Thursday, January 29, 2015


Yesterday I turned double 3's :)  Hard to believe!  It was a great day though...nothing like your birthday to get so many texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages :)

The kids were SO excited to give me the gifts they picked out!  This, of course, had to be done BEFORE school and Reagan leaves by 7:40.  It was a little rushed, but we got it done :)

My sweeties each picked out a new pair of earrings for me and some new socks, just what I had requested!

This sweet boy picked out his own clothes and got himself dressed for Mommy!  Such a big boy!  He even made me a "feast" before we went to playgroup.  He was hilarious...he brought up some fruit to eat FIRST and THEN we could eat some of the cake.  Then we had to eat some chicken before we could have the cupcakes and cookies...hmmm, wonder where he's heard that before?!? :)

We had playgroup at our neighbor's house and sweet Colleen got yummy cupcakes!  We had a little "party" and I had a couple pretty cute helpers!

After playgroup we headed to Chesapeake City to meet my mom and John for a yummy lunch at Schaefer's!  It was SO good!  We had a great time and I don't think I could have eaten one more crab item if tried!

My mom made a cute and yummy cake for lunch!

Keith came home early and cooked up some steaks for dinner!  It was delish and we re-used my mom's cake so the kids could sing last night :)

It was such a great day!  Now if only it weren't 20* on my birthday!!

Just some randoms

Just a few random pictures...

morning snuggles!  such sweeties!!

On Saturday my dad and Diane came and watched the kiddos so we could have a date day to celebrate my birthday.  We saw American Sniper (AHHHH-mazing!!!!) and went to Annapolis to eat at Maggiano's, YUM!  After dinner we walked around a bit and then Keith, yes KEITH, suggested we get pedicures...who am I to turn down that offer?!  It was so fun!

Sunday my sweet girl and I ran a few errands and got some Panera for lunch!  LOVE spending time with my favorite girl :)

We just replaced our vacuum and Landon was so excited to give it a try...go for it buddy!!  He was such a great helper :)

Reaggie had early dismissal, due to the non-existent snow, so she had to get in on the action too!

Sweet, silly boy playing with his trucks!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tooth #2

On January 14th little miss lost tooth #2!  It was hanging by a THREAD, but she would NOT let us pull it.  SOO on this night I was helping Reagan get her jammies on and as I was lifting up her shirt it TOUCHED her front tooth and she started crying that I got her tooth.  Of course at bedtime there is drama over just about everything, so I didn't think too much of it UNTIL I saw how bloody her mouth was.  I told her that her tooth was about to come out!!  She very calmly (she clearly gets that from her Daddy!) went into her bathroom, looked at her tooth, grabbed a tissue, and pulled out her tooth!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  We were sooo excited and she couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come again!

My big girl!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bye Bye Binky

Monday was a BIG day in our house!  Not only was it the first day back to school for Reaggie after a VERY long Christmas break, but it was also the day I decided was going to be "bye, bye binky day!"  It was time, but I was DREADING it.  Landon, clearly, LOVED his binky, but at almost 3 1/2 years old, it was time.  We had been talking about it and talking about it, and finally we gave him the "warning" on Friday that Monday was it.  He took the news okay ;)

A quick LAST binky picture...this was his last piece of "baby" and he is my baby, so this was just as hard for me as it was for him, but we had a fun day planned to celebrate!

We went to the mall so that he could go to Target and the Disney Store to pick out a couple treats.  CRAZY to do this after Christmas when he NEEDED NOTHING, but you do what you gotta do :)  The first stop was riding a couple rides, that they so nicely have placed right in front of Target.

Success!  He found some fun'll never guess what...

Yup, NEW TRUCKS!  JUST what we needed :)

Bailey came with us to pick up Reaggie at school and this is how he sat the whole way home, he LOVES his Reaggie!

Landon had kind of been fighting naps over break and he was at the point where if he did nap he wouldn't go to bed until close to 9, which I am NOT a fan of.  SO we have now not only dropped the binky, but dropped naps too.  BOO HOO HOO!  Although, he does rest with the iPad now for about an hour or a little more, which still gives me a little breather before we pick up Reagan.

Mondays happen to be our crazy day (get R at school, come home for an hour, hip-hop and jazz are an hour, eat dinner, bath...), but we still made Landon his special "Happy No More Binky Day" cake and sang to him.  He insisted on blue icing...he really wanted a blue cake too, but I kind of forgot to add the food coloring and thankfully he didn't seem to care too much.

Yay Landon!!

SOO it's now been 3 nights of no bink and he's done better each night.  The first night was hard for him, it's like he didn't know how to go to sleep without it, but thankfully he still has his pillow and white love, which he loves to rub.  The second night I laid in bed with him until he fell asleep and last night we snuggled for a couple minutes, I left him and he went right to sleep.  My babies are just getting so big and I'm just SO proud of how well our Landon has handled this transition!  Good job buddy!  You're SUCH a  BIG BOY now!!

Longwood Fun!

Last Friday it was TIME to get out of the house...I think we had lived in our pjs since New Year's Eve, so it was time to get dressed and get out!!  Keith was back to work, but the kids and I decided to head to Longwood for some fresh air and fun!

Landon wanted to go to the trains right away!

Clearly something was hilarious :)

We spent most of our time in the conservatory, which is inside and warm!  It was FREEZING outside, so this was wonderful.  I was so glad we got back one more time to see the Christmas trees and decorations and this time during the's just SO pretty!

We were sniffing the flowers and about 15 minutes later Reagan looked and me and said, "EWWW gross mom, you have a boo boo or blood or something on your nose!"  Lovely.  Thank you darling daughter.  I rubbed my nose and orange covered my hand...I clearly got a little too close to the flower and got pollen all over my nose.  I'm sure I was getting plenty of looks along the way :)

This is their favorite, they love to "paint" the walls!

Uncle Landon was put in charge or holding Elizabeth for a few minutes!

We stayed for about 3 hours and finished our visit with a "picnic" lunch in the stroller in the warmth!

It was such a fun day with my kiddos.  It is CRAZY to me, that after years of it being total chaos, they are at an age where I can take them places and we really do have FUN and I'm not just sweating bullets chasing Landon, changing a diaper, or working around naptime.  Don't get me wrong these ages bring on a new set of challenges, but they are different ones and atleast easy to wrangle :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year!!  2015!!  Crazy!!

This is what New Year's Eve day looked like at our house...

None of us changed out of our pjs...well Keith did go to work, but it was just a half day.  He stopped for steaks on the way home and picked up a couple treats for the kids too...

so festive :)

We ate a yummy dinner, kids went to bed at 7:30, and we watched a movie that we both fell asleep watching, but we were awake for midnight!  I wouldn't have my New Year's spent any other way :)

Then New Year's Day is always the dreaded "take down Christmas" hoo hoo!  It's such a sad day, that it's all over :(  I think I'm going to be vacuuming up pine needles until June too...they just keep appearing!

These two weren't too bothered by all of Mommy and Daddy's hard work though!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!!