Wednesday, January 29, 2014

House Update and Birthday Celebrations!

On Saturday morning we went to Middletown to check out the house and...drum roll please...we had WALLS!!!  We were so is REALLY starting to look like a house!!  

We carried the kids through the house (their were nails everywhere and a nice propane fire going) and then took them out to the van.  I ran back in to take some pictures and when I walked out it was like a frieckin' blizzard outside.  It was really coming down...have I mentioned I'm SICK of the snow and being cold all the time?!  Anyway...we didn't last too much longer in Middletown, but thankfully the roads were fine on our way home.

We went to my dad's for dinner that night, but because of the roads neither Jamie or Diane could make it.  We still had fun though and my dad made us a yummy dinner!  My 'most of the time' sweet hubby went out to get an ice cream cake, since Diane had it at her house...which was delish!

Sunday morning started with some time in the snow.  We got a bunch of snow that Tuesday, but it was SOOOO cold all week, we never even went out to play in it.  By Sunday it was "warmer" with a high in the 20's, so we braved the cold and did some sledding!

such a big helper :)

our little angel :)

Reaggie made JJ the flower Valentine craft, which I might add kept her busy for quite awhile!

We had another yummy dinner Sunday night that my mom made to celebrate my birthday, followed by more yummy cake!

I have some of the cutest helpers around...and yes, Reagan has on a swimsuit...she got a new tankini for Disney, which she loves and wears it around the house a LOT!  Did I mention the high has been about 12* lately!?  She doesn't seem bothered!

this crazy dog...Landon and I were on our way to pick up Reagan at school on Monday and this is what B did.  Sweet dog dog loves a car first he plopped into R's booster seat, but I told him to get down and that's where he wound up :)  Landon said, "sissy (silly) B in Ne-Ne's old cah-seat"

Tuesday morning was my actual birthday and Keith got up super early to get me flowers and donuts.  The kiddos were so sweet and excited to give mommy their cards too!

Reagan slept in rollers on Monday night, smaller ones that Mum-Mum got her, and boy was her hair CURLY!!  HOLY!  I was a little nervous those curls were never going to calm down...thankfully over the course of the day they dropped some :) She did look pretty stinkin' cute as a curly Sue!

THANK YOU AUNT ELLEN!!  We LOVE our Disney treats :)  In fact, Reagan slept in it last night and wore it for her rest today...she LOVES it!  Landon slept in his too and woke up as a pee-pee pot this does one keep their boy from over flowing their diaper at night?  He wears size 7s for bed and goes on the potty before bedtime...I don't know what else to do!!

We had a fun playdate planned at Oasis Tuesday morning with Heather and Tobin.  It's this climby indoor play place that I was all excited to find :)

We went to a 50's diner for lunch, which was yummo!  I was remembering how last year I took the kids to Panera and Landon didn't sit for 2 seconds, Reagan had to poop, and I ate maybe a bite of my lunch...they have grown and changed so much in a year!

We got home, Landon took a nap, we got into comfies and our plan of going out to dinner suddenly sounded like too much work.  ha!  Am I exciting or what?  It was just too cold and I didn't feel like getting "dressed" again, soooo I opted for a birthday dinner of french toast.  It was tastey though, and warm, and I stayed in my comfy clothes :)

We sang "Happy Birthday" one last time!

It was a great day...I just am having a hard time figuring out how I turned 21 eleven years ago!!  Seriously?!?!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Landon Man

I am so blessed to have two sweet, healthy, wonderful kiddos.  I really, really am.  I love my Reaggie to pieces and Landon just melts me.  Today though, it is time to focus on Landon, for just a few paragraphs :)

I will start with how sweet he is.  When I carry him, he'll hold onto my arm and say "got you momma."  As if him holding my arm will prevent me from falling or tripping, but beyond sweet anyway.  He loves to snuggle and read bookies, loves forts, all things with wheels, riding bikes, riding his motorcycle, anything concerning the movie Cars, Bob the Builder, and Fireman Sam, and the list could go on an on.  He LOVES to sing all the time...he loves Old MacDonald, Mr. Sun, and (yes, he has a sister!) has even been requesting "Let it Go" from Frozen in the car.  (He knows almost all the words!)  He is such a sweet I said, the boy melts me.

Well yesterday the sweet little boy was upstairs and I thought he was with Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop "helping" them get ready for the day.  My mom came down and then I assumed he was with Pop-Pop.  Next I heard his little feet running upstairs, so again I assumed that he was getting more books out of his room, which he often does, to have Pop read to him. mom said, "where is Landon?" I replied, "I thought he was up with you and John" My mom said, "John's in the office on the computer."  SOOO I rushed upstairs, thinking I would find Landon reading books on his bed. (I totally underestimated this boy...) I run in his room to find him holding the frieckin' children's ibuprofen bottle, LID OFF, and lotion all over the nightstand, all over the carpet, and every diaper rash cream bottle out of his diaper basket.  HOLY CRAP!  I was scared out of my mind with the medicine bottle.  (He has opened it before, but it was probably about a year ago...I ASSUMED older, wiser...he KNOWS better.) Well I rush him downstairs and am panicked.  I called the pediatrician, my mom called the pharmacist, and then John called poison control.  In the mean time I gave Landon pretzels to "soak up some of the medicine." I also had this bottle of medicine for awhile for him.  It was half gone when I took it from Landon, but I KNEW I had used some of it.  I asked Landon several times if he drank the medicine and he said, "no momma.  Ne-ne nev-ah do it again. Nene sorry" We smelled his breath and it did smell like medicine, so then I asked him again if he drank any and he replied with, "a widdle bit."  Needless to say, poison control was the most helpful and she said that for a child, especially Landon's size, to have to go to the hospital they would have to drink 3/4 to a full bottle, which we knew he didn't do.  PHEW!!!!  Of course they said if he started acting differently to call, but he had no trouble eating, jumping, playing, whining...he was fine.  That boy...good thing he's so cute!

Landon just says and does the cutest things, I really wish I wrote more down.  He no longer will sit in his highchair, he has to sit in a "big boy chair."  Do your boys sit still for a meal?  Mine does NOT, but he does eat, so I figure we can work on sitting still when he's a little older :)  He's also into "meez do it" and "do it mines-self." Such as taking off his coat, shoes, getting his pants on.  OH...and he has even told me a few times when he needs to "get mine pee pee out!"  I am NOT working on potty training at all until well after Disney because I do NOT want to mess with it there. :)  

What a rambling mess this is, but my Landon is just getting so big.  My sweet, little baby boy (which he is very quick to tell me "Ne-ne not a baby, big boy") is just growing, growing.  He is so tall and talking SO's just amazing how much he's changing.  I just stared at him in his crib the other day and welled up with tears because he is just so big!  I always wanted a little boy that would just love his momma and I sure got what I wished for :)  Love that boy to pieces!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We're Going to Disney!!!!

Keith and I have been keeping a secret from the kids for a few months now and it's been SO hard not to say anything, but we FINALLY told them last night that we're going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!

I set up my camera to video take it and I am so thankful!  The screams and cheers were too cute :)  Reagan is BEYOND excited and Landon just doesn't have a clue what to think.  He's more interested in whether the "pane" we fly on will be white or another color! ha!

We are just 15 days away and with 15" of snow falling right now, we can NOT wait!!  We're praying and crossing everything for sunny, warm lovely Orlando weather!  Mickey here we come!! ...actually it's more like princesses, especially Anna and Else, and Lightning McQueen here we come! :)

Bikes, Curls, House, Frozen, and Dress Up!

Such a boring blogger I am...

A happy boy driving the Flintstone car at good old "mall-mart!"

Landon man has been LOVING riding "his" bike lately!  Reagan's old bike is PERFECT for him and this kid is a speed racer!  He LOVES it!!  We've even been using chalk to make Landon roads, such easy fun :)

Thursday was FREEZING, but we still had to ride bikes on the chalky pj's!

Last Friday I picked up some sponge curlers and Reagan was so excited to have curls!!  I wasn't sure how she would do sleeping in them, but they didn't seem to bother her a bit!

The next morning...curls success!

The many faces of Miss Reagan

We went to see the house on Saturday and it's looking great!  They have pushed our closing now to mid-late February, sooooo they need to start slapping some walls up soon to move this process along :)

oh yay, we love the new house!  So excited!

On Sunday we had a movie date with Reaggie's friend, Anna, and her mom to see Frozen.  The girls were SOOO cute and both wore their Anna dresses!  Reagan decorated treat bags for them with Frozen stickers and Anna brought two Anna dolls for the girls to have while watching the movie.

So thankful for Reaggie's sweet friends!

This picture...OMG...this just cracks me up!!  The video was even better ;)  Landy was all into wearing a "dess" and "hi hills" for some reason...such a silly kiddo!