Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cousins Visit 2014!

The Zuber clan arrived on Friday afternoon and everyone was VERY excited!

Everyone got what they wanted for dinner, which meant Kristin and I driving across every square mile of town to get it, but everyone was happy!  We ended the night singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lyndsey, who turned 8 on Thursday!

Saturday morning we had reservations at a trampoline park...this was SOOO fun!  Everyone had a blast and it is exhausting!!

Kristin and I had way too much fun...

...and got made fun of BIG time for our jumps!

We came home for lunch, Landon napped, Kristin and I got our nails done, and then we all headed to Cantwell's for dinner.

Sunday morning, after a big breakfast, was "cousins Christmas!"  The kids could NOT wait another minute to open up their gifts!

Elsa #1, Elsa #2, and Anna :)  The common theme was Frozen!

sweet boys!

Hey, what a surprise!!  Landon got another truck and LOVES it!!

Alex is quite the Packers fan, so we supported the cause :)

Testing out the new Olaf tea set with cookies of course!

Kristin, my sweet sis in law, was my little baking elf!  The dads took the kids outside for awhile, so we were able to do some baking!

We had our "Christmas dinner" and then the kids decorated ice cream cones for dessert!

JJ came over for the day on Sunday and joined the craziness!

On Monday we just hung out in the morning, but we had big plans at the Herr's factory that afternoon!  There is NOTHING like fresh, hot chips as your appetizer before dinner :)

please note my son wearing socks...I literally woke him up from his nap and put him in the car.  Kristin asked if I had socks, I said yes, and we left.  WITH NO SHOES OR COAT for Landon!  SERIOUSLY Stephanie?!?!?!  SOOO Keith and I got to carry him for the whole tour and we wrapped my coat around him, thankfully it wasn't that cold :)

We drove around to look at the Herr's lights and then had to go check out a "Frozen" house not too far from us.  It was SOO cool!  OF COURSE, as we got there and unloaded the kids out of the car, it started to POUR!

the lone picture during the rain!

This morning it was time to say good-bye!

These kiddos had so much fun together!  We are so thankful they were able to come visit and so thankful for the memories!

Sweet Gift and Christmas Program #2!

Friday morning started bright and early with Reagan just not being able to wait for us to open our Christmas present that she made for us at school!  
don't mind the cute blonde in next to nothing ;)

This was our precious gift...

...and I cried like a baby!  I ADORE this!!

AND I love this sweet girl who was SO excited for her last day of school before Christmas, which also happened to be half day!

yup...that's my girl!

Once Reaggie got to school, it was time to head to Landon's preschool for his Christmas program.  They have been practicing and practicing and Landon didn't understand why they had to KEEP practicing :)  It was precious and all of the 2 and 3 year olds did a great job!

here they come!  

The Landons were right in the middle of the action!

Our little man did such a GREAT job!  SO proud of him!

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop came too and this is the best picture I got of the three of them :)  ha!

...and the best picture I got of Landon and Miss Heidi!  SUCH A NUT!

He was so excited to celebrate his GREAT performance with breakfast at Bob Evans!  It was a yummy treat and he even got a cookie out of it!

which he obviously enjoyed!

Such a sweet day celebrating Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Field Trip!

This past Tuesday Reagan had a field trip to historic Odessa and I was so glad I could meet her class!  There are some beautiful old houses and I have been wanting to do the Christmas tour, so this worked out!

The pre-K and K decorated this tree!  Each tree had a theme that went with a book...it was so cute!

We had to take a picture of the fire truck tree for Landon!

Reaggie with her school tree

They got to make a little craft of a "mirror, mirror on the wall" because the next house we were going to was set up to depict Snow White!

here is the dwarfs kitchen

this is where Snow White and her Prince got married :)  Wish I had taken more pics along the way because it was absolutely beautiful!

sweet girl!  just love her to pieces!!

Reagan was SO excited for the field trip day and even more excited to ride the bus!! :)