Friday, January 29, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

Today Missy decided she was REALLY big and TOTALLY pulled herself up in her crib!  She can usually pull herself up to her knees, but today STOOD UP!  I couldn't believe it :)  Reaggie was SO proud of herself!  She was dancing around!  Please note that she can not sit up from laying down in her crib, which is why her mattress is not lowered! :)  She is such a sweet, big girl!!

Golden Day!

Well today was my "Golden Birthday!"  I turned TWENTY-EIGHT on the 28th.  It was such a great day!  My mom and John came down on Wednesday so that I could have the day on Thursday and Keith and I could go out on Saturday.  (We'll see if that happens with all this snow we are supposed to get!  Doesn't it just figure?!)  I was able to go out today and get my hair done (YEAH!), I met Keith for lunch, shopped around, and came home to my baby girl! :)  Poor thing was so deprived of attention all day!  haha!
We had a DELICIOUS dinner of filets, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, corn, Grands, YUM-O....all of my favorites!  Keith even got me my annual Coldstone cake as well!  It was such a great day! 
Cheers to my TWENTY-NINETH year!! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where is Reagan??

Today Reagan was playing with her toys and started rolling around, which is what she does now!  Well the next thing I knew she was under the coffee table!  She was so proud of was so funny!! 
In the third picture you can see her "hair-do," it has been unruly lately!!  She just has this one patch that stands straight up!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picnik Time!!

OH MY GOSH!!! I am soooo excited!! I FINALLY figured out how to use Picnik!! I am always jealous of how Ellen, Vater, and Kate can put all of these cute collages on their blog. I feel like I always take FOREVER posting pictures, this was so easy, FREE, fun, and I mean, ADORABLE!!! Just had to show off my first picnick creation!! Get ready for some collages coming your way!! :) question though...can I put a picture in my "header" through Picnik too?! I was trying to play around with that, but I couldn't drag a picture in! Fellow Picnik-ers, any suggestions?!?!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Still Standing...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! :)

One More Day...

Well it is supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow and several days following, so I figured Reaggie and I better enjoy the nice weather for one more day! :) We went to the park this morning to play. Reaggie did get a swing after waiting not too long and she LOVED it! I pushed her higher than I did in October, which is the last time we've been there, and she just laughed!!! It's like her tummy was going through her throat! She, again, LOVED looking at all of the other kids too! She "talks" to them saying "ah, ah, ah!" She gets her hands flapping too, like she is trying to fly! Her smile is just from ear to ear! I am not rushing time, but I am soooo ready for spring to be here and for this nice weather to be here to stay!!

my big girl standing!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Day!

We had such a fun day today, perhaps the weather played a part in it, but i just loved today! There are several days that we play, play, eat, play, play and that is great, but sometimes I feel like I'm getting in a rut.

Today went to storytime at the library, wait...let me backtrack. This morning I gave Reagan her bottle, changed her diaper and before I could get the new one under her she peed everywhere. I have gotten very lucky with this and I think it's the second time that has ever happened. About 5 minutes later she decided to throw up all over my arm and hand, then it was nap time. :) Good timing! haha!

After her nap I was again, changing Reaggie's diaper, and well she had to "go." So she did her business in the new diaper, I changed her, put a new diaper under her and apparently she had to "go" again!!!!!! So again I changed her and YOU GUESSED IT, she "went" MORE!!! THREE diapers later and running VERY late we finally got on a clean diaper and got dressed. She sucked down a bottle and we were off!! We had to rush home from story time to be home for a guy to appraise our house (pray that we will be approved to refinance!!). He finally came, Reagan ate lunch and we went for a long walk on such a pretty day. About halfway through our walk Reags decided she didn't want to be in her stroller anymore so I had to carry her, push the stroller, and hold Bailey's leash. I quickly realized the binky had been dropped at some point, so we had to back track to get that, then the wind picked up and Reagan's hat blew off about 10 times before I had had it and just put the hat in the stroller. Reagan is not light anymore, so my arms were feeling a little gimp as we finally got home! :) She played in her jumperoo for a little bit while I ate lunch and then it was nappy time again. She took a WONDERFUL nap, about 3 hours :) During naptime Keith called and told me Sam's didn't have Reagan's formula, well the one in Cary...lovely! So after nap Reagan and I had to make a journey, which we never do in the afternoon. The car ride to Sam's she was just "singing," playing with her toes, laughing, and being the happy little girl that she is. In Sam's people kept saying how cute she was and loved her hairbow! Reagan loves the attention and smiles at everyone :) We were then off to Target, real quick, and then home to eat Reagan's dinner and to make dinner for Keith and I. I made our fave recipe of Ellen's, bacon wrapped chicken, and some German potato salad...yum! While that was in the oven it was off to take a quick bath before Keith got home. Keith got home, took Reags so I could finish dinner, put her to bed, we ate, and I think I fell asleep about an hour later :)

I am exhausted writing this, but what a great day it was!!! It was just one of those days that I felt sooo happy being a mommy. (Cheesy, I know!!)

Going on a Stroll...

The weather has FINALLY warmed up a little bit, enough to be outside and it feel so nice and not freeze to death. I LOVE IT! I don't think I have ever disliked winter as much as I have this one. With a baby you just don't want to drag them out in the's just a hassle! Having it warm up again is WONDERFUL! Hopefully this nice weather isn't a tease, it is only January!!

Over the weekend Reaggie got plenty of outside time! :) Morgan came over with her "car" and gave Reaggie a little ride. Reagan was a lot happier than she appears in the pictures.

We also went for a walk on Monday while Keith was home. It was georgous...I mean walked in short sleeves and was still warm! :) Reags was all set for her walk in her $1 Walmart hat, adorable jacket from Aunt Kristin, and stylin' shades from Mum-Mum! You can see her little toofers perfectly in this picture too!! :)

A Weekend with Opa!

Reagan and her Opa!

This past weekend Keith's dad, Heinz, and Liz came down to visit from Rochester. It was great to see them and they lucked out coming to the "tropical" climate! The weather was beautiful...well except for a little rain!

They came to visit, but also so Keith and Heinz could build a storage ledge in our garage for all of our "stuff." ;) Moving out of a classroom and teaching for five years builds quite a bit of stuff!! (Aunt Di and Nanc, I don't know what you are going to do with all of your things when you retire!!!) It has all been sitting in our garage since I moved out of my classroom in August! We were able to put all of my classroom things, Christmas decorations, and lots of other things on this ledge with TONS more room to go!! :) Heinz, being an engineer, had a nice sketch drawn out and a plan in place for construction. Both boys did a great job getting it all built.

We had a great weekend visiting and can't wait to get up to Rochester in a couple months!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reaggie is a Rollin'!

In the past couple of days Reaggie has perfected the art of rolling from her back to her tummy! She has been so close for so long, but really doesn't like her tummy, so why would she want to roll on it?! Well now she has discovered rolling allows her to move around the floor! Lovely!! Gone are the days where I can just "sit" Reagan somewhere! haha! :) Again, excuse my "mommy voice," we are all guilty of it though, so whatever!! Oh, you will also see her game of peek a's so funny...she thinks she is hiding her face! Cracks me up!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


SO I have been holding out on this post, but I feel as though I must confess. :) Since Reagan's second night home, thanks to the suggestion of my sister in law, Reagan has slept in her car seat in her crib. Several people knew, it's not like we would hide the fact, and we would get looks or comments here or there. HOWEVER, Reagan slept so great!! She LOVED being all cozy in her car seat, so guess what? It worked and we went with it! Over the past couple months I tried a few times to lay her on her back in her crib and she would cry and cry and CRY! I would give up on that, put her in the carseat and she was out! We made it like a snuggly little bed for her with a nice blanket over the carseat and the little pads over all the buckles, it was great!

WELL right before little miss turned seven months old, the day before in fact, she was snoozing for her morning nap and at 9:55 I was typing an email and heard her start to "talk." I finished the email letting her chat for a couple minutes. I went in her room and NO BABY in the carseat! One can only imagine my surprise! Reagan was on her tummy in her crib playing with her little animals!!! We have NO idea how she got out of there, but it didn't matter because it was time to sleep on the back, OFFICIALLY now! When it was time for her afternoon nap I was giving Reags her bottle and was crying just feeling so bad that she would be on her back now and dreading the crying of naptime...much to my surprise though, she was fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like she was ready to sleep on her back!! THANK GOODNESS!!

Ever since that afternoon nap she has been a big girl sleeping on her back and it is so great!! No more lugging the car seat up and down and making sure it's all set up for bed. I just remember thinking she won't be one and still in her carseat, but at the same time, I knew I had to do the transitions sooner rather than later. It was my #1 New Year's Resolution and it worked out!

I hesitated posting this because at first I didn't want to jinx the sleeping, but she rolls over onto her side, gets all comfy and goes nighty night! :)

So to those of you that have a newborn or someday when you do, if they aren't liking sleeping on their back, give the carseat a try! We got some GOOD sleep having the baby girl sleep that way!!

Portrait InNOvations!

Last week for Reagan's 7 month pictures we tried a new place that was highly recommended by several people...I thought, why not, we'll give it a shot! I made the appointment in Cary, which is a little bit of a hike and we arrived right on time. They took us right away and I was thinking, this is going to be great! Well after about two pictures we had to move to another "set" because they needed that room for someone else, so I lugged Reagan, her carseat, diaper bag, my purse, and our coats by myself to the next room, while the photographer WATCHED! Okay, that somewhat got me upset, but I got over it. I'm pretty sure that this photographer didn't like children because he did NOTHING to try to get Reagan to laugh. Now you have all seen Reagan's monthly pictures and they have all been smiling, well since she knew how to smile, and this picture was the best of all of them. UGGHHH! It's like Reaggie knew he wasn't a nice man and didn't want to smile at him! (I can't say I blame her!) Then we were viewing the pictures and he was trying to sell me on a $400 package. I said very kindly, "I am not spending hundreds on pictures today." So then he showed me the $200 package and again I told him the same thing. I kept asking about packages and he wasn't being helpful at all, finally I asked him about one I saw online and he said, "yeah, you could do that." AHHHH!! Now I was mad! I picked this picture, paid, and THEN I was told their printer wasn't working so I would need to come back in a few hours to pick up the pictures!! I told this man that it would have been nice to have known this PRIOR to the photo session and he said, "I assumed you knew!" Needless to say it was NOT the best experience and I don't know if I'll ever go back...maybe I will, but NO TIME in the near future. Thankfully Keith's office is a mile down the road, so he was able to pick up the pictures because I was NOT in the mood to see this photographer anymore that day! Reagan is still adorable though, even if this wasn't our best experience!

I Drink From a Sippy Cup, Sippy Cup, Sippy Cup!

On our favorite episode of Two and a Half Men, Charlie becomes Charlie Waffles, singing kid songs! One of them is about drinking from a sippy cup...well, Reagan is in fact drinking from a sippy cup "because she's a big kid now!" (a little side note: when Reagan was first born and I felt like I was constantly nursing, well I was...I started DVR'ing Two and a Half Men and would watch an episode while I nursed. I swear I would laugh so hard...I loved it! I think I was probably one of the only people that had never watched the show, so I really liked catching up on the older, funnier episodes!)

As you can see when Reaggie drinks from her cup she smooches her nose and only holds it with her right hand! It's classic...she pretty much throws her hand up too to make sure she is lifting that cup up as high as it can go!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Story Time!

Today Reagan and I went to story time at the local library with a girl I met over the summer and her 7 month old little boy. It was so fun!! It was just what I was looking for for Reagan! We sang, she danced, read books, played with toys, and I GOT TO TALK TO OTHER MOMS, in person! It was great!! Reagan loved looking at all of the other kids there too...she kept going "ahh, ahh" trying to talk to them! haha! A lot of the kids were crawling or walking, the class is for 6 month olds-18 month olds, and you could just tell Reags wanted to do what they were doing!!

After story time Katherine and her son, Liam, came over to play until naptime. It was too cute to watch the kids play with each other! They wanted the same toys and both put everything right into their mouth! Needless to say Reagan took an AWESOME nap today and this will become our weekly outing!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cool New Toy!

My dad got Reagan this little musical toy for Christmas and I finally put it together today, not that is was difficult, just hadn't done it yet. Well...OH my gosh!! Reagan LOVED it! It lights up, sings, and has a mirror...all of her favorite things! :)

I love these picture! Hey look, that's me!!!

She sat there for quite awhile playing! She then decided she was REALLY big and I stood her up and she held on to the top all by herself!!!

Just another fun little Sunday in our house! haha :) Hope you had a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playing Around!

Reagan loves to play!! This morning she was having fun with her toys, of course eating them, and doing her little "scream" that I love!!! She even says something at the end that I think is pretty sweet! :) Have a great day!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

7 Months Old!

This is the best I could do!

I say this each month, but I can't believe Reagan is SEVEN MONTHS old! As my mom said, "that just sounds old!" It means she is getting so big and holy cow is she ever!!

Oh, so I can grab this?!

This past month Reagan has been SOOO busy! I am pretty confident that by next months post I will be saying she is crawling everywhere!! I love it though :) I love how she plays with her toys and how EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. She has mastered her little sippy cup, which is precious! She holds it with her right hand, tilts her head, and lifts up her cup to suck away at that water. It's pretty funny!

This is fun, you've been holding out on me mom!

She is still talking up a storm!! Lots of ba, ba, bas and ga, ga, gas...I am pretty convinced she is even saying ma, ma, ma...not knowing it's momma though! She has this lovely little scream that we love and "sings" all the time. Basically this girl is never too terribly quiet, which we don't mind at all! I'm sure when it's real words we will be singing a different tune!


Reaggie still loves to watch her morning tv. In the morning we will snuggle for about 15 or 20 mintues and then she is ready to sit up and watch some Ne How Kai Lan and Blue's Clues. haha! I am learning lots of Chinese! We don't last through too much of Blues's Clues before it's time for that morning ba-ba!

Oh my goodness mom!! I'm sooo sorry, but aren't I cute! ;)

Reagan is now napping three times a day! Last week she decided she didn't need a long afternoon nap anymore...lovely! So she now does her morning nap, afternoon nap for about 45 minutes, and then at about 4 she will sleep for another hour or two. She is still a great sleeper at night...I have NO complaints about her sleeping!

She continues to grow, grow, grow!! I bought her a couple 9 month outfits for Christmas, washed them, put them on her and they are almost too small!! I can't believe it! It's like we just skipped over the 9 month clothes! I have some REALLY cute 12 month summery things though, so hopefully some of those dresses will still fit her!! I guess that's what I get for trying to shop early for her! :)

I still am just in awe that I am a mom and to such a perfectly sweet and wonderful little girl. I can't believe how convinced I was that she was a little boy in my tummy. I do hope that one day I have a little boy, but having a little girl is the best!! She is just so sweet and we have so much fun together. I am sooo glad that I am able to be home with her everyday to watch her learn new things and babble new babbles. I don't take one minute of that forgranted!

Keith and I were just talking the other night and I was saying that you don't understand how much your parents love you until you are a parent and you have that love for a child. We now understand how much our parents love us. I don't know how we could love Reaggie anymore than we already do! Okay, now that I am crying...I am going to get us ready for the day!

Happy Seven Month Birthday Baby Girl!! We LOVE You SOOOO Much!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh man...

Reagan will be on the move before we know it!! For the past several days she has been reaching so hard for a toy, will fall on her stomach, and land in "crawling position." She won't stay there long before going flat on her tummy and rolling right over to her back! It is so cute!! HOWEVER...this means child proofing, gates, lots of "no no's", all that fun stuff! :) Oh and side note...she did have a bow in her hair, but obviously that didn't last too long!