Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend and Early Week Excitement

Keith came home on Friday, which was a beautiful thing!  We were SOO excited to have Daddy home!  I'll tell you it's almost weird having him home though...I'm just kind of in my routine with the kids and to actually have someone there to help feels strange, I am NOT complaining though :)

Saturday morning we ran a couple errands...our plan to go to the pool was cabashed because of the weather, but thankfully R and Keith were able to go during Landon's naptime.  After nap we went to Evie's 2nd birthday party at Gymboree.  (Keith was like, her party is at a store?  haha...men!)

This little guy had NO fun ;)  He jumped his little heart out!

Reaggie and the sweet birthday girl!

Cuties!  Landon is a beast...he is 2 months YOUNGER than Evie!  He's so tall!!

Can I tell you how excited I was to get Maggiano's take out on the way home from the party?  Seriously, I was thrilled...I was even MORE thrilled when I remembered I had a $10 off coupon from signing up for their emails...yay!!  It was so delicious...seriously, it's my fave!

Sunday morning we gave Daddy a couple "belated" Father's Day treats!

New NC State Rainbows!

An awesome Syracuse golf towel from Aunt Ellen's store!

This cutie was such a helper and cleaned up all the wrapping paper and put it in the trash!

Daddy and his babes!

Keith headed back early Sunday afternoon and Landon decided to wake up earlier than usual from his nap, so I decided we needed to go do a couple returns and then take R to Toys R Us to use a gift card she got for her birthday.

She is a good little shopper!  She knew just what she wanted and came in just 56 cents over budget :) 

This was one of her prized finds...a cheerleader dress up outfit!  She LOVES this thing!  I don't think it came off her body for about 24 hours :)

Future cheerleader?

Landon cracks me up!  He moved the chairs all around from the little table (which I brought back to our house from the storage unit) to set up his waffles yesterday morning.  I just kind of let him go with it to see what he would do.  He got it all set up...

sat down...

and chowed down!

Once he had energy from the waffles he was running around like a mad man with Sissy's pom-poms!

Yup...still cheering!  We even went to Brooklyn's for a playdate in this get-up and a stop into the post office too...I pick my battles :)

Last night we were enjoying the night on the front porch...our NC nights are getting fewer and fewer and I'm getting so sad.  Anyway...Reagan decided to do different emotions and these are what we got...happy, mad, surprised, and sad...look at that pout lip, her Daddy is in for it!

Love him!

We sure are going to miss walking in this front door...and miss this house...

Today was the first free movie day of the summer at the movie theater...I didn't take R last year because it was L's morning nap time (and God forbid I stray from that!) so I thought I owed it to her to take her this year...Brooklyn and another friend came to see Ice Age.  The line was SO long when we got there, but the theater really wasn't that crowded....good thing though because I'm not really sure what I was thinking to take Landon Thomas to a movie...seriously, I obviously wasn't.  He sat still through the previews and that's it.  After that he was up and down the steps, dancing in the very front of the theater, I took him out in the lobby for a walk, he was then hanging on the handrails on the steps, and running down empty rows...after a little over an hour of chasing him around and then Reagan wanting me because the movie was scary I decided it was time for us to go :)  We wound up going to the pool for a couple hours and it worked out perfectly before the storms this afternoon!

Little miss working on her homework this afternoon...busy, busy!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week in Review!

Gran and Gramps left this morning after being here since Sunday, which was such a nice visit!  It is so nice to have visitors...keeps me sane :)

Last Thursday we hit up the pool...the kids had a blast!

Saturday we had a couple errands to run, a birthday party, and a special visit from the Rabalais girls!  It was so fun to see them...I wish I had taken a picture or two!  Reagan LOVED playing with Jess and Colby!

Within 2 seconds of Gigi and Gramps arriving on Sunday we had to give Gramps his present!  Reagan also chose a special flamingo outfit to wear that day because "Gigi LOVES flamingos!"

On Monday morning we had Brooklyn's birthday party!  Her sweet momma planned the party around when we would be in NC...can't have a party without her bestie there :)  We started at the Wake Forest Fire station, note the fire looking tutu (adorable!), and then ventured to their neighborhood pool!  The kids had SO much fun and my children are literally fish.  Reagan officially spends more time under water than above!

Nolan and Reagan...we are arranging this marriage!

Despite his not excited face, he was in HEAVEN!!

Yay!!!  Junior Fire Chief! :)

Tuesday wound up not being the wash out we had thought, so we went to Pullen Park.  The kids had so much fun and it was perfectly overcast, so it wasn't too hot at all!

This boy loved the digger!  I think he could have stayed there all day!

Wednesday we started our day at Brigg's for breakfast and it was oh so tastey!  After that we went to RDU airport to the observation deck.  I have heard that it's so cool and Wednesday was the perfect day to go...HOWEVER, with my luck, the runway that you could see from the observation area was not in service...total bummer!  Thankfully they had sand and we could still see planes taking off from another runway, so it all worked out!

We had lunch at the Ale House and then came home to put L down and get Reagan to the eye doctor.  Our insurance covers it and with Keith's awesome vision, we figured might as well get it checked.  R did great and apparently is a little far sighted, which is common for kids at this age.  No glasses for her!

After a yummy steak dinner the kiddos had a popsicle...kept them quiet and still, for a couple minutes anyway, while we cleaned up!

Landon LOVED helping Gigi make the coffee!  Keith and I are NOT coffee drinkers, but one day I think I should invest in a travel sized Keurig...so much easier!

A few photos with the GREAT-grandparents before they left this morning!  How lucky are my kids to have great grandparents that can come visit and PLAY with them!?!

We had a playdate at the pool this morning and then Landon got his hair trimmed up!

We had such a great week!  Thank you Gran and Gramps for coming to visit!