Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wrapping up 2016

We wrapped up 2016 with dentist appointments, ORGANIZING all the Christmas presents, playing with friends, seeing movies, Mommy having a night out, and a trip to the Children's Museum!

What a blessed 2016!

Madalyn's Peanut Challenge Success!!

On the 28th we had Maddie's peanut challenge scheduled.  Oh how I was dreading this day...she passed her skin test months ago and we were told to go ahead and give her peanut butter, but I'm still pretty traumatized by Reagan's reaction 6 years ago so we decided to go to the office and do it there under supervision.  WELL I just couldn't bring myself to take Maddie, so thankfully Keith took her and I took the big kids to the park close by so we could get to Maddie in a jiffy if we needed to.  Keith was great about calling me and keeping me  posted on how the little girl was doing and she did GREAT!  She passed!!!!!!!!!!!  and apparently LOVED the peanut butter too!!  Yay!!  Now we just need to keep feeding her peanut butter so that she doesn't develop an allergy.  It's the little things, but in our family's case one kiddo without a peanut allergy is BIG NEWS!!

We all celebrated with lunch at Red Robin!

...and not one picture of the peanut butter girl herself!  Poor moose :)

Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas!  I can't even believe Christmas has come and gone already.  We had a great Christmas and it was so fun celebrating with our newest little love this year too.  Reagan and Landon were SO, SO excited...I wish I could bottle up their excitement and cuteness forever!

Good morning girls on Christmas Eve

Aunt Kristin sent Maddie this precious outfit

Everyone got bathed and we did a little baking on Christmas Eve morning!

Time to open Christmas jammies!

someone just liked the wrapping paper

Maddie woke up from her nap and we were off to Outback for our 4:30 reservation

LOVE this one of the babes!

...yet this is such an accurate depiction of them! :)

We got home, everyone went to bed and before we knew it it was time to be woken up by some precious little kiddos!

Santa came!!!!!
6:02am and we are ready to start opening!

Lea - check!!!!

HATCHIMAL - check!!!!

Landon picked this picture frame out to give to Daddy and even picked out the picture he wanted to put in it...he is such a thoughtful little man!

Pringles for breakfast...sure, why not?!

Maddie finally woke up to join the fun!!

it hatched!

We were so lucky to have Uncle Mike spend the night with us on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas Day with us!

Grandpa brought JJ over and was also put on "please put my telescope together" patrol

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop Claus arrived and we needed to move our present opening to the morning room because the family room was FULL from Santa...way.too.much!!

We sang a little happy birthday to Pop-Pop!

The day after Christmas we went to Grandpa and Nana's to celebrate with them!

Grandpa's new non-creeper hat!

HILARIOUS...please note the initials on the rocking horse...since we call Madalyn "Maddie Mae" and "Moosie Mae" so much, my dad put "M" as Maddie's middle initial...sweet girl will one day learn her real name is Madalyn Ann :)  (this was fixed later in the evening!)

he arrived!  Worked all day and still had a big smile :)

This horsey meant horseback riding lessons for Reagan and she is SOOOO excited!!

The next day we were off to Westminster to visit Gran at her rehab facility.  She is doing so great!  We were able to watch her in PT and then head down to the restaurant to have lunch!

The "plan" was for Maddie to take her morning nap during the two hour car ride there...that didn't happen, so she finally conked out in my arms!

little girl FINALLY fell asleep!

What a blessed, wonderful Christmas we had!!