Monday, October 24, 2011

FUN Weekend!

What a fun weekend we had!  It was the last weekend for the North Carolina State Fair, so we had to make it apoint to go.  We went with the Davis' on Saturday morning and had such a great time!  Reagan and Parker had SO much fun together and were SOO excited to see each other.  Reagan could not wait to see fact we had tears on Friday that "Reaggie go fair now see Parker."  Trying to explain that we would see him tomorrow wasn't cutting it :)

This picture is just too cute I think!  The daddies (friends since forever) and their kiddos all holding hands!

Gazing adoringly into each others eyes

Checking out the cows, chicks, and horses

Sweet Bubby was such a good year you can enjoy the fair a little more

Stephanie, Jeff, and Keith of the several rides they rode together

This just makes me smile :)

Sunday we were up and at em again to meet the Davis' at Hill Ridge Farms.  This is the third year in a row we have gone and just love it there.  Reagan had SO much fun this year, especially because Parker was there!  We couldn't have had a better day either, the weather was perfect. 

This slide was seriously a little too much fun!

Riding the train (adorable shirt from Auntie Ellen...thank you!!)

The hayride to the pumpkin patch, you can see Reagan's bow popping in the bottom of the picture...we were getting close to melt down at this point of the day

Sweet man couldn't quite sit up by himself well enough against the pumpkin for a picture, but he has on an adorable Aunt Ellen creation too!

This is just so "us" right now! :)

Such a great weekend...we are going through Davis' withdrawl!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

High Heels

This weather...AHHmazing!  Loving open, a crack anyway...fabulous!

Thankfully Reagan is pretty much over the cold!  I'm so glad she is feeling better...I just hate it when she is sick, I am a total worry wart.  Not to mention we have a very busy weekend at the State Fair and Hill Ridge Farms coming up that she has to be feeling her best for!

On Tuesday we met Heather (Taxis) and Evie at Crabtree Mall.  (That is where Harold's was when I worked there part time...crazy that I used to be there all the time and until Tuesday, I can't remember the last time I was at that mall.)  We made a wonderful discovery there...THE DISNEY STORE.  I secretly was VERY excited to slip in with Reagan...I knew she would love it.  I told her she could get one treat for being such a good girl at the mall.  She found some "high heels."  They are lovely with a Cinderella and bow medalion on the top of the foot and the heel lights up :)  The girl LOVES them!!!!  Oh my gosh...she has worn them every second in the house since she got them.  We're talking she has napped and slept in them at night...last night I convinced her to give her feet a break from her high heels and she could wear them as soon as she got up in the morning! (which she did!)

dressed down today in only the tutu and not the full on Sleeping Beauty gown ;)

Reagan was feeling much better on Tuesday night and we decided she could go to school Wednesday.  I was running WAY late somehow and had to get to a 9:30 appointment for blood work for Keith's insurance...annoying since I have just had all kinds of blood drawn while I was pregnant and then in the hospital having Landon.  I was five minutes into my drive to school and realized I forgot all the paperwork I needed for the bloodwork.  I had to turn around and now we were REALLY going to be late to school.  We finally made it to school, dropped Reagan off, couldn't find the bless-ed Lab Corp office that was apparently "right down the road" from Reagan's school, finally found that, oh and did I mention it was pouring down rain?!  As I rushed into the doctor's office with Landon at 9:45, 15 minutes late, I realized I was the only one there and was stressed over that for nothing!  (typical me)  The "nice" receptionist didn't really care to hear how it had just been "one of those mornings."  LTK and I had a couple quick errands to run after the blood work and then we came home for a little bit before we went back to get Reaggie. 

Today has been a hang out at home kind of day...we were going to go to Sam's, but LTK was taking such a great nap, I just let him sleep.  Reagan and I did some baking and I got all my laundry done!  Speaking of Mr. Landon, he is getting too big!  He has started laughing this about precious.  When I kiss his cheeks, which the poor kid has to suffer through SEVERAL times a day, and then nuzzle my nose in his neck he just cracks up.  :)  Adorable!

Next week is our FIVE YEAR anniversary...I can't believe it!  I am looking SO forward to going out on a date, nothing fancy, just a nice night out!  Thinking back to right now 5 years ago I was so excited, a lot thinner, and going crazy pulling all of my 10 days out of school lesson plans together...sure doesn't seem like that was already 5 years ago!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Saturday

Saturday was such a fun day!  I got to see several friends in one day, that made me happy. :)  Landon and I headed over to Heather's in the morning to see Starks (Sarah) who lives in Florida, but was in town for a wedding.  It was SO wonderful to see her!!  We held babies, chatted, and chowed down on some delish donuts!  What a fun morning!

After we left Heather's we were on our way to Panera to meet my sweet friends from New Hope for lunch.  It was so great to see them!  We hadn't all seen each other for SIX MONTHS, since Erin's wedding.  We sat and chatted for hours, which felt like minutes.  SO great to see these wonderful ladies!

While Landon was hanging out with the ladies, Keith took Reagan to Marbles Kid's Museum for the morning.  They had a blast together and even went out on a daddy/daughter lunch date.  Keith took some pictures on his phone, maybe one of these days I will learn how to transfer them to the computer...they had a great time together though!

Friday night Reagan started with a snotty nose, tis the season?!  Ugh!  Poor thing!  She was up every two hours on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday!  I kept her home from school today because she is still pretty snotty and has a very low grade fever.  I found some cold medicine at the store that says is fine for 2 year olds, so I have been giving her that and it seems to be helping.  As much as I love the fall, it just means cold season is right around the corner.  It's crazy because it was this week last year that Reagan had a cold as well, like her body knows "it's time to get your first cold."  Fingers crossed this passes quickly...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Update

Happy Friday!!  We are enjoying a day at home today and I can finally say I have packed up Reagan's summer has been one of those things that has rolled from one to do list to another and FINALLY this morning I just knocked it out.  It's the little things :)

We hit up the library yesterday for story time and got some new library books and then headed to Target.  Both kids were more than thrilled to be at Target, but the good part about that is it hurried me up and forced me to only get what I was there for!

For the past several nights Landon has been having a screaming party around 8:00 or so, we have no idea what the problem is!  It breaks my heart and by that time of the day tests my patience too...however, we have found that going outside tends to help calm him down...thank goodness the weather has been warm enough to do that and fingers are crossed that this is just a short lived phase.  We had a slumber party in the guest room the other night...whatever worked to get some sleep!!

Reagan is just as crazy as ever and driving me crazy, but in a good way, most of the time! :)  She is just "two" and having plenty of fun.  She is totally loving her Halloween books right now...we sure have accumulated SEVERAL and we read them over and over and over and over.  I love how excited she is for Halloween this year!

Watercolors are wonderful!! :)  Hours of fun entertainment!!

Look who is big enough for the Bumbo now?!  Such a big man!

ha!  Reags was excited to see it out this morning too...I can't believe how big she looks in it, it doesn't seem like THAT long ago that she was just starting to sit in it!

Just a little update on the week, have a wonderful weekend!!

2 Month Pictures

On Wednesday, while Reaggie was in school, I took Landon for his 2 month pictures.  :)  He did so great!  Of course, yet again, these are pictures of pictures.  One day I will learn...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three Years and Ten Weeks

Today marks the three year anniversary of me finding out I was pregnant with sweet Reagan!  I will never forget that day...I took that pregnancy test and just left it in the bathroom for a good 20 minutes, totally forgot about it!  MUCH to my surprise it was a positive test!  It's amazing to think back over the past three years how much our life has changed and how much our family has grown...I love it!

Today also marks Landon's 10 week birthday...TEN weeks already!  I think all of his shots got the best of him yesterday and last night as he was totallly off going to bed and waking up several times in the middle of the night, I think he might have had a slight fever too...poor thing.  At ten weeks Landon is talking up a storm, eating 3ish bottles a day, sitting up holding onto our fingers, and growing bigger and bigger each day!  He also celebrated his "birthday" tonight by giving daddy a LOVELY present in his diaper...let's just say the kid hadn't pooped in two days ;)  Those jammies are now in the washing machine to say the least... :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

2 Month Check Up

We took Landon for his 2 month check up today, Keith was off today and Reaggie was at school.  Landon did great and is a perfectly healthy little boy, we are so blessed.  The shots were not fun at all, as he had to get 3 and then 1 oral poor man.  I think I cried just as much as he did.  Thankfully some snuggles and a binkie helped everyone feel better! :)

Here are our BIG man's stats: 
(he was >95% for all of these!)
WEIGHT:  15 pounds 12 ounces
HEIGHT:  23 3/4 inches
HEAD CIRCUM:  42.2 cm

Over the River and Through the Woods

WARNING:  Picture overflow and LONG post! :)

Last Sunday I was feeling quite ambitious and decided to call Gran and Gramps to see if they would like us to come visit them for a couple days.  Of course they were SO excited and the packing began to leave first thing Monday morning!

Reagan was a very sylish helper :)

On Monday morning we were out the door by 9:00 and on our way to Maryland!  Landon had just eaten, so he had a full belly, and Reagan had her movies.  I bought her Barney's Halloween as a "special treat" and she LOVED it.  She has been rather into Barney lately...brings back memories of when my brother was little! ;) 

The drive was WONDERFUL!  We stopped at about 11:30 at a Chic Fil A in Virginia, in the rain.  Thank goodness for my minivan (insert scarcasm) because there was plenty of room to eat and change diapers without going into the rain with two kids.

Reagan wanted to sit in her seat in the back and enjoy her lunch...I sat on the floor and gave Landon man his bottle.

Landon's lounging chair while I changed Reaggie :)

We made great time to Gran and Gramps' and both kids slept, even at the same time!  It was a perfect car ride...they did super!!

Reagan wearing her new princess jammies that I had to run to Kohls to was COLD up there!!  She was ready to sleep in Gigi's special big girl bed!

Tuesday morning we were up and at em.  We started the day at Baughers for breakfast, then headed to the mall, and then Huffman's for ice cream, which was our lunch.  Yum!

Reagan decided to eat Gramps' toast and bacon instead of her own pancake!

Notice the new "bootiful" pink princess crown?  That was a purchase at the mall and had to be worn while enjoying a delicious ice cream cone.

Sweet man playing on his playmat!

Tuesday afternoon my Aunt Diane came over to visit and it was SO great to see her.  I wish I had taken a picture.  She brought the kiddos a few goodies and we chatted for awhile.  A little later Gran's friend, Celeste, came up to visit and we all had a delish Panera dinner of soup in a bread bowl...yummmmmo!

Wednesday morning we were up and at em again to make the trip to my mom's.  It is ONLY an hour and a half from my Gran's to my mom's and that trip felt AH-MAZING!

Reagan has a new favorite activity...playing in the sink and doing dishes!  This kept her VERY busy!!

Sweet Landon ready to cheer on the Phillies (even though it turned out to be a failed attempt)

Cutest little Phillies Phan!

Thursday morning...up and at em again!  We were heading to visit my Grandpa that morning.  Reaggie was happy to see her Pappy and he was excited to see her and meet little Landon.  Of course it was nothing buy craziness, but it was a great visit!  My grandpa is a pretty amazing guy :)

Grandpa with 2 of his 3 great-grandchildren!

With his "oldest" granddaughter :)

After we left Grandpa's we headed over to Mary Campbell to see Jamie!  My dad had to switch vans with me and my mom came to get Reagan.  J, Landon, and I went out to lunch and made a Target run.  We had a great afternoon!  I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day ;)

Hey guess what?  Friday we were up and at em...AGAIN! :)  We planned on going to the Plumpton Park Zoo, which I had never been to.  It was only about 15ish minutes away and great for Reagan.  She loved seeing the animals!  Slight glitch was that my stroller was at my dad's from the day before and I didn't even think about that until I opened my trunk to find NO stroller.  Lovely!  We made it work though with wagons that they had for rent...not the best, but it worked.

My mom pushing Landon in his makeshift stroller...backwards so that the sun wasn't in our sweet man's eyes!

What are you guys doing to me? 

Loving it!

It was by no means a large zoo, but perfect for Reagan's age.  I know she would LOVE the "big" zoo.  We went to an Amish farm afterwards, which was a lot of fun.   My mom picked up a few things and Reagan picked out a couple "little, little bootiful pumpkins." 

My sweet Heather stopped by that afternoon, which was wonderful!  She is coming to visit for a weekend in November, which will be fab.

Friday evening we headed over to my dad's to play/eat/hang out.  We had fun and by 7:30 it was "time" to head back to my mom's with the kiddos...exhausting.  The Phillies were on and I stayed up until 11:15 to watch that bless-ed game...good for you St. Louis fans, bad to be a Philly fan.

Saturday morning...NO was so nice!  We did get ready for the day early because Reagan had a date with her Grandpa to play on the swingset and Gran and Gramps were coming for the day.  It was just nice not to have to go out and about and rush around :)

Playing with Cory the kitty, more like annoying him!

making pancakes with Pop-Pop

this boy MELTS me!!!

My sweet babies!

After a delicious dinner Mum-Mum made Reags and ice cream cone with avoid a total MESS she wore a beautiful apron, too cute!

Snuggles with Gigi!

J loves when the flash goes off ;)

Sunday morning we were off for our long trip back to the NC state.  We were on the road by 8:15, so I was happy with that.  About 20 minutes later, while Reagan was watching a movie, I could tell she didn't feel so good.  She gave me the DVD player and I thought she was looking like she might get sick...don't you know 2 minutes later she threw up.  NICE!  I was half tempted to turn around and go back to my mom's, but Reagan seemed fine and wanted to go to "Reaggie's house."  She didn't eat much for breakfast, so I'm pretty sure she just got car sick.  She just hung out and then fell asleep until we stopped for lunch.  After an oh so enjoyable lunch stop at Wendy's, (where they messed up my plain burger and I had to go to the bathroom while holding Landon and making sure Reagan didn't touch anything) pulling over on the side of 85 to give Landon a little more bottle, the rest of the ride was great and we were home by 2:30. 

It was a great time and wonderful to see everyone, but it is nice to be back home!