Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Soccer 2015

SPRING soccer started today...what you can't see in these pictures is that it was SNOWING until right before practice started!!  SNOWING!  It is MARCH 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was FREEZING, but the kids did great and had so much fun.  It is such a fun team with all friends that we know...the Canaries are going to kill it this season!

A little catch up!

Just a little catch up time!

The last day of spring break we headed to the dentist!  Both kids have great looking chompers and they did GREAT! :)  We celebrated with lunch at Panera!

Tuesday was BACK TO SCHOOL for BOTH kids and it happened to be St. Patrick's Day!  They both had such fun days at school with a sneaky leprechaun coming in their classes and messing things up!
We started our day with some cinnamon rolls...with green icing!

On Tuesday evening I got tickets to a live taping at QVC!  Heath, Colleen, and I and our moms all came.  We had a little fiasco with the tickets, but thankfully it all worked out.  After the live taping we went to Bonefish for dinner and it was SOOO good!  We all enjoyed an awesome Mommy's Night Out!!

On Friday night we met my dad at Outback for dinner and then went to the Easter Seals volleyball tournament.  Keith organized a HUGE team for M&T and the kids were so excited to go.  Reagan made sure we all had green on to match Daddy's shirt!

Sweet girl made this sign at school for Daddy!  She also had fun at the kid's craft area making pipe cleaner glasses and bracelets!

Landon got a little bit of a bug on Sunday into Monday, which was no fun...thankfully he was feeling MUCH better by Tuesday!

Wednesday we went to Longwood with Heath and her sweet boys, but didn't take ONE picture!  It was FREEZING and then even started raining on us...still a good time was had :)

On Thursday the kids started some swim lessons...Landon was so excited, but once he was going under water he was NOT so really, REALLY pulled at my mommy heart, but he did so great...despite the screaming.  So proud of my little fish!

Reagan did awesome!  She was sad it was over and wanted to stay and splash around longer :)

This is Landon these days...he is ALL about trains!!

Our Morning Room has turned into "train room" and it can NOT be cleaned up!

Just having a little toast for breakfast before school on Friday... front of the iPad :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break Week!

Reagan has been on Spring Break since March 5!!  Her spring break started with what would have been a snow day because we got about 8" that day...good times :)  By Friday the roads were fine and we met my mom at the mall for some lunch and shopping before our whirlwind Aristocats weekend!

Monday was such a nice day!  It was actually sunny and in the low 60s, which felt borderline tropical compared to what we've had!  We spent as much of the day outside as we could!!

Tuesday, Landon had school, so Reagan and I had a little girl time!  She decided she wanted to get her nails and toes done, so to the salon we went.  We had such a fun morning!  We went to Kohl's too...I had a couple returns and a little girl REALLY needed to look at new earrings :)  

After we picked up Landon at school, we ate lunch in the car and met Macy, Dean, and Max at Jump on Over!  The kids have been begging to have a playdate, so we made it happen.  They had SO much fun and wore themselves flat out!

Wednesday we headed to the Children's Museum and met Heather, her boys, Mari, Kasey, and Olivia.  The kids had SO much fun!!  The highlight was Reagan getting interviewed by a newspaper while we were there...she LOVED that!

These are the 3 pics that were posted in the online article:

She also got her baby fix with sweet Ellis!

Tobin and Livie, rowing away!

Thursday we were up and at em and hit the road to visit Gran and Gramps!  FINALLY!!  We had tried to see them THREE Sundays in a row, but kept getting snow or ice, literally.  It was so annoying!  We were glad we could finally go!  We got there in time for lunch and then spent a little time outside.  I took the kids for a little walk to get their mail and then the kids decided we could walk to Target, which is a very doable walk.  So the kids and I walked and Gran and Gramps met us there!  They each got a little art project from the Dollar Spot and were happy campers :)

Landon just LOVES this Big Wheels...that was MINE 30 years ago!! :)

We spent the night and headed to Baugher's for breakfast...yum!  

This kid will NOT let me take a picture these days!!

He did work on writing his name...he did most of it himself!!

Finishing up her Anna creation!  Not bad for $1 huh!? 

We came home Friday afternoon and played outside until dinner!  We celebrated our neighbor's birthday last night and today went to Logan's birthday party...both of which I failed to take any pictures!!  Reagan has one more day off tomorrow, which will be spent at the dentist, going to the grocery store, running a couple errands, and dance class :)

a couple silly selfies before bed tonight :)

We had a great spring break!  The timing worked out great actually because it took these kiddos, and me!, a few days to adjust to the time change!  Back to school on Tuesday for BOTH kids!


Since the beginning of January every Saturday morning from 9-12 Reagan has been going to play practice for the Aristocats!  She was excited to give it a try and wound up liking it, I don't know that I'd say LOVED it, but she had fun!  She had the part of one of the dogs and was one of the cutest ones out there.  The weekend of March 6th was the big performance weekend!  She had FOUR shows that weekend!  We are STILL singing all the songs from last weekend :)

From Friday night's show...

Saturday morning a little Princess Power to pump her up for the day!

Saturday afternoon Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop came to the show and wound up coming for the night show as well!  Amy, Anna, and Brady were supposed to come, but sadly they were under the weather!  Keith left for NC first thing Saturday morning, like 4:30am, to go to the State/Syracuse basketball game.  He got tickets from Trevor Cooney, who plays for Syracuse, and had seats RIGHT BEHIND the bench.  Keith was a little torn who to pull for, but wound up going all orange!  It was so fun to see them on tv throughout the whole game!

Sunday before her last show:

she is so crazy ;)

Bella and Reagan!

On Sunday my dad, Jamie, and Mike came to the show and then came over afterwards to celebrate Jamie's birthday!!  She had a very specific menu of what she wanted and so she got it :)  Poor thing wasn't feeling great, but still managed to get through dinner and dessert!

of course she had helpers with her candles :)

It was a great weekend...a busy weekend, but so much fun and we were all so proud of Reagan completing her first big production!