Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Sunday!

We had such a nice Easter and we were so excited to be able to host everyone at our house!  I think we had 16 people for Easter lunch.

The kids hunted for their goodies in the morning...Reagan found her Elsa doll and Landon found a huge garbage truck first.

Somehow that Easter Bunny was able to find a few Frozen things...we can not figure out how he found them! ;)

The kids finished finding all their goodies and then had their egg hunt!  Considering we have NO grass, just dirt, the Easter Bunny kept all the eggs inside this year :)

Our little family...and Elsa HAD to be in the picture...some things just aren't worth arguing over!

The Zuber clan

sweet, sweet cousins!!

this one cracks me up...Landon is DONE!

Oldest to youngest


We ate around 12, which was an hour earlier than I planned on, but it worked out thanks to all my helpers!  The NY crew was going to hit the road that afternoon, so eating earlier helped them leave a little earlier too.  It was all so nice!

When Landon man woke up from his nap he had a couple treats from Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop to open and was pretty excited about them!

We busted out the leftovers for dinner and then everyone headed home!  We were all beat, but it was such a fun week and our first official holiday in our new house!!

Fun with Cousins!

Last Tuesday Kristin arrived with the three kiddos for a fun few days before Easter.  We had so much fun together!

Tuesday night after dinner Keith and the kids played a round of "Sorry"

sweet girls!

Wednesday we just had a hang out day, I think Kristin and I finally changed out of our pjs around 2pm :) We did dye eggs with the kiddos and made a bath of raisin bread that morning, so we were kind of productive!

The kids each had 6 eggs to do and they had so much refrigerator was smelling very ripe!  YUCK!

That night Keith was working late, so we took the kids to Friendley's for was hilarious and a chaotic mess, but it was a good time!

Thursday we left the house early and went to the Delaware Children's Museum!  We had never been and the kids loved it.

Landon was saying "cheese" in both of these pictures, but was far too busy to LOOK at me!


he spotted the trucks and didn't want to leave fact to actually get to another part of the museum I let him bring one with him so we could go see what the rest of the kiddos were up to!

Alex made a HUGE tornado!

This is the "ok, enough pictures...I'm ready for lunch" look!

We went to Panera for lunch and then headed on home.

Thursday night Opa and Tom arrived, so Keith took off on Friday so we could all go to Miburn Orchards together.  We went in the fall a few times, but they open up for a couple weekends to do an Easter egg didn't disappoint!


I just LOVE this pic!

Opa with all 5 of his grands...Landon was THRILLED to have his picture special.

All 5 animals...Alex the goat, Lyndsey the sheep, Olivia the horse, Reagan the cow, and Landon the pig!

sweetest little Easter bunny I know!

World's Largest Rocking chair :)

We went out to lunch after we left, which turned into a very late lunch, and filled up the rest of our afternoon.

On Saturday night we had a little pre-birthday celebration for Mike!

my favorite sis in law!

Happy Birthday to Uncle Mike!

It was such a fun, busy, crazy week!!  Now to get ready for Easter Sunday!