Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Day at the Park

These two are just so sweet...

We had such a fun day at the park on Tuesday!  I will so miss the days when they are too big for the park to entertain them...I just love watching them play and explore!

Sweet kiddos enjoying a beautiful day!!

Tonight we're off to Middletown and then to the doctor for Miss R...someone woke up with a croupy cough this morning, so we are going to nip that in the bud tonight before it gets worse!  We missed a fun morning out this morning with a new Mom's Club, which I was bummed about, but thankfully Reagan is feeling and acting just fine!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Catch Up Time!

Holy!  Am I behind or what?!  SOOO things are going well...the best news is that they should FINALLY start digging the hole for our house at the end of this week or Monday of next...we're so excited!!

Let's see...Reagan had soccer last Saturday.  Heath and I were on a yard sale mission all morning, so Mike picked up J and Keith took both kids to soccer practice :)  We all hung out together the rest of the day!

Tackling Uncle Mike and Reagan sporting her hair do from the day before...Daddy just didn't know how to "do" her hair or brush it apparently :)

Monday while Sissy was at school, this boy and I had fun playing in the basement!  It was a rainy, yucky day...

This boy just LOVES his cars!  A couple weekends ago I got him a whole huge zip lock baggie of cars for about $1 at a yard sale and let me tell you, that's the best $1 I've spent in awhile :)  He LOVES his cars!  I just love watching him play with them and line them up...precious man!

Monday night was a BIG night around here BECAUSE Landon man went pee-pee on the potty that night!!!!!  He has been wanting to sit for a long time, but that night was the first time it actually came out!  We were SOO proud of our big man and he got 2 M&Ms (Emmie-Emmies as he refers to them)!

Tuesday we went to Middletown for Landon's 2 year well check...he did great and only had to get one shot.  Not one tear was shed, which I was surprised by, but he did great!  Our big man is 37 pounds and measures 3 feet 3 inches!  SO thankful for a healthy boy!  We ventured over to our new neighborhood, to Kohls, and of course, a trip to Chick fil A!

Wednesday was still a rough day at school for the little heart just hurt.  I talked to his teacher after school and literally thought that was his last day, it just wasn't going to work...after a couple emails though, by Friday he did SOOO much better.  We decided he could get M&M's for good behavior and he had his binky in his backpack.  We also said good bye from the front doors, rather than the classroom door.  An hour after drop off I got a phone call and my heart sank because I knew it was his teacher, but do you know what she said to me, "OH MY GOSH STEPHANIE, He's doing GREAT!!"  I started to cry.  Literally.  She said he was a little sad, but was doing so well...he had his binky, but was doing much better.  I was SO proud of my big man!  All the teachers gave me thumbs up as I went to pick up the kids that was pretty hilarious actually because I clearly have the child that all the teachers know about and HEAR screaming ;)  SOOO hoping Wednesday is another good day!

Last Thursday the kiddos and I went to a new park and they just loved it!  There was a rock wall and everything!  We ran and ran and ran...gotta get all the energy out of these crazy kiddos!  That afternoon Keith and I had a house meeting with our FINAL was pretty exciting to see it all and confirm everything was right!  Now we just want them to DIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were able to sneak out to dinner afterwards too, since Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop were taking the kiddos to Daddy's Kitchen, and we went to the coolest old house, turned restaurant.  Loved it!  We sat outside and actually had a date :)

Saturday was another big soccer day...guess who scored their FIRST GOAL?!?!?!  Yay Reagan!!!  We are so proud of our soccer girl...she has learned so much and is gaining much more confidence on the field!

Reagan was invited to her first birthday party since moving up here and it was on Sunday.  I have to admit, I was nervous to go, but she was so excited.  It actually was fun and I saw a lot of moms from preschool, so it was fun to chat and hang out with "friends" :)  Reagan had a blast and even after being there three hours, she still wasn't ready to go!

Posing before school today...the weather feels like fall and we are LOVING it!

Landy wanted in on the picture too...he was saying "cheese" just with a mouth full of cinnamon bread :)

We went to the "new park" again today...he is just the sweetest boy!

Friday, September 13, 2013

First Night of Dance!

Over the summer we talked to Reagan about what activities she'd like to do this fall...she was torn between soccer, dance, and gymnastics.  I told her she could pick 2, so soccer and dance it was!  The class she is taking is Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 and she was SOOOO excited!  It's a ballet and tap class...she just LOVES those tap shoes!  The studio doesn't have viewing windows, but they have a camera in the studio so that we can watch the dancers in the waiting area on a TV.  She was just having a ball.  Again, so proud of her just going on in and doing her thing, not knowing a sole!

This guy woke up just in time to go to dance with us...Uncle Mike was going to stay with him while he napped, but lucky us, he woke up :)  He was still recovering from a rough day at school!

Reagan loved her class and has asked me 12 times today if she has ballet and tap again tonight...she is quite the dancer and just loves it!  Perhaps more in her element than with soccer ;)

Landon's First (and Second) Day of Preschool!

On Wednesday, September 11 Landon had his first day of school!  I was SO nervous for him...however that morning he was SO excited.  He couldn't wait to get his "pack pack" on and wear his new shoes and go to "cool."

This picture should have been my sign as to how the day would go...

having a little cinnamon bread snack before going in!

Walking into school like such a big man!

We dropped off Reagan in her class and then went to Landon's room.  I walked in with him, we hung up his backpack, put his snack in the bin, and he went over to the rice table.  He started to play, was acting fine, so I gave him a kiss, told him I loved him and left.  I could NOT believe how easy it was...I still cried, because this is my baby going to school, but he seemed fine.

I boo-hooed to Ellen for awhile and being the bestie that she is she calmed me I went to get a pedicure.  A little treat to myself.  Well...just as I was finishing my pedi, my phone was a local number and I just KNEW it was my Landy man.  Sure enough, it was his teacher calling to let me know Landon was having a VERY hard day...he would not stop crying, was angry, wanted to get out of the room, didn't want to sit for snack, didn't want to do anything...LOVELY!  It's always nice to know that you have THAT kid, but his teacher was very sweet about it!  I was crying again...sitting there drying my toes, crying.  I wanted to just go get him, but his teacher and I talked about it and decided it would be best for him to stay.  I was a few minutes early for pick up and when I walked in I heard crying and low and behold it was LTK.  I picked him up and he said "momma go, momma go" (as in I had left him :( )  He didn't let me put him down for 20 minutes...that's the most snuggles I've gotten out of this kid since he started moving :)  SO...he was happy to come home, he was tired (he got up at 5 that morning), hungry, and went down for his nap.

He did come home to some Cars coloring pages and new twistable crayons...he was pretty excited!

He wanted chicken nuggets for dinner, which worked out great b/c it was Reagan's first night of dance too, and then wanted ice cream as his special treat!  SO we sang "Happy First Day of Schoool to Ne-Ne" and he was a happy man!

Today was day #2 of preschool...his teacher and I emailed back and forth a couple times over the last couple days to try to come up with a game plan of what we can do to help this be an easier transition for Landon.  I packed him a family picture to keep in his backpack to look at when he felt sad...and we continued to talk about how fun school is and that mommy will be right back to pick him up.  Drop off today was rough.  He screamed and cried...broke my heart.  It doesn't help that there were 3 other kids screaming crying too...good times!  I told the teacher she better have taken Advil that morning :)  I left and was a boo-hooing mess...I got another phone call at 11:00 today, but this time telling me that Landon was doing better.  He was still mad, still cried, BUT doing better.  He sat on Miss Natalie's lap for story, he sang along to Wheels on the Bus (one of his personal favorites), and was pretty much her shadow today.  THIS gives me hope that he WILL like school soon...fingers, toes, and everything crossed that is the case.  I told Keith it's a waste of money to send him to school to cry for 3 hours, he told me this was good for Landon and money well spent.  I'll keep praying that school gets easier for my sweet boy!  His teacher kept telling me how smart he is and that he is a great addition to the classroom, which I really appreciate hearing...hopefully it's true :)  I hope his teachers get to see what a sweet, silly, boy he is soon!

Needless to say preschool hasn't been the easiest transition for Landon, but when he came home today and we were talking more about school he kept telling me that it was "good" and when I asked if he had fun he said "yes!"  SOOO he must like it, just wishes Momma could stay with him...sorry buddy!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reagan's First Day!

Yesterday our big girl had her first day of preschool!  She was SO excited and just LOVES school (thank you Lord!!).  I was feeling a little nervous for her's a new school, new routine, new teachers, new surroundings, NO familiar faces...I was just nervous.  However, in true Reagan fashion, she did GREAT!!

Coming down for breakfast!

She LOVES that she can have a real NC she had to have a tote bag for preschool, here she can have a backpack.  And of course, it's Sophia!!  Thank you JJ for the great birthday present :)

Little man wanted in on the action...his turn is tomorrow...

excited much?!

Landon was still "hun-jie" on our way to school

My big girl and I!  Can't believe this was her last first day of baby girl will be in KINDERGARTEN next year...ahhhh!

Just for comparison...first day of 2 year old and 3 year old preschool!

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop came too to wish Reaggie a great day!

After I dropped her off and walked out of the school, I immediately started tearing up...another mom behind me said "I'm glad I'm not the only one..."  I don't know this woman, but I gave her a hug and we told each other our girls were fine and going to have a great day...ha!  After 10 minutes my tears stopped and Landon and I were busy playing outside and scrubbing my "rims" with a toothbrush :)

After school she said she had a GREAT day and said it was "awesome!"  Although I did hear about one mean girl on the playground... ;)

Just a couple little treats to celebrate the first day :)

Working on our stepping stone creation...they supply precautionary materials!

"Happy First Day of Schooool to YOU!"

I am SO proud of Reagan...she did so well!  We had her dinner request last night (steak, mac n' cheese, fruit salad, and rolls) and celebrated with some cupcakes too!  Great job Reaggie!!  Now tomorrow is Landon's first day...I don't know who will cry more tears...Landon or be continued ;)