stay calm at all.)  SOO I managed to get L changed, I was still covered in throw up, his carpet was still covered...I put him on our bed to watch a Mickey and he sat still.  You know he's sick when he'll sit for a show.  ANYWAY...I was able to get him to drink a little water and take some medicine and by the time Keith got home he was feeling SO much better.  Keith took L to the doctor, I cleaned the carpet (and myself up) and thankfully he tested negative for the flu.  He came home and started running around like a crazy man and didn't stop eating all night :)  For that I was SOOO thankful!!

Yup, I just threw up a couple hours ago Mom, but I'm fine now.  Like my high heels?

The model herself!  Bless her heart...she wanted to help me so badly while I was friecking out about Landon.  She said, "mommy, I'll go get my Doc kit and give Landy a check up.  I'll have a diagnosis!"  LOL...thank you Doc McStuffins!

Friday night Landon slept great, but guess who was up early not feeling well??  Reagan.  She had a fever of almost 102 on Saturday morning.  I we go!  However, she really seemed to feel okay and with medicine she was fine.  Keith had plans to go to a friend's house to watch the State and Syracuse games, which was fine because both kids were acting pretty normal.  Well, L woke up early from his nap so I rocked him and he fell back asleep.  I heard something at his door, stood up, and R was sitting outside the door with her blanket...she "wanted" me.  So she laid down on the floor at my feet and eventually fell asleep.  Landon in my arms, R at my was so funny.  By 4:30 my arm was literally about to fall off.  Thankfully Landon woke up and I took him downstairs to snuggle with Daddy, who had gotten home a little earlier.  Reagan came downstairs and slept for another hour on the sofa while Keith and Landon played outside.  Fresh air can be the best medicine and it was like 75* out, so that helps :)  Saturday was a cuddle day, but everyone seemed to be doing much better by that night!

Setting up her "bed" :)

Bless him...I loved all of my snuggles with this cutie!

By Sunday Landon was fever free and Reagan just had a very slight temperature, so they had LOTS of outside time.  They had a blast...oh and I was outta here ;)

SOOO excited to wear her pineapple dress and flipflops!  She is such a little summer girl :)

I kept Reags home from school on Monday, but they were both all better by then.  Thankfully it seemed like a quick little bug. It's NO fun when your kiddos are sick...I'm so glad they are back to being the crazy kids that they are!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist!

Today was a big day for Reagan...she had her FIRST trip to the dentist!!!  We have been talking about it for awhile, but we've been waiting for Keith's dental insurance to kick in as of January 1.  Reagan had no idea what to expect other than the dentist would look at her teeth and brush them...she did GREAT!!

They have an option for the kids to sit in a special room on their mom's lap to do the exam, but Reagan seemed calm enough and brave enough to sit on her own, plus I had Landon in his stroller, so we just went for the chair.  She only got scared a couple times, but the hygenist was THE SWEETEST.  She explained EVERYTHING to Reagan and was SO kind.  I kept telling her over and over "thank you for being so sweet." 

checking out the hygenist's computer screen

A little scared, can you tell?!  For added effect just picture Landon sitting in his stroller at the foot of her chair screaming "alllllll dum me me...alllll dum" :)  (me me is mommy these days)  R was a total trooper and I sat next to her and held her hands the whole time...I was SO proud of her!!

The dentist said her teeth looked awesome and that her spacing is great...he said she MIGHT need braces, but all the spaces are a good thing, leaving plenty of room for the big teeth to come in! 

She loved getting her bag of goodies, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, princess stickers, and her two prizes were a bouncy ball and a little blue bird in a plastic bottle thing...she loved it.

So proud of my big girl and yet another "first" is checked off of this girl's list!

Crackin' me up!

These sweet babies that I have been blessed with are a handful, keep me moving ALL day, and are exhausting, BUT they are SOOO sweet, SOOO hilarious, and have been totally CRACKING me up lately!

This kid is a total nut...he's hilarious!

LOVE this!  He has been pretty obsessed with vacuuming and Reagan's old rain boots lately...I have to run by Target tomorrow and just might have to see if they have a boy-ish pair on sale :)

Landon was wanting to play with the dollhouse and felt as though the best way to get to it was THROUGH the car!  Whatever...

Then there's this girl...

This is not promted...This is simply "Reaggie, Mommy wants to take your picture"

She is such a nut!!  She has been pushing EVERY button I have lately, which I'm going to go ahead and blame on 3 1/2 and PRAY that this is "just a phase," but man is she too funny.  I wish I remembered more of what she said and I wish I wrote more of it down, but I'm usually chasing a certain little 17 month old around and catching him from flying off of a piece of furniture ;)

The best (probably only) picture I have of the 2 of them recently!

This past weekend was pretty low key...L and Keith had a boy's day on Saturday running a few errands and going to the park while R and I went to Panera for lunch and ran a few errands.  She is not quite at the age where she can hang for as long as I needed her to, but we got the major stuff done!

Sunday afternoon I decided we needed a cake for dessert after dinner...obviously :)  Of course what cake means is yummy icing!  Reagan requested purple icing, so purple it was.  They both made sure none of the icing went to waste!

Those eyes...could EAT him!!

Monday while sister was at school Landon was, again, cracking me up...

We played outside for awhile and he just pushed the car around for about 25 minutes...I could NOT stop laughing at him!  He was sweating by the time we went inside for lunch, and it was not a warm day.

diaper box = must sit on and push around house!

Then this happened....look closely at his shoes!!

I seriously could not catch my breath I was laughing so hard...he was walking around in those high heels like he was born with them on his feet.  Pushing the baby stroller and was too funny.  After about while I called Keith to let him know his son had been walking around in high heels for the last 15 minutes and he was like "and why are you telling me this!??!"  ha!

They sure are sweet, sure are FUN, sure are busy, and I LOVE them BOTH to PIECES!!!