Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Program

The kiddos had their last day of school today until 2014!  They had a cute little program and then some fun activities to do afterwards!

They sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday to Jesus"

sweet man didn't totally understand why he couldn't sit with Mommy yet, but he did so great listening and singing along :)

Love this...chessin' Reagan and 2 video cameras in the back!

Land-O and Miss "Nat-a-ye" Natalie

Reags and her sweet friend Anna

The kids were too interested in a picture...far too busy!

It was just so cute...not going to lie that I didn't have tears in my eyes at the total cuteness of the kids.  They are just too precious and I couldn't be more thankful for the preschool and my sweet babies!

Cookie Day and Herr's

On Monday afternoon Gran came to visit for a couple days!  We were so glad she could come, although Landon really wanted to see Mop too :)  

Tuesday was designated "cookie baking day."  We made lots of cookies, with lots of helpers.

Landy man did quite a bit of taste testing :) Poor Reags can't eat any dough with egg in because of her allergy, but the is not an issue with this boy...he was getting dough in his mouth before I could even stop him!

The food processor was pretty funny

We were singing "roll, roll, roll the dough, rolling out the dough..." to the tune of "row, row, row your boat" Landon is a singing man!

4 generations baking cookies...nice face Reags :)

*Clearly there are only a couple pics of Reagan helping with cookies...she has a yucky cold and wasn't feeling 100% yesterday, so she lounged on the sofa and would come in and out of the kitchen to help.*

That afternoon Gran, the kids, and I headed to Herr's Potato Chip factory for a tour and to see the lights.  Gran had never been, so we decided it would be a fun thing to do.  The tour was great, especially the HOT, fresh chips!

Reagan was my raggle muffin #1...

do you see this kid's hair...raggle #2
...also he is not giving me a thumbs up, he is pointing and saying for the 100th time that there was a "mo-mo-cycle there yast time" (motorcycle there last time) and they took it out to have room for the tree...he was REALLY wishing that motorcycle was there!

We wound up going to this adorable little restaurant across the street, which was so good, and sat in front of the fire.  Guess who was next to us?  The whole Herr's family!  It was pretty cool :)  I'm pretty sure they own the restaurant, but I could be wrong.  It was such a fun night!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

House Progress and Christmas Party!

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to Middletown to see the house...and it's REALLY starting to look like a house!  We have stairs and windows this time :)

Walking towards the family room/kitchen

hallway towards the playroom!

The entrance way!

We were able to go upstairs and show the kids their rooms and also walk into our basement...a BASEMENT!!  How I wished for one of those in our house in NC!

We rushed back home to head to Jamie's Christmas Party at Mary Campbell.  They did a great job and Reaggie and I were so glad to be there!

just dancing the afternoon away :)

You won't believe it, but it SNOWED AGAIN on Saturday afternoon.  We left the party a little early to make sure the roads were okay on our way home.  They were calling for ice after the snow, which meant Keith and I didn't venture to his Christmas party that night because we just didn't want to risk it and turns out it would have been fine...doesn't it figure, on a night that we were going to go out!  It all worked out though because we made some serious headway in the wrapping department :)

Christmas PJ's and Angels

A VERY special package arrived on Friday afternoon...Landon and Reagan got the most precious Christmas jammies from Aunt Ellen!  Gosh are they cute!!  Thank you SO much Elle!

This silly little girl also brought home a Christmas present for the family and could NOT wait until her Daddy got home for us to open it!

oh does he love his truck jammies from "aunt ey-yen" :)

Look at our precious gift...our little Angel Reagan!

Landon and Reagan both brought home the sweetest gifts!  They are so precious and can't wait to pull them out every year and remember how little they were...tear!

Santa Visit and Christmas at Longwood!

On Thursday we headed to see Santa at the mall!  The kids did great...I kinda couldn't believe it.  Landon just followed Reagan's lead and up they both went.  I am just to the right of the little sofa, as L needed me close by, but he still sat on the big guy's lap :)  Landon told Santa he wanted a "geen dump truck" and Reagan asked for a baby doll and a bathtime barbie...she realized later there were a couple things she forgot!  This is the first year in the last 2, atleast, that Keith and I haven't needed to be in the picture...cue the tears :)

After we saw Santa, Keith, Mum-Mum, Pop-Pop, the kids and I had a little Chick-Fil-A lunch and then the kiddies and I headed home.  They needed a good rest because that night we were heading to Longwood to see all the pretty trees and lights!

My car said 14* when we got was a wee big chilly, but the kids did great!

it was BEEEEE-utiful!

Bless that sweet man's heart...Tobin wasn't totally excited to have his picture taken!

By about 7:30 we had all had it, moms included :), and it was time to go!  It was so fun though and SO pretty!  Loved that we got to go...thanks Heath!!

Fancy Ballerina!

Reaggie just HAD to wear her sequin tutu to ballet last Wednesday and wanted to stand in front or next to all the trees to have her picture taken.  She is a total mess!

After ballet we ate, had baths, and put on their new snuggly pjs from Mum-Mum and Pop!

popcorn, a show, and comfy jammies...does it get any better?!