Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three Bears Acres!

Thursday was our first "official" day of summer vacation, so I thought it would be fun to try out a place that is on our "NC Bucket List" :)  We went to Three Bears Acres and had a BLAST!!  It only took us maybe 20 minutes to get there, it's in the couuuuuunnnntry!

They had a huge white wall for painting and Landon was in heaven!  He painted for 40 minutes...seriously!  I don't think anything has kept his attention that long :)  He loved it and was SOO proud of himself!

Pretty sure we were right under an RDU flight path because we saw about 100 "pp's" airplanes!

Look at that masterpiece!

Sissy painted for awhile too, but then moved on to a little water wall they had...she checked out the mud kitchen, but wasn't totally into that

getting more paint...paint and snot all over, great combo!

He insisted on pushing the stroller...surprise, surprise...on the "bumpy road"  Poor man was working up a total sweat...he was all red and the back of his head was dripping.  He was happy as could be :)

This slide was SOOO much fun!!  The 3 of us went down several times in a sled together and we were FLYING!!  Reagan went down by herself once, which I was surprised she did while Landon had a little snack and water break, but she couldn't get the speed that we all had!  SOOO fun!

We headed down to their little lake for the paddle boats!  I thought for sure Landon was going to end up in the water, but I wound up putting him between Reaggie and I.  He did great, but was "alll dum" after about 2 minutes.  Momma was pedaling as fast as I could to get us back, but it still took a little while.  They loved it though!!

There was a HUGE playground area in the woods to play on too...they both LOVED it!  It was such a perfect day to be there and not crowded at all!

It was such a fun day with my babies!  We really had so much fun together and Landon was talking about the slide and boat all afternoon :)  Not to mention he took a FANTASTIC nap that afternoon too!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of Preschool!

I can't believe was Reagan's last day of 3 year old preschool!!  Today was the last day I would drop her off and pick her up at her preschool in was the last day we would see all of her friends at one time... :(  Yes it was a happy/sad day today, atleast for this momma!


After we dropped R off at school L and I headed to my first ever eye doctor appointment.  I have 20/20 vision, but it's a little "weak" I guess and the doctor suggested glasses for nightime driving, which I rarely do, but when I do I do notice it being a little harder to see.  Anyway, in a couple weeks I'll be the proud owner of my first pair of glasses!

Hanging out in Sissy's carseat before we went back to school to set up for the par-tay!

This cutie thought he'd go ahead and draw with some chalk while we waited...sweet man!  He insisted on his boots today too :)

A sweet class picture...we are going to miss these teachers and friends SOOOO much!  They gave the kiddos some of the sweetest, most thoughtful, end of year gifts!

Reaggie with Miss Diana and Miss Carole...Miss Diana and I were shedding tears together for this picture!

Yahoooooo!!  She got the sponge through the hula hoop! :)  Too much fun!

This guy loved playing in the water table...

...and painting with the chalk!  He LOVED it!!  I will have to make it too...if you're looking for a fun little activity...mix baking soda and clear dishsoap in a muffin tin until it's the consistency of glue and add some kool aid mix to it, it's grows and turns into this great sidewalk paint...if you spray vinegar on it too it will fizz! :)

Best friends

Yup...still painting!  It was NOT easy getting that muffin tin away from him!

We are just SOOO thankful for such a great year of preschool!  We have LOVED this school soooo very much and will miss it terribly.  The director stopped me before we left and told me she would miss us and thanked us for entrusting them with Reagan...yup, you guessed it, tears again!  Fingers are crossed for just as wonderful of an experience next year at our new preschool in PA!


The weather finally was pretty last week to play outside...still a little chilly, but atleast it wasn't SO rainy!

Landon LOVES to play basketball...when he gets a basket he yells "GOALLLLL! Goooo Ne-Ne!"

Sissy trying out a little defense!

Worked up a sweat playing outside...had to pause, very briefly, for a snack and water break!

Saturday afternoon Reagan and I went to a sweet friend's baby shower!  She was SOO excited to go to a "real" baby shower.  Erin was so sweet and let Reagan be her helper opening the gifts...she loved it and did a great job!  Reagan was also able to get her baby fix with sweet Addison, Sandy's precious 2 month old :)  I was also able to see Swies for the first time since she got a beautiful sparkly diamond on her left hand!

Monday at school a boy in Reagan's class gave her these earrings...they were his sister's and she insisted Reaggie have them :)  We had to send his Mommy a picture of us rocking out the new princess clip ons!

Reagan LOVES this little dome's in Brooklyn's neighborhood and we had to pick up a couple things yesterday to get ready for the end of year party and thought she should get a picture with her favorite "fancy thing."

We ventured to dinner at Southpoint last night and this sweet man just loves sitting still at a meal...he did fine and thankfully no one minded a cute little boy walking around :)

Cuties and Croup (again...)

Croup hit our house again last week...this time it was Landon man's turn.  Yay?!?  On Wednesday he was coughing a little and by naptime it was sounding pretty barky...he didn't take a good nap because the cough kept waking him up...sooooo off to the doctor we went...again!  Thankfully we could get in that afternoon and they were able to give him the steroid which really wipes out the "barking."  Sadly, we weren't able to go to Parker's to celebrate his birthday though...we were so bummed!

Wednesday morning before school these two cuties posed for a couple pictures in their coordinating outfits...I'm kind of loving having them match lately :)  ...Landon was looking for the "pp" (aka airplane) in the sky!

Sweet kids!
Landon had a rough couple nights sleeping, but seems to be feeling better.  Friday night was pretty sleepless...thank GOODNESS Daddy was home to help out...if Landon and I slept 2 hours on Friday night we were doing good.  Good times!  The cough is just the worst because there really isn't anything you can do to help them get relief!!  I think I need to start working on a concoction and make my millions :)  I'm sure there are several moms and dads and kids that would appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day!

We had such a great Mother's Day!  I think the kids knew to be extra good since Daddy wasn't home :)  Happy Mother's Day to me...the kids slept great on Saturday night...a first in about 2 weeks, so I was pumped for that!!

We got up and Reagan had a surprise to get for me...last weekend she and Daddy hid my cards in a special drawer and she was SOO excited to get them for me!  Reagan's was a Barbie card with a "coupon" in it for a date day together, she can't wait :)  Landon's was too said "knock, knock...who's there...a door...a door who??  aDOORable me, that's who!"  ha :)

The kiddos helped me make pancakes and bacon for breakfast!

a little low, but the best we could do with my camera propped on the barstool!

After breakfast we got dressed and ready for the head to the grocery store...yay ;)

I could just eat this boy up!

I wanted to get a few outside pictures before we left, so again, set the timer for a couple!

so close to not chopping my head off :) I the worst mom because this picture makes me laugh?  She was so sad that Landon wouldn't sit on her lap for a picture...bless her :)

Our neighbor was outside doing yard work (on Mother's Day!!  she said it was peace and quiet though, so she didn't mind!) and I asked her to take a picture in front of my magnolia tree...I will miss this tree so much.  I have a picture in front of it every Mother's Day, since I was preggo with Reags. 

After the grocery store we played was such a pretty day!

Landon took Bailey potty for me...such a good helper!

This is their new favorite thing to do together...I love it!  Although it makes me nervous for about 12 years from now...

We pulled out the blocks and they were SO entertained with them...kept them both busy for a long time!!

do you not just love those shades!? :)

After we played outside we came in for lunch.  While the kids ate I emptied the dishwasher, put the rest of the groceries away, and made Reagan's bed with fresh sheets to get rid of her germs!  I went back downstairs and saw I had a missed call from the showing service phone number, I called back and the dumb@$$ I talked to told me it was an accident that they called my number.  I thought that sounded strage so I called back a couple minutes later and talked to a much sweeter girl and she told me I had a showing request from 1:45-2:45...this was at 1:20!!!!!!!!  I was about to change Landon's poopy diaper and put him down for a nap...well plans changed as I had to run like a MANIAC to get my house ready in 25 minutes!!!  I was crazy...I finally had to just strap the kids in their carseats and I came inside to finish up.  Ha!  I was a sweaty, drippy, gross mess by the time I was finished...oh and all I wanted was the yummy turkey club I was craving for lunch...that just had to wait.  We got home by 2:15 and they were gone so I put L down for his nap and I ate my sandwich :)  My neighbor, Michelle, had offered to watch the kids for a couple hours for me on Sunday so I could have some "mommy time" which I thought was SO sweet, but the showing threw me off and I told her not to worry about it...she and her son came down for dinner though which was fun.

I ended Mother's Day snuggled with this sweetie watching Max and Ruby!

It was such a great day!  I am so very thankful to be a mommy and I'm so thankful for my precious little girl and handsomely sweet baby boy!