Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cuties and More Visitors!

Last Monday Landon and I had a "home day, home day" as they kids like to call it :)  They really love just staying home!  It was a beautiful day and Landon was happy as could be lining up all of Daddy's old matchbox cars.  Then we went for a nice bike ride!  Love special time with my little man :)

On Thursday this kid decided he didn't need a nap and was happy as could be about it :)  ha!  Momma wasn't so amused!

On Thursday night I went to Reagan's Back to School Night!  It was so cute.  We couldn't be more thrilled with Reagan's teachers and the learning that is going to take place this year!  I took pictures of Reagan's art for Keith, since he was the babysitter :)

They did a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activity...so cute!  They read the book several times that week and Reagan came home every day ready to "read" it...then she'd get stumped and I'd try to help and you'd think I just cut off her right arm!  Kindergarten is great, but it's a long day and little miss is a tired, cranky little girl when she gets home.  Thankfully some snuggles and a snack seem to help...oh and a little iPad time :)

On Friday afternoon Keith's dad and Liz arrived!  We were so happy they could come visit.  We didn't even have any big projects for Heinz to be put to work on :)

Reagan couldn't wait to read Miss Liz and Opa her "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" book that she made in school.  They have been working on the book and reading color words since the first day of school.  The book is so cute and everytime I hear Reagan reading it, I kind of tear up...I can't believe my baby is starting to read!!

Saturday morning was soccer day again and picture day for Reaggie!

Landon and Reagan had their games at the same time again and that pretty much just does NOT go over well.  Landon wants Mommy, but Mommy has to go watch Reaggie, he melts down, Keith gets frustrated...it's a mess.  Landon does MUCH better when the games are at 2 different times...one of these days we'll figure it out.  Thankfully Liz and Heinz watched Reagan's game while I was with Landon and then we swapped, which eventually meant Liz walking Landon back to me...

It was a beautiful night so we went to the Chesapeake Inn for dinner and sat outside.  The kiddos kept saying they felt like they were at the beach :)  ha!  Then we walked around the cute little town for a big before heading home.

Reagan may have found a new outfit for herself in my closet and it just so happened to come with a matching outfit for her baby...she was thrilled!!

speaking of thrilled ;)

After a yummy breakfast on Sunday morning, Heinz and Liz hit the road.  It was a great weekend visit!

Weekend Visitors!

Last Friday the Davis' came to visit!  It was such a fun weekend with sweet friends from NC.  When they got here on Friday we had pizza, the kids played a bit, and then it was bedtime :)  Saturday morning we had soccer games, and thankfully it was a much cooler day than the week before!

Reagan, Parker, and Reid having a lovely Lunchable lunch :)


Landon was LOVING soccer!  He was happy, loved playing, in such great spirits...thankfully :)

That afternoon, while the little guys napped and the daddies watched football, Stephanie and I took the big kids to Jump On Over.  They ran, played, jumped, and ran until they were exhausted!

A visit with the Kepplingers wouldn't be complete without a trip to Cantwell's Tavern!  We ate inside, because it was raining when we got there, but by the time we left the rain had stopped and the one man band was jammin'!  The kids had a blast dancing and could have stayed all night :)

...and this little doggy has a never favorite spot to snooze...right on top of my pillows!  My Euro pillow is forever indented thanks to Bailey :)

It was a great visit with the Davis'!  So glad they were able to come!

Visit to the dentist!

Reaggie and Landon had dentists appointments a couple weeks ago and both did great and got wonderful reports!  Thank goodness!  Hopefully they've inherited their father's teeth and not the mess that my mouth is...ugh!  Landon even sat in a "big boy" chair and had a hygienist clean his teeth, rather than just a toothbrush cleaning.  They were both so brave, did wonderfully, and left with lots of special treasures! :)

Goodies with Grandparents!

On Monday, September 15th Landon's school posted a "Goodies with Grandparents" morning.  Landon was so excited Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop could come!  He did tear up a smidge at the thought of Momma leaving him with his grandparents, horrors I know, but a few cookies and some new books from the Book Fair later, he was a super happy man!

Since Landon doesn't usually have school on Monday, he left with Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop and they went to the park to play for a bit!

Then we all headed to Cantwell's for a yummy lunch!

someone sure does love some sweet potato rolls with his butter :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer Saturday!

Today was the first day of soccer and it was a HOT day!!  Landon and Reagan both had games at noon...on totally different fields, good times!

Yes, the boys are all on the same soccer team too!

I dropped Reagan off at her practice and ran back to Landon's field to check on him...crying, crying, crying...he wanted Mommy, even though Keith is the coach.  Awesome.  Not a whole lot I could do considering I had to go back to Reaggie...did I mention how hot it was?!  Then Landon wanted Mommy apparently, so Colleen came over to get me at Reagan's field,  I ran back to his field to get him a snack and realized I left the team snack that we brought in the van and we did NOT park close...so I RAN to the van to get the snack to give to Landon, ran back to Reagan's field, and did I mention how hot it was today!?  I was just thankful I didn't have a heart attack :)

Reagan did SO great!  She went right for the ball and really ran hard.  She was so close to having a goal today too!

happy girl!

Landon survived his first game...apparently didn't play much, but atleast stopped crying!

my sweeties...love them so!

Hot and tired!  Landon got to the car and stripped down to his undies and Reagan just wore her shorts...I kept reminding them, and myself, that before we know it we'll be freezing!

Such a fun first day of soccer!


Wednesday was the first day of school.....again! :)  Reagan was SO excited again though and even though it was early, she was ready to go!

somebody else thought it was a little too early to be up and at em...we dropped Reagan off in jammies...whatev!

Apparently the Frozen lunch box was "too small" and she wanted the princess one for the first day of school...this girl :)  We picked her up in the car pool line on Wednesday afternoon and she had a GREAT day!  LOVED it!  I don't know what was so different, but that's what we were wanting to hear and this just feels so much better!  Oh and I can't not mention that I didn't even cry kissing Reagan good bye that morning at the classroom...I knew she was going to have a great day AND I had gotten all of my tears out the week before :)

Enjoying her butter cookies...first day of school after school snack request! ...again!...

She even got to pick dinner...ham, mac n' cheese, and peas!

SOOO very thankful for a great school, a great first day, great teachers, and a happy, happy girl!

Day 2 was a PE day and Reagan was set in her adorable Elsa shirt from Aunt Ellen!  Love it!

On Friday right after we got Reags at school we went to see JJ in the hospital and heard the great news she was going home that NIGHT!!  YAHOOO!!!  She was feeling SO much better, but nervous about leaving...she was loving the 24-7 attention :)