Saturday, February 21, 2015

The 100th Day!!

Thursday was Reagan's 100th Day of School!  Finally!  Because of snow days the past couple weeks this day kept getting bumped and bumped.  It was an exciting day and I was so happy I could be there to help!

Keith was all set to take both kids to school this morning because I was to have a 7:30 meeting, but that got cancelled, so Keith was still on "take Landon to school" duty and I got to take R!

These sweet girls spreading out their collections of 100 things!

Such a milestone day!  Now the countdown is on for summer :)

Snow Day!

Last Monday, after a LONG 4 day weekend...we got more frieckin' snow.  SNOW DAY on Tuesday!  We made Gigi bread, played in the snow, watched some movies, and just hung out...all while trying not to pull out my hair!!

Running to our "hill" :)  Middletown couldn't be any flatter, but we do have a little grass covered dirt mound behind our neighbor's house and it is just right for the kids to sled on!

Wednesday was back to school for this girly and after school we painted some snow!  Landon was NOT interested at all earlier that afternoon when I thought I was being so fun...Reagan atleast enjoyed it!

This crazy kid was just running circles around the it spring yet??

Family Day at Longwood

Everyone was off on Monday, so we decided to have a fun family day at Longwood...AND I really wanted to get some cute pictures of my toothless girl!  The flowers were prettier than normal it seemed, probably because it has been SOOOOO cold out and it feels like it will NEVER get warm again!!

such a sweetie!

Elizabeth had to join us...she had on a coordinating outfit :)

Landon kept seeing Reagan stop for pictures, so he stopped and gave me a couple "cheeses"

Taking some time to stop and smell the roses

We had such a great day!  Thankful for such a pretty place to visit, for my sweet family, days where everyone is home, and when BOTH kids fall asleep in the car on the way home :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Weekend Fun

Last Thursday was Reagan's last day of school for the week (with a LONG President's Day weekend!) and they were celebrating with a par-tay!  Little miss was so excited to take in her Valentine's!

After a very successful party, actually both kids had their party on Thursday.  A little man I know would not let me take any pictures before school...3 is awesome ;)

Since Reagan had off on Friday we had to do something fun!  We thought about the Children's Museum, but when we found out Bella and Liam were heading to the were we :)  Uncle Gus and Aunt Linda gave the kids Build A Bear gift cards for Christmas, so this freezing Friday off of school was the perfect time to use them.  Landon had never done a bear before, so he was pretty excited!

Reagan chose a bear covered in hearts

and Landon chose an elephant!

The finished products!  Reagan got a couple dresses and Landon picked out pj's...very appropriate for each of them :)

Then we stopped by the straightener kiosk...Reagan loves to get curls and so did Bella!  ...and somehow I walked away with one :)  It's a GREAT straightener though...finally!

The boys didn't really like standing around watching the girls get their hair curled, SO we took a walk to the rides.

Happy Valentine's Day!

A couple little treats to start the day :)

someone was excited

Reagan looked so pretty for play practice that morning...she can be such a sweet girl! (this morning they are off of school for the cold, seriously!?  she has thrown no less than 5 fits already, so this picture reminds me of the sweetness)

Snuggled in his new Handy Manny blanket and watching Handy Manny!  These days it's Handy Manny, Paw Patrol, Blaze, or Thomas.

We had a yummy dinner as a family...Landon was in a mood...

It was a great start to the weekend and a LOVELY day!