Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...Part 2

This afternoon we headed to Coleman's to get our Christmas tree!  We've had this on the calendar forever to go with two of our favorite neighbors, but the Stringers have had sick kiddos and couldn't come.  We missed them!!  The Hunts were still able to come though and we all had fun!

on the hayride to go to the Christmas tree field...this is a cut down your own farm, so fun!

This is Landon's "mmmmmm" face!  LOL...he loved how the trees "melled"

The floral headband is STILL on :)

is it tall enough Daddy?!

Yup!  We found it!!

This is Landon is using his magnifying glass to inspect the tree, the dads are talking about getting a nice straight stump, and Reagan and Landon H are just looking on...pretty funny.

Landon got a nice sappy piece of the trunk and he was LOVING it!

hauling that tree back to the hayride!

There were so many trees...we were surrounded on the way back!  R and I had to sit on the edge of the trailer!

The tree is up and it's a "big tree, lotta sap!" but as Aunt Bethany would say, "she's a beaut Clark!"  Can't wait to decorate tomorrow night!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  We had such a fun Thanksgiving WEEK!

Monday before is SO nice that last year's clothes still fit this year!

On Tuesday Reagan had "Special Friends Day" at school, which was basically a Grandparents Day.  She was SO excited and had Mum-Mum, Pop-Pop, and Grandpa all there!  What a special day I know that was for her, and her grandparents :)  Wish I had a picture or two, but I know she had a great day!

Wednesday morning we had a few flurries...literally a few!  The kids had to go out and taste :)

By Wednesday afternoon we had a full house, Opa and Liz and Gran and Gramps had arrived!  Reagan was helping with the dressing balls prep.  She did NOT like the smell of the onion!

Wednesday night for dinner we went to Cantwell's and it was so nice!  They have it all decorated for Christmas and it's just beautiful.  I was VERY thankful to not have to cook dinner that night too :)

Thursday morning we started with breakfast and by 9:30 that turkey was in!

of course one still needs Ellios lunch :)

my big girl turkey who insisted upon a side ponytail

Chow time!  We ate at 3:00 sharp :)

The only picture of Landon I have...he was VERY busy playing!

We had about 20 people for our first Thanksgiving in our new house and it was so fun!  We loved it!  After dinner we cleaned up, had dessert, and played some Thanksgiving trivia during the Eagles game halftime.  The dishwasher ran about 4 times, my darling husband kept the cocktails flowing, and all had a good night :)

Friday was "operation decorate for Christmas" day!

We gave Opa his birthday/early Christmas gift!

Saturday morning we headed for Baltimore to go to Gran and Gramps' Kriskindle Mart! (I know I messed up that spelling!)  R and I went last year and we were glad all of us could go this year.

First stop, train room!

Reagan bought herself this floral hasn't left her head since :)

They were lovin' their candy canes...

...and daddy was loving his beer!

We went back to Gran and Gramps' quickly and then it was time to head to the parade!  They still had a little bit of snow left and the kids were SO excited to "play" in it!

bundled up at the parade!!

This morning we went to Baugher's for breakfast and HAD to go down to the playground for a little bit.  Landon couldn't wait to sit on the tractor...he gave us all rides to his farm :)

sweet girl...and yes, baby came with us!

We left after breakfast to avoid was a quick, but very fun visit!  It was a great holiday weekend and now it's time to officially kick start the Christmas season!!  Yahoo!!

Oh Christmas Tree...Part 1

Last Sunday we busted out the kid's Christmas trees!  It was so fun to get them out this year since they were packed away in storage last Christmas.  They were so excited to decorate and both kiddos did ALL the decorating!  They are so proud of their creations :)

Little Elf!

The Saturday before Thanksgiving Middletown has their Christmas Parade!  This year St. Anne's had a float and when "elf" volunteers were needed, Reagan was the first to volunteer :)

it was a COLD morning!!

Two of Reaggie's best buds in class, Dean and Macy (twins), were on the float too!

They were having a LOT of fun!
Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop couldn't miss watching their Reaggie!!

An action shot :)  We were handing out jingle bells and they were ALL tangled the moms spent a lot of time on the float untangling bells!

An action shot of Mr. Thayer, the head of school...he was having a good old time! 

Little Miss sipping on some hot cider and having fun on the float!