Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Once upon a time, a very long time ago I used to blog :)  I'm attempting to catch up a bit...

We rang in 2017 with dinner at my Dad and Diane's house and then we were home by 7:30ish!  PAR-TAY animals!  Reagan and Landon stayed up until 9:30ish and Keith and I went to bed right behind them...I did wake up at 11:58, so I watched the ball drop and then went right back to sleep!  Excitement central around here!

New Year's Day and busy putting all the Christmas decorations away...I hadn't showered, I don't even think I'd brushed my teeth yet, but a pic with my 3 babes makes me happy!

Look at this big almost 11 month old!

starting to get into everything!!

sweet sissy love

on.the.move!!!!  OFFICALLY started crawling on January 11th!!

Is this not THE sweetest?!  Maddie and her BFF Emi just cruising around in their brother's little cars on a pretty day!

IT SNOWED!!!  ...on a Saturday!

our first good snow!

The snow was Saturday, that Sunday evening we gave Maddie some peanut butter since we were told to give it to her to keep up her immunity to it.  Her face was a little red after having it, but the nurse had told Keith that was no big deal so I didn't think too much of it.  Around 11pm she woke up crying in her crib and I thought she just needed her binky, well as I was feeling around for it I felt some vomit.  Maddie had thrown up and had hives on her back and her face was all red and splotchy. I just KNEW it was the peanut butter.  SO I was on the phone with the overnight nurses and they said to give her Benadryl.  I pretty much held her the rest of the night...I spent the next morning on the phone with the pediatrician's office and the allergist figuring out which one to take her to.  The allergist wanted to see her since she had just passed the peanut challenge in his office!  UGH...well long story short, we wound up getting blood work done on Maddie and she is SOOOO very allergic to peanuts, her numbers are through the roof like Reagan's.  It makes NO sense since she passed eating it for the first time and then the 2nd time is when she had the reaction...the allergist is dumbfounded!!  Good news, nothing changes...we are used to it.  Bad news...another kiddo to worry about every single thing they put in their mouth!  SCARY!  Thankful it all worked out ok and that she didn't have a much worse reaction though!

standing at her toy box is a favorite activity...and pulling as much out as she can reach!

Sweetest brother helping feed sissy some dinner!

thinks she's such a big girl when she gets the remote!

football party with babies were too enthused!

walked in after morning nap to find this girl sitting so big waiting for mommy!

On the 19th I was able to join Landon's class on a field trip to see an adorable Eric Carle play!  It was SO cute...and so fun to be there with my favorite boy!!

another pretty day!  Maddie LOVES this little car and her brother and sister pushing her down the driveway!!

I turned 35!  HOLY!  My little loves surprised me with donuts, a balloon, and flowers!  Maddie must have been so excited to celebrate because she was up a million times in the middle of the night for me!!

I got Billy Joel tickets!!  I'm sooo's not until September, but will be so much fun! ...Maddie is excited too...

Maddie cleaning Reagan's board for her...she loves to clean :) 

My little matchy girls!  LOOOOVE!

my sweet 3 on my birthday!!

on our way to Maggiano's for dinner and this kid was OUT

...not her...wide open as always!!

Look who surprised me at dinner, The Mills!!  Our old neighbors from NC!!  They live in Virginia now, but it was such a great surprise!!  Keith planned it while he was down visiting a couple weeks prior...was so fun!

we came home for cake! (Grandpa and Nana watched Maddie since we were out a little too late for the Moose!)

Shopping on Sunday...crazy girls!

MoMo had these leggings and then on Sunday we went to a LuLaRoe show and they had them in Reagan's size too...she HAD to have them to match her Mo!  Such sweet, big girls!!

It was a busy January with piano lessons, Girl Scouts, swim lessons, dance, and soccer.  Time is just flying by and the kiddos are just getting so big!

Madalyn is 11 Months!

 On January 4th, Miss Maddie turned 11 months old!  She is such a busy girl. 

At 11 Months Hightlights:
* you are scooting everywhere, but still not crawling!
* you love standing and eating!
* you love to blow kisses!
* we lowered your crib!!! 
* you are really starting to like reading books
* you are doing 2 naps, 3 meals, and 3 bottles a day
* wearing size 5 diapers and 24 month clothes

you are so not into the picture thing, but Snuggle Puppy is one of your favorites!

saying "hello" to your sticker :)

so busy!

she's stressed!

Just one month away from turning one, it just doesn't seem possible!  Such a big, sweet girl!!  Love you!!