Monday, April 27, 2015

Serious Catch Up Time!

Once upon a time I blogged :)  Here is some serious catch up!

Landon had spring break the week after Easter, which was also a big week around here because Keith was home.  Have I mentioned yet that he got a new job?  It's SO exciting and I'm so proud of him.  He is now working for JP Morgan Chase and was scouted out by them for this job!  Yahoo for Daddy!  SOO since Keith was home we got a few projects done around the house; the biggest being a lot of landscaping!  

Landon plays so well independently, thank goodness...and he is on a serious play-doh kick right now!

My brother came over this afternoon, Friday the 10th, and was a huge help in bringing up all of my boxes in the basement that have been set aside for the last year in our "yard sale" corner.  Colleen, Melanie, and I decided we needed to get rid of a lot of stuff...between the 3 of us, if you needed it, we had it!  These pictures though crack me up because Reagan is USUALLY such a happy little girl, but for these particular pics, she was not so much in a happy mood!

Saturday morning was the yard sale and it was a success!  It was sunny, but WINDY!  I eventually had to move all of my tables into the garage, but it all worked out.  That afternoon my dad, Diane, and Jamie came over.  They brought a couple goodies for the kids and they were so excited to get outside to play!

Well the foam airplane that they had just put together was a lot of fun, until it flew onto our roof!  That thing wasn't budging either.  So my dad, being the crafty thinker that he is, was literally hanging out of our sitting room window trying to reach up to the roof somehow to get this plane down.  THANKFULLY a rather strong gust of wind EVENTUALLY blew it just right so that the broom could get under one of the wings and he could get it down.  The next problem was getting my dad back INTO the house!  ha :)

We grilled burgers and Reagan ate her first hamburger!  She's tried them before and decided she didn't like them...well, she was a trooper and chowed the whole thing!

That Sunday afternoon, before dance practice, she decided to paint her nails and toes and wanted to do it herself!  This is her first attempt and she did great :)

Monday morning, before school snuggles with Bailey!  Bailey just LOVES the kids and gets SO excited when they get up in the morning.  I love Reaggie's sleepy face in this picture, she looks so little!

Landon and I ran a couple quick errands and then met Liam and Colleen at the park.  The boys had SO much fun together and enjoyed the mommies being customers at their "mulchy" restaurant!

FINALLY!!  A warm day!!  Little miss had to bust out a new dress!

SkyZone has toddler Wednesdays, so we tried that out a couple weeks ago!  SO much fun and such a good deal.  Landon had a blast and was EXHAUSTED afterwards!

On Thursday I had a board meeting for the organization I'm working for and then had to hurry home to get to Reagan's spring conference!  Keith was able to get Landon to school, so I met he and Reagan at her school.  We had a GREAT conference and again, could NOT be more proud of Reagan.  She is just doing so great in school and is just a delight to have in class.  It just makes my mommy heart (and Keith's) heart explode with our pride for our daughter.  We are so very proud of her and can NOT believe kindergarten is already almost OVER?!?!  How on EARTH did that happen?!

Obviously the girls needed to celebrate!!  SOOO we got a donut and then...

got our nails did!  Reagan even got gel too so that it wouldn't chip by the next day!  She was so proud of her accent nail AND her gel :)

Friday both kiddos were home and we just got stuff done around the house and played outside, it was a beautiful day!  Keith and I had a fancy event to go to that night, which was fun to get dressed up for.  Please excuse our WHITE room...big changes are coming and SOON!

We had such a fun date night at the Hotel DuPont, which is where we had our wedding reception!

Saturday morning was soccer and my mom and John were able to come to the game since they had spent the night after watching the kids for us the night before!  The girls had gone to Kohl's and then met the boys at the game, well apparently that doesn't bode well with Landon because once I got there, he no longer wanted to play?!  He's been doing SO well with soccer I don't know what his deal was this day...oh well, we all have our moments right?!

It was a WARM day and sooo nice out!!  The kids wanted to play in a sprinkler, so Keith set up the little sprinkler ball and all the kids were out there just having so much fun.  I wanted to bottle their giggles, they were just so sweet playing!  We had the neighbors over for a cook out and were able to have our inaugural cook out on the new deck.  Bring on SUMMER!!

Reagan gave Bella's bun maker a try too and it was a hit!  The girls need to have high buns for their recital, so this is how we'll do it.  I ordered Reagan the "beige" bun maker so it matches her white hair!

Sunday afternoon Mike, J, my mom, and John came over to celebrate Mike's birthday!  We had a fun afternoon and we were happy to celebrate together!

Last Tuesday afternoon my helper man assisted in the painting of our powder room!  Sweet boy was such a helper.  While he was at school that morning I did the "prepping" but wasn't able to actually start painting until that afternoon.  I LOVE the color and one of these days I'll finish up the accessorizing....what does one put in the powder room!?!?  I feel lost!

On Wednesday we ran a TON of errands...Landon was such a trooper!  Seriously, he is such a good boy even though he did say, "why we goin' to Joann's??  It boring dare (there)."  haha!  I know buddy, but thank you for being such a good boy :)  After our errands we went to Charcoal Pit for lunch, which I bribed him into by saying they have the BEST milkshakes!!  He was also thrilled that their apple juice is in a can like "Daddy soda" :)  He was so proud of himself!

and little man loves to take a selfie!

LOVE this kid!!

Thursday Landon had school,  I subbed half a day, and the kids finished up their last swim lesson.  Let's just say the "format" they used was not for Landon!  Reagan LOVED it and is so sad to be stopping, but it just doesn't make sense right now to drive 45 minutes for her 15 minute lesson and then it take well over an hour to get home after being in traffic.  AND getting home around 6, which means starving, cranky children that can not wait for dinner...we just needed to take a break!

Then on Friday we headed to my mom and John's for a bit to help them get ready for a house full that weekend.  Landon loved playing outside and digging in the mulch!

Saturday was another busy day that started with soccer, which Landon played AWESOME and had 2 goals!  Yay!!  He came right over to me after each goal to give me a kiss...seriously the sweetness!!  When does that become un-cool because I'm NOT looking forward to that!  We went right from soccer to the University of Delaware for their Ag Day!  We went last year and the kids loved it.  It was chilly, but eventually the sun came out and warmed things up a bit!

painting tiles

Landon LOVED seeing "Blue Hen!"  He spotted him and said "HIIIIII BUE HEN!!"  Landon is such a shy kid, so I was shocked with how outgoing he was to get a picture with the hen :)

...and another!

We waited in a LONG line for face painting, which turned into hand painting!

Then we headed to my mom and John's for dinner.  John's kids and sweet baby Sydney were there, so Reagan could NOT wait to get her hands on that baby!

sweet girls!

We had a fun rest of the weekend with our friends Amy, Anna, and Brady coming over for dinner last night...I wish I had taken a couple pictures.  Oh well!

...and in a nutshell that pretty much sums up the last couple weeks!...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Excitement!

We had a very fun filled and BUSY Easter weekend! 

Saturday morning Landon had a soccer game and Reagan started with yet another cold, so she and I stayed home to get some things done for Easter dinner while the boys went to the game.  They came home for a quick lunch and then we were off to the Egg Hunt at the church we've started going to.  The kids were so excited, but again, it was soooo windy!!

We found Dean!

Landon was pumped for the "train ride!"

And we found Macy!

After the egg hunt, we came home to dye some Easter Eggs (while my raisin bread was baking, which had been rising while we were at the egg hunt...strategic planning was in place!).  I don't know why we dye eggs...they smell so bad and it's such a mess, BUT the kids had fun and I guess it's about the tradition of it.  It's something I'd be just fine passing over!

And this one lost tooth #5 on Saturday night!  We had pizza for dinner and after eating she said, "Mommy, I think it's time for this tooth to come out.  Come upstairs with me and I'll pull it out."  And that is exactly what she did!  The tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny coming the same night was VERY exciting!!

Happy Easter!!  Reagan was up early on Sunday beyond excited to wear her Easter garb :) ...and to check to see that the Easter Bunny had come!

She found her scooter first!

And Landon found Diesel!!  Yay!

The Easter Baskets were FOUND!

pretty girl!

my sweet babes!

Reagan and Macy at 8:30 I might add...and we were on time...barely!

After church we came home to get ready for Easter dinner.  Sadly, Gran and Gramps did not make it because Gran fell on Saturday night.  She fell right on her face and needed a couple stitches around her eye and a night in the hospital.  We SOO missed you!!

We had my mom, John, Jamie, and the Minor family over!

The Johns :)

Chase, Reagan, and Landon ready for the egg hunt!  Reagan is holding the note from the Easter Bunny, which told them what color eggs they were to find on the hunt!  She wanted to be sure to have it in case either boy forgot what their colors were...always thinkin' she is!

Kate and I

Reagan with the pinks and purples

Chase found yellows and oranges

and this cutie found blues and greens!

These crazy kids!!

Ready for dessert after all that egg hunting!

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop gave Reagan a potholder loom and R couldn't wait to get started on it.  She did great and made her first one for Miss Kate!

Monday was a beautiful day and the last day that Milburn was having their Easter festivities, so we took advantage and went!  The weather couldn't have been better!

no surprise that this boy spent lots of time with trucks in the sand!

Getting ready for another egg hunt...I think they were about "egg hunted out!"

Is Landon smiling and happy that Daddy is holding him or crying for Mommy in this picture?  Hmmm!?!?

a little hayride action!

Oh my gosh...this was hilarious and hard and I thought I was going to pee myself!  I was laughing sooo hard!

Who's going to win??

Reagan came in for the win!

Such a wonderful Easter weekend!