Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Strawberry Picking!

Today was a warm one, but we went to a local farm for some strawberry picking!  We had to work to get our strawberries, but we got almost four pounds and they are DELICIOUS!!  Reagan was "toooo hooooot" to do a lot of picking, but Landon was way into it.  He would look at the strawberry and make sure it was nice and red and not green "cause if it geen it not ready to pick yet." :)  

checking out some strawberries very closely!

Memorial Day Weekend!

After soccer on Saturday morning, we hit the road to see Gran and Gramps for Memorial Day weekend!  We hit tons of traffic, but we made it in time for Landon to get a little snooze so we could head to the Gamber Fire Company's Carnival.  We went last year too and had so much fun...this year didn't disappoint!

We got there as it opened and chowed down on delish fair food!  Keith was like a kid in a candy store and was going to was pretty hilarious.  Landon had his first taste of funnel cake and LOVED it, but that was no surprise!

They LOVED the roller coaster!

Great pic, but you can also see the lovely clouds rolling in...

Last ride because it was really raining by this point!

Keith and Reaggie went on the bumper cars and we went over to watch them, under the little cover, and Landon was CRACKING UP watching all the cars get bumped.  It was pretty much the cutest thing ever...he LOVED watching them!  ...and really wanted to go on them, BUT we had no more tickets, it was raining, and we HAD to go get some ice cream at Huffman's!  We did get to see a rainbow as we were leaving and Reagan was so excited because it was her first :)

Sunday morning was beautiful!  We went to Baugher's for breakfast, which both kids were so excited for.  Landon couldn't decide if he wanted pancakes or french toast and decided he would have "french pancakes."  Ha!  Cracked us up!  Reagan LOVES their toast with butter, go figure.  She says it's the best!  After breakfast we headed down to the playground for a bit...the kids love that swingset!

...and Gran :)

That afternoon my mom, John, and Jamie came for a cook out!

Reagan even tried a hamburger...big news for our non-ground beef eating girl :)  She "kind of" liked it...

Landon slept in a "big boy bed" at Gigi and Mop's.  They were so sweet and bought a twin blow up mattress for him, since he is just too big for the pack n' play anymore.  He did great in the bed, which is a good thing because we bought him his real big boy bed and it's sitting in the living room now...I am having serious denial that my baby is big enough to be out of the crib, but I guess it's time!

Monday morning we went to the Westminster Memorial Day parade and it was HOT!

Patriotic Cuties!!

It was a great parade and we were so thankful for all the veterans that were there...even a couple World War II vets!

We went back to Gran and Gramps' for lunch and then headed home for a cook out at our neighbor's house.  They had a bouncy house with water slides set up in their back yard and the kids had a BLAST!!  Keep in mind I told both kids to take a little nap on our way home, neither did, so they crashed last night!  It was so fun hanging out with our neighbors, we have some good ones :)  We're so thankful for that!!

It was a great weekend!  Thankful for this country and thankful for all of those that protect us!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Museum Fun and Mommy Down

Thursday we went to the Delaware Children's Museum with Heather and Tobin!  It was so much fun, other than the fact that I felt like crap and my nose was like a faucet :)

Reaggie made a "creation" from recycled was so cute!

rowing, rowing!

Landon was cracking up watching all of the pieces of the body puzzle pop was so cute!

After a couple hours at the museum we had a "picnic" lunch in the parking lot/van, which was so fun, and then we got some ice cream.  At this point I was really starting to feel sick, my jaw hurt, my face hurt, my head hurt, my nose was raw from blowing it so much...I just felt BLAH!  We didn't get home until about 3:00, but I still put Landon down for a nap, I put a show on for Reagan, and I had to lay down.  I fell asleep for a little bit, but woke up feeling worse.  Thankfully, Keith was able to stop and get me some medicine on the way home from work.  I ate dinner, popped some meds, and didn't get out of bed the rest of the night.  Friday morning I was in on earth was I going to do all my "mommy duties" feeling so crappy??   Keith was able to do breakfast duty and I just stayed in bed.  He was working in town that day though, so was able to pop home for lunch to get the kiddos something to eat.  They were so good in the morning...Reagan said she was "assistant mommy."  She was so sweet playing with Landon.

Landon brought his "work" upstairs for a bit :)

Reaggie put on a couple shows for me to help me feel better and made me lots of cards!

By Friday afternoon I finally took a shower and was starting to feel more human, THANK GOODNESS!!  Mommas aren't allowed to get sick!!  I'm not sure what my deal was, but I'm sure glad it pretty much done with.  Now it was time for Memorial Day weekend!

Last Ballet/Tap Class

On Wednesday Reagan had her last ballet/tap class before her big recital weekend this coming weekend!  She had such a sweet little class!  Reagan really loved ballet/tap this year, but really wants to do hip-hop in the fall.  With the moves this girl busts out sometimes, I think this will be a perfect fit for her :)

At the end of the class each girl got a little award...Reagan got the "Best Hair Accessories" award!  Ha!  We were all laughing out appropriate, but too funny!

Reagan's little class and her teachers

Miss Deena and Reagan

Now we have a rehearsal tomorrow night, dress rehearsal Thursday night, recital Friday night, and recital Sunday afternoon...did I mention we live an hour away from all of this?!  Going to be a busy week!

After we got home from dance this little man wanted to play outside with his truckies, no surprise there, and I just love watching him play.  He scoops up some dirt, dumps it in his dump truck, runs his dump truck to another area, and dumps out the dirt.  It's hilarious and he could literally do it for hours!

Soccer and Strawberries

Last Saturday, the 17th, we had a busy little Saturday.  We started the day at Landon's soccer class (which Reagan thinks she is part of) and then headed to a strawberry festival!

Landon was PRECIOUS at soccer.  Keith has always taken him, but we all went on this particular day and I am SO glad I was able to go.  We had so much fun running and doing all the activities!

Such sweet kiddos :)

We went to a little town, I mean little, called Camden-Wyoming, Delaware.  I have NEVER heard of this place, but apparently a LOT of people have because this was no small strawberry festival, it was packed!!

They had little barrel rides, lots of food, ice cream, fresh strawberries, a produce market, and pony rides!  It couldn't have been a prettier day!

A little man I know pretty much polished off my ice cream!

We waited in line for pony rides for almost an hour...sooo to kill time I took the kids to run in the orchard.  Such sweetness!

This girl was shakin' her boooooty waiting in line...she is such a mess!

Both kids had SO much fun on the pony, which made is well worth the wait!  We had such a fun day!