Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it is now 2010!! TEN years ago I graduated high just doesn't seem like ten years ago! SOOO much has changed in the past decade and I know so much more will in this upcoming ten years!

Tonight was WONDERFUL! Keith had to work all day, but Reaggie and I ran a couple errands to Sam's and Target. We hadn't been out of the house in two days so it was time for an adventure! (When it's cold out it just seems like more work than it's worth to bundle up and go out...this coming week is supposed to be freezing! I don't think I'll be able to stay in all week though!) Anyway...we got some great Christmas deals for next year at Target and some delicious looking steaks at Sam's for dinner.

Keith got home and we ate a yummy dinner and played with Reaggie for awhile. She is turning into quite the party animal, not wanting to go to bed until atleast 8:00...Keith is excited though because then he'll get to see Reaggie more than the 45 minutes at night that he was. ANYWAY...after she went to bed, we played a little Yahtzee, and fell asleep! SOMEHOW I woke up, looked at my phone and saw that it was 11:53pm! I woke up Keith, who was sound asleep, we watched the ball drop, then went to bed! haha...sounds exciting huh!?! It was the perfect New Year's Eve for us!
Wishing you a VERY happy and healthy 2010!!! :)

Now You See It...

Now you don't!!!!

Reagan has discovered how to take off her hair bows!! HOW SAD!! They stay in for a couple minutes and then pulls them right off! She is even so smart as to first pull the bow off the headband, play with that for a little while and then pull off the headband! I guess I knew the day would come that I couldn't keep a hairbow in, but already!??! :) I guess she is almost SEVEN months old!! She is just getting too big!

Poor Reaggie...

...she didn't get ANY toys for Christmas! haha! Her new favorite thing to do is sit on the floor with her toy basket at her feet, grab it, and pull it towards her to get out what she wants. She'll play with that toy for a minute and then repeat the process. It's pretty cute!! She gets out every toy and is surrounded by them!! Keep in mind one of our cabinets in our built ins next to the fireplace is also FULL of new Reagan toys!! We need to dig a basement asap!!! Reagan is having so much fun with all of her new toys though...each time she looks in the basket it's like having all new toys! It's too cute!! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Check These Out!

Here is the best picture I could get of Reaggie's little toofers popping up through her gums! She is handling them pretty well :) Isn't that smile just priceless?!?

Merry Christmas, Part 2!

On the 26th, we had Christmas with my dad! Jamie and I had been out that afternoon doing a little after Christmas shopping in the OH SO crowded mall...ugghh!! When we got back we got ready for a yummy dinner and then Reagan got her own private present opening session, mostly because it was already bedtime! She got some great toys from Grandpa and a new Eagles outfit to get her through the Super Bowl! ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day was WONDERFUL!!! We went over to my mom and John's a little bit before Reaggie's morning nap. We opened most of our presents while Reagan slept and then once the little angel woke up, it was ALL about her! Everyone STOPPED and stared at Reagan opening her presents! I would get the paper started for her and then would let her pull it away. It took her awhile and we eventually decided that if we let her open all of her own presents we would be there until midnight! Needless to say, Santa was VERY VERY good to Reagan!! She got all kinds of GREAT toys including her first laptop, 2 cell phones, blocks, teething toys, stackable rings and cups, clothes, an adorable duffel bag, clothes (yes I know I repeated, it was for emphasis!!), a John Deer driving toy, a special teddy bear from Germany, a beauty bag, and TOO much more!!!!!

Reagan LOVED her Beauty Bag, can you tell!?!? :)
It was a great Christmas! One that I know Reagan won't remember at all, but we know that we will! We kept saying, "next year Reagan will be...." Most of what I was saying was she will be into EVERYTHING next Christmas! We can't wait though! It will be so much fun!! :) :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

O Holy Night...

Christmas is always my favorite time of the year, but this year...adding Reagan to the mix made it even more wonderful!!! There are so many fun traditions that I just can't wait to pass on with Reaggie!!

On Saturday night it happened to be "luminary night" in my dad's neighborhood! I LOVE THIS!! I am thinking about organizing it for our neighborhood next year...anyway, it was supposed to be the Saturday before, but with the blizzard it was postponed! Basically every house lines the front of their lawn, on the street, with white paper lunch bags and puts a candle in looks like a runway going through the cute! The local fire department comes through too with Santa! It was FREEEEZING that night, so just Keith and Jamie ventured out, but they had fun and said everything looked great!

On Christmas Eve we went over to my mom and John's to get our pajamas. This is a tradition we have had for as long as I can mom always got us new jammies for Christmas Eve! Reagan was SO cute opening hers...she got some very special pajamas this year and looked adorable in them, if I do say so myself! :)

After Reaggie's nap we headed to my grandpa's to exchange gifts before our annual dinner at Outback! We had a nice time hanging out! My grandpa always gives my sister and I a piece of my grandma's jewelry, which is so special! I just love that!!

We wound up leaving dinner a little earlier than everyone else because it was way past Reaggie's bedtime! She was a SLEEPY girl...didn't even make it out of the Outback parking lot! She had to get lots of rest so she was ready to open all of her special presents from Santa!!

A Little Getaway! has been awhile since I have posted anything!! Keith and I left for the Bahamas on the 17th to celebrate Sandy's BEAUTIFUL wedding!! We had such a great time and it was soooo nice to get away!! The weather could have been a little warmer and sunnier, but we did miss all the snow at home!! We were able to Skype with Reaggie one day, which was wonderful! It was not easy being away from her for SEVEN days when I have never even been away for one, but we did have a great time!!

The BEAUTIFUL bride and I!

A night at the Atlantis...GEORGOUS!!

I WON at the casino!! Not a lot, but it was fun!!

A cute little village at one of the hotels! It has hard to
be thinking of Christmas in such warm weather!!

Ahhh...the view from our room!!

Keith and I were able to eat, drink, lay in the sun, play in the casino, tour the Bahamas, and was great! Our claim to fame on this trip was that our flight from Atlanta to the Bahamas was the first for AirTran, so we were greeted at the gate with balloon palm trees and a steel drum about getting you excited for a tropical location!! It was so cute!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reagan's Vacation!

Well the time has come for Reaggie to have her first vacation, I'll call it that to make myself feel better :) My mom and John arrived yesterday to pick up the baby girl for her vacation to PA! Keith and I are on our way to Sandy's wedding in the BAHAMAS in the morning. We went out to dinner tonight and both said that it hasn't sunk in that we are going to the BAHAMAS in the morning!! I miss my baby girl SOOO much, but I know she is in good hands!!

Keith left on Tuesday morning for Winston for the LAST TIME! He just had his review that afternoon, then packed up his apartment. They had graduation today and was OFFICIALLY on his way home for good!! Yahoo! So we celebrated tonight, as I said, by going out to dinner! We went at about 6:30 too...LATE, well by Reagan standards that is.

Last time in a moving truck for a LONG time!!

Saying good-bye to Reagan was a very tearful event for me this morning, as to be expected! She was so sleepy and cuddly in the car ready for her trip...I just had to give kisses and wave good-bye to my little girl! She is ALL MINE when we get back though Mum-Mum and Gigi!! :)

We are now in the midst of getting everything packed for not only tropical weather, but also for PA winter weather! We are going to leave as soon as we get back in Raleigh to head to see our little one! Have I mentioned we ALREADY skyped with her this afternoon when Keith got home?!?! She looks bigger already...haha! Just kidding :)

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy your family, friends, and all of the blessings in your life...
I know we will! Don't let the real reason for the season slip your mind either, even with all the craziness of this time of year! Merry Christmas and BON VOYAGE to us!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reagan's Famous!

...well in our eyes anyway!

When I took Reaggie last week for her 6 month pictures, the girl that took them said that Reagan did such a good job that she wanted to put her pictures on one of their walls. I have to admit that I was pretty excited about that! :) I had been all worried about these pictures too because we left from Winston that morning early so that we could be there in time. My thought process was Reaggie could take her morning nap in the car and be good to go! RIIIGHT! She slept for about 30ish minutes in the car! However, she was a little model once we got there.

So today, since Keith was home, we ventured to the mall to take a look at Reagan's wall. To my surprise, it was the whole wall behind the check out counter! Oh I about cried!! The girls there asked if they could help me and just said I needed to take a picture of my daughter's wall. She said, "oh she is so cute! We have had more people say how cute all of those pictures are!" My heart overflowed with pride! haha :) Here are some standard "pictures of her pictures" from her 6 month photo shoot! Sorry for the glare...I tried a million times and there was glare each time!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Cheer!

Last night we had a little Christmas party and it was so fun!! We had greats friends here and they all humored me by enjoying a couple Christmas games I came up with :) Well it goes without saying the hits of the party were Reagan and Parker, of course Parker partied a LOT longer than Reaggie could handle, but they were too cute!! Here are just a couple of their adorable pictures!!

Here are a couple pictures of the house...don't want to bore you with those!

(I made little Rice Krispie Ornament balls, that didn't turn out as expected, as a little favor for the night. Hopefully they atleast taste okay!)

I didn't take hardly any pictures, which is so unlike me, but when you are the hostess I guess it's harder to snap every minute! :) I did make a "Rudolph Spritzer" as our cocktail of the night and I have to say it was quite tastey!

It was a great night and our kitchen prooves it this morning! One dishwasher load is currently running and I think I have about two more to go!!

An Afternoon with Morgan!

On Friday afternoon I picked up Morgan, our neighbor, from school early because her parents had a Christmas party to go to! I told her on Friday morning that we would make Christmas cookies after school and she was sooo excited!! When we got home we made brownies, a cake, and cookies!! I was exhausted :)

We took a little dinner break, well Morgan and Reagan got to eat anyway!! Morgan ate her WHOLE cheeseburger from McDonald's and Reagan ate her WHOLE bowl for peas!! She LOVED them :) That was the first night for peas and she gobbled them down! I don't blame her for liking peas better than green beans...haha!

To say that Reagan loves Morgan is an understatement I think! Reagan just STARES at Morgan and loves to be around her and Morgan likes to be around Reagan just as much! Well Morgan was being a silly four year old and making Reaggie LAUGH SO HARD on Friday night...I got this video of it, cracks me up!!

Who is that in a high chair?!?!

On Thursday night Reaggie and I ventured out to dinner with some great friends from New Hope! It was so great to see everyone and Reaggie made her "restaurant highchair debut!!" She did great in it! :) I put her in the cart at Wal-Mart the other day too and she was looking around as if she was thinking, I can see all around me and not just my car seat! This is GREAT!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

6 Month Stats!

Yesterday was Reaggie's 6 month well check up! Bless her heart, she had to get FOUR SHOTS and one oral vaccine!! My poor baby!! Needless to say I think I am paying for it today as she is taking NO NAP and sitting on the floor next to me singing and playing with her binky and sock! :) are her stats!
Weight: 18 pounds 14.5 ounces (94%-tile)
Height: 27 inches (90%-tile)
Head: 44 cm. (95%-tile...big brain!)
We went on Monday to have her 6 month pictures taken! I will post those asap :)

Visiting Daddy's Office!

On Sunday Keith took us to his office for the first and last time in Winston! He wanted to show us where he's been spending the past five months of his life...haha! Needless to say his cubbie (teacher lingo) was a shrine to Reaggie! I was lucky enough to have one picture posted! :) We are SOOO excited that this is Keith's last week! It's going to be SOO nice to have a husband home, well most of the time anyway...haha, to eat dinners, help wash the bottles...all that fun stuff! We can't wait!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mmm...Green Beans!

Today was the start introducing Reaggie to solid foods, other than cereal. She did pretty good with her first veggie, green beans. She was making several "yucky" faces while we fed her, but we think part of that is because she has never really tasted anything other than breastmilk, formula, rice cereal, and grape tylenol! :) I'll keep trying to see what she thinks of them the next couple nights, but I have to say I can't blame the girl if she doesn't like green beans...I don't either!!