Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Madalyn is THREE MONTHS!

On Wednesday, May 4th our sweet Maddie girl turned THREE MONTHS old!  What a precious age this is.  She is smiley, sometimes giggly, starting to be ticklish, and just so very sweet.

before bed on her "birthday eve!"

of course Sissy had to have snuggles before bed!

...and snuggles as soon as she woke up!  Madalyn looks thrilled right!?

Daddy and yet another mini-me! :)

Maddie and I celebrated her day with a trip to the mall to get her 3 month picture taken.  With Reagan and Landon we went every month...just can't swing that this time, but I figure the milestone months we can make work :)  Poor third child...

We got some cute ones!

Little miss is just starting to grab at things...she is starting to find the little toys hanging on her playmat.

Madalyn is officially in 6 month clothes and is currently busting out of her 6 month pjs.  I just bought her some new 9 month jammies today!

She LOVES to be sitting up or up over our shoulder to be checking things out.  She will sit up by holding our fingers and looks all around checking things out.  She also likes her Bumbo!

She is sooo very loved!


Little miss is a DROOLER!  She is always blowing bubbles and drooling...lord help us when she's teething!

...and just a cute pic of Reagan reading to her babies!  Can't believe this baby of mine is almost SEVEN!!

Madalyn continues to be such a good baby.  She is a great sleeper and nurses very well.  We have tried bottles, but she is NOT a fan.  I'm hoping it's just the formula she doesn't like and not the idea of a bottle...momma is ready for a little switch-a-roo!

Can't believe she is already a quarter of the way to one!!  We love you baby girl so very much!

Wrapping up April

"Belle" having storytime with Maddie

I'd say she liked it :)

She works out!

I love this picture because a) the chubby arm and b)!!!

little thumb sucker

She is just the sweetest, happiest baby!

STYLIN' for school!

...totally Landon!

my three

Such a big girl waiting to pick up Landon at preschool

my girl and I...both sportin' lovely hair, but we don't care!

We sent this to Daddy one night that he was working way late...big kids were already in bed and it was just about this ones night night time!

The last Saturday in April Keith was doing some planting and mulching...Landon and Liam were excellent helpers...and out of their momma's hair!

The Stringers came over for dinner that night and the big sisters just had to get their hands on the babies!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quick Trip to NC!

On April 22nd the girls and I took a weekend roadtrip to NC!  The elementary school where I student taught and then taught in for four years was to have a 25th Anniversary Celebration on Friday afternoon and I was invited to my sweet friend Stef's baby shower on Saturday.  Since both events were the same weekend, it seemed like a no brainer to go!  Reagan was SOO excited to see her preschool BFF, Brooklyn, too.  Welllll...earlier in the week we got word that the anniversary celebration was being cancelled, which was a huge bummer.  The girls from school and I had made plans to go to dinner Friday night anyway though.  We left our house at 9:30 Friday morning and my phone said I'd be at Southpoint by 3:15, which I figured gave me plenty of time to stop to feed Madalyn, grab lunch, and gas...even a little buffer for some traffic with dinner not until 5.  We got through DC, but that blessed stretch between DC and Richmond is the WORST and it was raining...THIS was my view... 

MISERABLE!!  We stopped during the traffic so everyone could eat and got right back into this!  THREE HOURS of traffic...I had to cancel dinner, we were detoured to get off of 1 in NC, and wound up at a McDonald's/gas station combo for dinner in the back of the van.  Poor Maddie had HAD it by this point...we all had.

Our sad/annoyed faces...can you tell I'd cried like 4 separate times?!  This was supposed to be a FUN weekend!!  UGH!

We quickly drove by our old house, which was so sad because it just looks sad now.  We LOVED that house and took great pride in it, so when you see it not being taken care of that way you would, it was a bummer.  Still great to see it many great memories there!

We made it to Brooklyn's house by about 7:15!  The girls were shy for about 10 seconds, since they haven't seen each other in almost THREE YEARS!, but then hugged and warmed right up and picked up where they left off.  Such sweet girls!  We brought some matching pj's for the girls and they changed right into them :)  Madalyn was SO "off" and slept like crap Friday night, Reagan didn't go to bed until 10:30, so I was kind of dreading Saturday for kid moods.  Everyone did good though! So after stopping in a random elementary school parking lot, that happened to be hosting a car show, to nurse Maddie, it was time for Stef's shower!  SOOO great to see her and some of my best school buddies...and their girls!

Meanwhile, Lindsey kept Reagan for me and put them in their matching dresses that she bought them and took them to the mall for some Build A Bear fun and lunch!

Precious girls

They had SO much fun together and are just the sweetest girls!  SOO glad they were able to get together.  Saturday evening we left their house and met our old neighbor, Michelle, and her son for dinner and then stayed at their house that night.  THANK GOODNESS Madalyn did MUCH better and slept all night, R was in bed by 8:30, and Michelle and I chatted until 10:30 and then my eyes just couldn't stay open any longer!

We left by 7:30 Sunday morning because I was not hitting ANY traffic!!!  We had to stop by Bojangles though and get our did NOT disappoint!

It was such a quick trip and I wish we could have seen more people and done more, but it was so great to be able to be there for the weekend.  We do miss the NC state SO much!  We had a great trip home and made it in just over 6 hours, and that was with a stop!  Phew!