Sunday, January 31, 2016


On Thursday I turned 34!  We kept wondering if the little girl was going to share a birthday with her Momma, but lo and behold, she decided to let me still have my day :)  

Keith and Reagan were up early making me a yummy breakfast!  It was delish!

I had been sleeping with this guy, because he really wasn't feeling well.  Poor man.  We wound up staying home all day, just resting and snuggling, in hopes of him feeling better for dinner at Outback that night!

Reagan got home from school and was all fancified for dinner out!

This is 34 at 39 weeks pregnant!  Reagan was my photographer, kind of an up the nose shot!

There's that tummy!  Holy huge-ness!

We went to Outback, but Landon REALLY wasn't feeling well.  He fell asleep on the way and was just not himself at dinner at all.  He didn't want a thing to eat and was just so coughy and snotty...did I mention he went in his pj's!?!  It was not EVEN a battle I felt like fighting!

Could not even believe it, but Keith (and the kids!) surprised me with an iPad mini!  I had gotten a mani/pedi the day before and said that was all I wanted...(and my hair done and a new Alex and Ani bracelet!).  Keith thought I'd like it in the hospital to Facetime!  SO sweet and such a SURPRISE!!

...caught JJ mid bite!

Keith wound up leaving as soon as he finished his meal to take Landon man home.  He said he fell asleep within minutes of being in the car.  (I did take him to the doctor on Saturday and he was given an antibiotic for a sinus infection to hopefully clear all the gunk up before baby girl arrives!)

My sweet brother sent me these beauties too!

It was such a nice day, even though my Landon wasn't feeling well!  Can't believe I'm THIRTY FOUR now and can't believe I'm about to have another baby in just a couple days!!

Doctor's Appointment and a Lunch Date

On Wednesday, Landon was home from school with the start of the cough/cold Reagan had started with a few days before.  I had a doctor's appointment that morning, so he got to come with me again...lucky guy.  Keith met us there too thinking maybe we'd be told I was like 4 cm dialated or something?!?!  NOTHING. NOTA. ZILCH!  I am so thankful that I have a cozy oven for my babies to grow...none of them have seemed to want to exit :)  However, when you are 39 weeks pregnant, you are about ready to just snuggle that sweet babe and NOT be pregnant anymore.  Needless to say the doctor said to come back Monday, get checked again (yippee for me?!?!?) and then if this little girl isn't here by Thursday, which is her due date, they will likely induce me then!  HOLY MOLY!!

We left the appointment to run a few errands and Landon wanted to "take me" to Panera, because I "love their soup."  True story buddy.  So we had a yummy little Panera date in which he wouldn't let me take one normal picture of him!  Such a crazy little boy!

The day before Landon thought we needed to make our own ice we had bought all the ingredients, but the little freezer bowl that we needed to use had to freeze for up to 24 hours.  He remembered that afternoon that we needed to make ice cream, and that is just what we did.  I have to say it was pretty tasty...very creamy with the whole milk and whipping cream, but it sure did hit the spot!

The "Blizzard" of 2016!

On Saturday the 23rd we got hit with the blizzard!  It was so  hard to tell how much snow we actually got though because it was blowing SO much.  This was our deck...

It was SO windy and cold on Saturday I didn't want the kids going out, not to mention Reagan had started with a cough/cold, so we brought the snow in.  They stayed occupied for quite awhile painting the snow :)  (Landon did wind up going out with Keith to shovel for awhile and I had to force the kid to come in!)

Snow Day Snuggles with B!

By Sunday it was sunny and not as windy, so outside we went!

Chris and Keith took the kids to the golf course where there are some good hills...they walked because there was NO driving through our neighborhood.  It took forever for the roads to clear!  Needless to say, school was cancelled on Monday and Keith worked from home.  By Tuesday things were much better...Keith was able to go to work, but all the schools were still closed, except for Reagan's which was a 2 hour delay!

It was a fun snow and the kids LOVED playing in it!  My dryer was on a continuous cycle of drying out the wet, wet snow gear :)

Long Weekend Catch Up!

The Sunday after the tasting, we actually had our first look at snow!  It was just enough to look pretty, but didn't cause an ounce of problem.  The kids were even able to build little snowmen with just that little bit of snow.

On Monday, everyone was off for MLK Jr. Day, so we decided a movie day would be fun.  Of course the kids didn't agree on the movie, so I took Landon to see the Chipmunk movie and Keith and Reagan saw Norm from the North.  The Chipmunk movie was SO cute and really funny...we kept saying that Reaggie would really like it, especially for the music.  Well we got home a few minutes before R and Keith and it turns out Norm was kind of a flop...Reagan thought it was a little sad and scary.  She is so sensitive with movies, bless her.  We'll just have to RedBox Chipmunks when it comes out!

Tuesday, Momma had a hair appointment near my mom's so I dropped Landon off there, in his jammies.  WELL, I was nervous about him getting car sick because I had to drop him off by 9, an hour away.  Don't you know JUST as we turned into the driveway he started moaning and I ran around the van to get him out, he sat on my lap for a minute, and then BAM!  Threw up all in the grass...THANK GOD not in the van!!  Poor guy was fine after that, but no fun at all!

We left my mom's with enough time to run a quick errand or two, but a little man fell asleep.  SO rather than go home, I just pulled in the car pool line and we were the first ones there.  Of course Landon woke up like 2 minutes later, so we just sat there for about 45 minutes.  Reagan was VERY impressed that we were the FIRST ones there!

Wednesday belly shot...1 day shy of 38 weeks!  HUGE!

Wednesday I had my weekly doctor's appointment after I got Landon from preschool.  I usually like to go when he's AT school, but all they had was afternoon.  I picked him up, had a packed lunch, and we were on our way.  WELL, turns out my blood pressure was a little high that day.  I don't know if had to do with the time of day, that Landon was with me, that I had been running around that morning?!  Who knows.  They took it 3 times while I was there and it went down each time and was normal by the 3rd time.  The doctor had me go for blood work just to be on the safe side though.  She said to go home and REST!  I called Keith in tears and thankfully he was able to come home early enough to get the kids dinner and just as we were about to eat, the doctor called and said my blood work looked fine, thank goodness!  I had a follow up appointment the next morning though just to make sure and thankfully it was fine!

After the follow up I was able to make it to Reagan's school in time for all school chapel, where the 1st graders were all reading a line telling about Martin Luther King Jr.  Reagan was so excited, not nervous at all, and couldn't wait to use the microphone :)  She did great and Keith and Landon were able to meet me there too!

Thursday afternoon I followed doctor's orders of taking it easy and parked my tush on the sofa.  Landon wanted to do some work, so he practiced some letters snuggled next to me :)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Growth Ultrasound!

I had an ultrasound about a week an a half ago to check on baby girl and her size!  I have had several ultrasounds, which has been so fun to get to see that chunky face :)  You may recall Landon was 10 pounds 7.6 ounces upon arrival into this world, so I tend to have bigger babies.  After my ultrasound in December, which little miss was not so cooperative!, they wanted me to come back again to check her size.  As of this ultrasound they predicted she was just under 8 looks like she'll be a bigger girl, but not quite as big as Landon!  Reagan was 8 pounds 13 ounces, so I have a feeling this little lady will be somewhere in between the 2!  We can't wait to meet this sweet face sooooon!!

Nursery and Tasting

Last Saturday the boys got to work putting together baby girl's nursery furniture!  Landon LOVED helping daddy, especially using the power drill :)

...the disaster!

...and more disaster!

Now that the furniture is all set up and we have the new chair, the room is really coming together...finally!

While the boys worked on the nursery and had soccer, Reagan and I went to Grandpa and Nana's tasting for their wedding.  We all had so much fun...and ate some delish food!

Fun little day with my fancy girl!  We had to do curlers the night before so she had curls and of course had to wear a fancy dress :)  Love my R!

Star of the Week!

Reagan has been waiting all year to be the "Star of the Week" in her class!  The week of January 11th was her lucky week :)  She came home the Friday before with a poster to fill out and got to share that with the class on Monday.  On Tuesday she got to take in her favorite thing, which was her Bitty Baby!  

Wednesday she got to take in a book to read to the class!

Thursday was "take in baby pictures day."  This was so fun to look through...thankfully, when she was a baby I still printed pictures out :)

Friday she got to read through the sweetest book that the class created saying what they like about Reagan.  Every page said something about being kind, funny, or smart.  I about cried reading through it with her, we are just so proud of our big girl!

I know she had a great week being the "star!"

Sweet Sprinkle!

On Saturday, January 9th I was totally surprised to meet Heather for our birthday lunch only to find that it was really a surprise little sprinkle!!  Some of my most favorite ladies were there and it was such a fun afternoon :)  Baby Girl got some sweet little outfits and we were both spoiled with some yummy food, especially the cake!