Saturday, April 27, 2013


This morning the kids and I left nice and early to head to Elon!  I was so excited and the weather turned out to be perfect for our few hours there.

SOO as we arrived near campus we kept seeing all these guys walking around with just shorts on, no shoes or shirts, and girls in SHORT shorts and sports bras.  I was like what is going on?!  No one had on shoes either!  Where am I? :)  Well as I attempted to drive down to visit Danieley L-103 the police had it blocked off and it sounded like a huge party at the bottom.  After going through a checkpoint at 10:10 in the morning, I asked the police officer what was going on and he said one of the fraternity's was having a mud wrestling tournament...ha!  As we walked around campus we kept seeing people covered in mud and Reagan commented on each one how they were all muddy and needed to take a shower :)

Elon is just beyond pretty...all the flowers were soooo beautiful!

We drove through the Greek Courts and Phi Mu was painted on the rock, as if it was a sign I was supposed to be there today :)  I remember several nights spray painting that thing...I wonder how big that rock really is under all the thousands of coats of spray paint!

This is where my freshman dorm WAS!  They ripped it down and are now building, I'm sure, VERY luxurious dorms.  It's soooo strage to see how much it's all changed.

Future Elon Alum I'm sure :) ...on academic scholarships!

Is it just me or do these two just keep getting cuter?!? (and naughtier!!)

(I set the self timer on the camera and had it resting on the top of the stroller...can't believe we are even in the picture!)

Good old Mooney (the education building)...I don't even want to think about how many hours of my life I spent there!

Hill came from Charlotte to meet us too!  Bless her took her a little longer than expected, but we were able to meet for lunch at The Roots, which is where Sidetracks used to be.  We were happy they still had "the island," their yummy chicken sandwich.  After lunch we slipped to the HUGE new bookstore to pick up t-shirts and a onesie for sweet baby boy Kroboth!

Reagan loves her some Miss Hillary and even gave her tummy a kiss when we were saying goodbye, it was pretty precious!

It really was just such a fun day and I'm SOOO glad the kiddos got to go to Elon!  We walked all over the place and they just loved it!  I have SOOO many wonderful, wonderful memories there and being there made it seem like it was just yesterday I was leaving home to go to this small, practically unheard of of the best decisions I ever made!

Oh Landon...

This boy, melts me.  He is the sweetest little boy and he LOVES his momma, which I will never complain about.  He is such a mess, but such a trooper and such a go with the flow kind of guy, most of the time :)  I just love this boy to pieces!!!

Poor guy...we have GOT to get this kid a helmet!  I tried Reagan's on him the other's a little too snug on his big old noggin'!

He had had enough of that!

Loves the "tee!"

checking things out outside...wearing Sissy's heels!

I can't wait until Landon is in high school and is on the soccer team (or involved in whatever he wants to be involved in) and has his first girlfriend or his best friend over and I can show some of these pictures to them of my son wearing his sister's heels!  Better yet, I'm sure Reagan will be the one to LOVE showing these pictures to her friends :)  Oh...the teenage years...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun, Busy, and Quick Weekend

Friday afternoon we had a showing, so to kill some time we went to Panera for lunch.  It's always an was packed, the woman who took my order needed me to repeat it 4 times before she heard/understood/comprehended what I was saying (I ordered a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and spicy mustard...NOT rocket science!!!), we had to go to the bathroom with both kids, Reagan dropped her cookie on the ground (which was a crisis, but thankfully we were able to get a new one), a woman hit the side of my van with her door and gave me ALL kinds of attitude about it (I was NOT amused!!), we ate in the car and half of R's mac n' cheese would up on the middle console...ANYWAY, it was just a lovely little adventure :)

We were heading home around 2 and I was hoping they would be out of our house so I could put L down for his nap, but the cars were still in front of Michelle's so I figured they hadn't even been down to our house yet.  I drove around the neighborhood a couple times and then saw two people walking up the hill, so thankfully they were finished at our house too!  We got really good feedback...we shall see what happens!

Keith was REALLY hoping to get home at a decent time Friday night to be able to see the kids, but he hit a TON of traffic and it took him almost 8 hours to get home!  YUCK!!  I kept telling him, "atleast you didn't have 2 kids with you!"  Still, traffic is no fun and he didn't get home until the kiddos were sound asleep!

nice hair do sis!

I wish I could remember what he was instructing me to do at this moment :)

A little man discovered how to use the camera on my phone! 

Saturday morning Keith was SO happy to see the kiddos and they were SO happy to see him!  It was so sweet!!  They went out to get donuts at about 7:05.  I took my first unsupervised shower in 2 weeks and it was pretty nice :)  I went to go see my sweet friend Sandy in High Point that had a baby girl, Addison, exactly a month ago.  It was such a fun visit and I got LOTS of sweet snuggle time with a sweet baby girl.

I got home Saturday afternoon as Landy was waking up from his nap...he and I went outside and he decided he wanted to take a walk.  (Keith and R had already left for a walk)  My big man walked the whole way around...he did so great!  Again...getting so big!

We went to Shucker's for dinner, which was yummy as always.  Landon loved the hush puppies and his french fries...I don't know why this kid will NOT eat his food at a restaurant, just the fries.  It does keep him entertained and quiet though, so you do what you gotta do!

We came home for baths and R and I made strawberry shortcake, which we HAD to make for Daddy! 

Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast, but then it was time to get the house ready for our open house.  Keith took the kids to the grocery store, so I could clean and get everything ready.  They got back, Keith mowed and did yard work while the kids and I played and had lunch, he took the kids to the Davis' so that I could finish up the house and wait for the agent to get was crazy busy and 1:45 before I knew it!  The house looked PERFECT!  Snacks were out, light music was on, we were set for a packed house.  At 4 we came home and guess how many people showed up for the open house, NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How frustrating!  All that time we spent on the house that we could be doing other things together, but it is what it is...still frustrating though.

By 5:00 it was time for Daddy to hit the road...we were all sad to say goodbye...two more weeks to go until another trip back to NC!  It was a great weekend though and we'll just have to keep checking things off of our list of things to do to help the time pass by quickly!

Shopping Buddy and Strawberries

Last Wednesday we dropped Reaggie off at school and I decided Landon and I would go do a couple returns at the mall...our returns turned into momma seeing a few things that she needed (retail therapy at its finest...) and a couple fitting room trips later my little buddy had about had it, correction, he ran out of snacks, therefore he had had it!  SO as a little treat for my big man we rode on the choo-choo, which he was beyond happy doing, and also got to drive the ice cream truck.  He was so sweet and just SOO happy!!

my precious man!

On Thursday morning we went out to Vollmer Farms to pick strawberries!  Reagan could not wait and was SO excited to make strawberry shortcake for her Daddy when he got home!  The kiddos did pretty good with the picking...I was not the best helper at first because as we started I got a text that we had a showing request from 1:30-2:30...I paniced and called my neighbor if we could camp out at her house while Landon napped, but she then pointed out to me it was a request for FRIDAY. (Her house is for sale too and she got the same request)  I was just SOOO happy that someone wanted to look at our house...FINALLY!!!!!

busy little workers :)

workin' it in the strawberry patch

my sweet babies!  They almost look like twins in this picture or that Landon is the older child...they are both just getting so big!

of course this guy found the wagons and was in 7th heaven pulling it around

sissy joined in the fun!

sweet kiddos ready to head home!

Once we got home, Brooklyn came over and the kiddos played outside until it was lunchtime.  The kids napped/rested and then we did an afternoon bath because our neighbor had invited us up for pizza.  We had dinner and then the kids played outside for another hour before was a beautiful night!

refueling after some evening play!

It was a good couple days and then we were REALLY excited for Daddy to get home on Friday night!!