Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving "Feast" Day!

Last Friday was the kiddos last day of school before Thanksgiving break!  They had a little "feast" of a shared snack between all of the classes.  Landon LOVED the "punkin pie" :)

SO very thankful for these two precious babies!

we're bringing "monogram love" north :)

Landon's little turkey

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Longwood Gardens!

Yesterday we spent the day at Longwood Gardens with Heather, Tobin, Mari, and Olivia.  It was a cold day, but everyone had so much fun!

We started at the trains and the boys just loved the "choo choos!"

Livie and Reaggie play so great together!

Landon and Tobin are going to be trouble together!!  Sweet boys :)

starting with a smile...

Landon telling him secrets...

good boy for listening Tobin :)

water painting fun...

...he was soaked!

We came home for nap and when Landon woke up he was in a snuggly mood and sat right next to Sissy Mae :)  They were just a little too sweet snuggled up together...I'm not sure why Reagan felt the need to pose as though she was asleep, but whatever, still cute!

Cast Day...

Well Monday morning was our big appointment with the doctor to see if Reagan would need a cast and without an ounce of hesitation it was confirmed that she would.  Thankfully, she was MUCH calmer about the whole casting process than she was last week about the x-rays and ace bandage wrap (sleepiness was totally was a problem last week).  She did GREAT and didn't flinch...thank goodness!

Reagan was able to pick what color cast she wanted and it took her all of about .2 seconds to decide on hot pink :)  She was SO brave and we were SOOOO proud of her!!

She'll be rockin' the cast for 3 weeks and gets it off December 10.  We made a little countdown chain so she can be counting down the days until it's off.  She's doing fine with it and as the doctor said, it isn't slowing her down a bit!

Since we were so close to Jamie, we went to see her after the appointment and Reaggie got to show off her hot pink arm.  Then we went to the mall and the patient got to pick out a new bear at Build A Bear!  She picked out a "polar bear" and a cute ice skating outfit for her.

We met Mum-Mum, Pop-Pop, and Landon at the mall for a special "cast day" lunch.  No surprise that Reagan picked Panera :)

When we got home I got to see what Landon had done that morning while playing with Mum-Mum outside...he brought out each of his outside "things" and lined them all up in front of the tree.  He is just the cutest kid!

Reagan is doing great with her cast and is adjusting just fine to it.  We're all hoping this 3 weeks goes by quickly and that her sweet little wrist is as good as new :)

New York City!

On Saturday Reagan and I had a SUPER special day planned!!  We were going to New York to see the Rockettes with Grandpa, Miss Diane, and Jordan.  We were SOOO excited!!

We drove up to Diane's and then left for the city from there...we made good time and before we knew it the big city was right in front of us!

We were a few hours too late to see Erica and Lester :)

The "tree"...we could see all of about 3 branches poking out!  What a job to light that!

Checking out the ice skaters with Grandpa!

We strolled along 5th Avenue with the time we had before the show...just looking!  The Plaza is having some renovations done, but even their tarp looks like the hotel...wonder how much that cost??

(the weather couldn't have been better!  we weren't cold at all and there wasn't a cloud in the was perfect!)

We just HAD to go in FAO and Reagan loved this candy princess!

In true Reagan style...hamming it up in the middle of the store :)

We were able to meet up with my city livin' cousin, Emily, and WHY I didn't take a picture with her I'm not sure!  I was so glad we were able to see her :)

Almost showtime!

The show was AWESOME!!!!  It was SO fun to see and SO fun to watch the excitement through Reagan's eyes.  She said her favorite part was the Nutcracker scene and the dancing was great!

We went to a 4:00 show, so by the time we got out it was dinner time.  We had a yummy dinner at a restaurant in Times Square and then walked back to our car.

We ran into Mickey and Minnie in Times Square and Reagan really wanted her picture taken with them...please note they both have "purses" for TIPS...Mickey hunted my dad down until he gave him money...I was so annoyed with that Mickey...grrrr!

We had to wait awhile for our van to come out of the parking garage and then we were on our way...Reagan passed out around 9.  She was such a trooper and had such a fun day!

On our way back Sunday morning...sleepy, sleepy girl!

Since the weather was so nice on Sunday it was "put the outside Christmas lights up" day!  Keith and John worked hard getting the lights up and they look great :)  The kiddos had fun helping too!

It's officially getting close to the holiday season...Reagan and Landon are singing Jingle Bells and Frosty on repeat.  If you know me, you know I'm loving every minute of that...proud mommy moment :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Yucky Day

I am so thankful that yesterday turned out like it did, but boy was it a scary day...

The kids and I had "big plans" to go to the park, the library, and grocery store.  We wound up going to the grocery store first and then went to the "new" park for a little bit because it was so cold out.  I felt bad because the kids hadn't been outside in a couple days because it was so cold and wanted them to get fresh air and run!  They were having so much fun and I was running back and forth between "things" they were playing on.  The above picture was taken after Reagan had climbed up and I told her I didn't like her being that high up, especially with her gloves on.  She thought it was funny, but after a little "chat" she got the message...

Another mom got to the park and we were chatting about how our boys had so much energy and needed to run...when I noticed Reagan about to put her gloved hands out on one of the more triangle shaped monkey bars (know what I'm talking about?).  She reached, I said "REAGAN, DON...." and BOOM, she slipped off and fell down.  Landing on her back and left arm.  She just laid there.  I was by her side in 2.1 seconds, but it felt like I couldn't get to her fast enough.  She just laid there and I kept saying "Reagan, talk to mommy!!!  Reagan, say something to mommy!" All she could do was open her mouth and then a scream came out, that sounded more like a roar.  She had the wind totally knocked out of her and I had NO idea what to do.  I didn't know what hurt, I didn't know what to do.  I was panicked.  The local hospital was right next door so my first thought was to just take her over there.  I scooped her up and sat on a bench with her and asked her what hurt...she said "nothing because I don't want to go to the hospital." :(  I told her we wouldn't go to the hospital, but to please tell me what hurt...she said her wrist and back.  I was shaking...did she break her back?  Did she break her arm?  Was internal damage done...I had no idea and was TRYING to stay calm for her, but that is NOT easy in a situation like that.

I told Landon it was time to go and it's like he knew what was going on because he came right away.  I carried Reagan to the parking lot and had her walk the few feet to the car, mostly because I wanted to make sure she could walk and THANK GOD she was able to and seemed to be doing okay.  I got them in their carseats and frantically called Keith.  He told me to call the pediatrician, which my response to that was, "what the hell are they going to do?!!?!  I don't know if Reagan's ok!!"  He calmed me down though, he's good at that, and convinced me to call the pediatrician.  I called John on the way home to see if he was home to give Reagan a once over with me when we got back and thankfully he was.  He thought she seemed okay, with no immediate bruising or swelling, and that made me feel a little bit of relief.

The pediatrician recommended we come in for a look, which is in Middletown, about an hour away.  I loaded R in the car and we were off.  She fell asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car and I just kept looking back at her to make sure she was breathing...I am SUCH a nervous nelly!!!  I floored it to the doctor, we made great time, because I just NEEDED to hear that she was fine.  The doctor was SO sweet and felt all over Reagan's back and it felt fine...she couldn't really bend down, but it was very sore from the fall, so she wasn't concerned about that.  Then she felt around Reagan's wrist and there was one spot that she could tell bothered Reagan from her facial expression.  So she wanted us to go get x-rays done.  Reagan was NOT thrilled with this idea, but I kept telling her it was just like getting a picture taken, it didn't hurt at all.

We got to the x-ray place and the techs were so sweet!  Reagan was VERY apprehensive about having x-rays done, so they showed her pictures of other x-rays, and even said she could sit on my lap.  As I was getting ready to sit down, telling Reagan how easy it would be, I wacked my head on the side of the camera and thought I was seeing stars :)  Always something right?!  Anyway, we got the x-rays done and they even printed out a couple pictures for Reagan to bring home with her.  Now we just had to wait to hear from the pediatrician who would get the results from the radiologist.

We went to Chick-Fil-A to get a milkshake, but apparently neither of us were up for it because it went to waste....we went to see our house...went to the Dollar Tree so the patient could pick out a couple treats for being so brave, and then we headed back home.

We were about 20 minutes from home when the pediatrician called to tell me there was a fracture of the something in the wrist and it would need to be wrapped right away and we had an 8:30am appt. on Monday with a pediatric orthopedic doctor.  She suggested coming back so they could wrap her arm up correctly, SOOOO back we turned to Middletown to get her all wrapped up.

Reagan was OVER the day at this point and did NOT want to get her arm wrapped in an ace bandage.  Bless the nurses heart, they were so sweet and patient.  We finally got it wrapped up and we were on our way.  Traffic was a nightmare coming home, but we stopped for a Happy Meal, sweet girl's request, and then finally got home!!  THANK GOODNESS my mom and John were able to be home for Landon to nap and play because I can't even imagine him being with us all day yesterday!!

all wrapped up and ready to head home!

Reagan was SUCH a brave girl yesterday!  I was SO proud of her.  I was such a nervous wreck, no parent likes to see their kids in pain and to think about anything being wrong was tearing me up.  I am SO thankful that she is okay.  I am SOOO thankful that she is feeling totally fine today!  We have an appointment on Monday morning to see if she'll need a cast, but the pediatrician didn't think so.  

Today she is wearing a summer dress (whatever), watching a lot of TV (fine by me!), resting, and enjoying being waited on.  :)

On our way back to Middletown yesterday she said in the car, "Mommy, I wish I never would have gotten on those monkey bars with my gloves on."  I told her that we all make mistakes and we learn from them!  A good life lesson I guess and we're SO thankful it's with a happy outcome!