Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Picture Days and Cuteness

Monday was picture day for my big kindergartener!

Look at this big boy...he's just getting so big!

...and is sooo stinkin' cute!

...and so crazy!!

This sweetness rocked one of her fall outfits on Monday...seriously I could eat her!

Reagan came home on Monday to a VERY special surprise from Uncle Walker, her Godfather, asking her to be the flower girl in his upcoming wedding!  She is SOOO excited!!  The wedding is in Chicago in December, so she gets a fun trip out of it too :)

Little cutie!  The middle school girl next door comes over on the afternoons that Maddie is still sleeping so I can go pick up the big kids at school without having to wake the babe...it's so awesome and she just loves Madalyn.  Yesterday she brought over this little toy for her and she loves playing with it!

lounging watching a Paw Patrol...or Blaze...no telling!

snuggling with my favorite little man, who clearly was too engrossed in his show to smile in a picture with his momma

Today was my big 2nd graders picture day!  After sending her to school with her curled hair, navy polo dress, and white sweater (uniform attire even on picture day!) I looked at her picture from last year's picture day and guess what she had on...same thing!!  Different sizes and style of dress, but navy polo dress and white sweater.  Oops!  She still looked adorable...and a little too big!

Off to school with Daddy!
(we were running SOO late this morning!  One of these days I'll have my act together!)

Soccer, Surprise, and Countdowns

Saturday was soccer day and also picture day!

Look at these cuties!  Landon, Sean, Josh, Austin, Liam, and Finn
It's so fun that we know all these boys from previous soccer seasons, preschool, or kindergarten now...such a great group of boys who are pretty stinkin' awesome at soccer too!

my boys...

...and my girls :)  It was actually pretty chilly during the game and it felt sooo good!

these boys just melt me!

After soccer we got some things done around the house and then we headed over to the Hunt's for Shea's surprise 40th!

got him!

On Sunday we did all the "Sunday things" and the kids also started working on their Disney countdowns!!  We leave in just under 4 weeks and we can NOT wait!!

Busy Week

Last week was a busy week with these cuties!

Maddie is quite the piano player!

She also loves to jumpy jumpy!

...and lunch with JJ at Panera!

Thursday night was back to school night and it's one of my favorite nights of the year.  I love getting to hear about all the wonderful things the kids will do in the upcoming school year...and it was surreal to me that I had TWO classes to go to!  We sure are blessed with wonderful teachers for our kiddos this year!

precious Reagan..."This year in second grade I hope to work on mastering my math facts, speaking in a large group, and doing a good job on my homework.  I am looking forward to everything!"

Friday afternoon Halloween costumes arrived and a certain skeleton in our house couldn't wait to try it on...ha!  I really don't like scary costumes, but whatever.  Landon couldn't be more happy with his lovely costume.

Clearly he had to go down to show Liam, which then meant Liam getting his costume on.  Please also keep in mind it was approximately 100* this day!!

Another Mommy Getaway

I have been so spoiled the last couple weekends to have time with my best friends.  Heather and I had the weekend after Ellen was here on the calendar since FOREVER to head to the beach for a girl's weekend.  The weather couldn't have cooperated better and we had such a great time!!

We left late Friday night because both Reagan and Landon had soccer practice, soo once Keith got home with them we hit the road.  We stayed up until TWO chatting...TWO!?!  Really?!  Who do we think we are.  The saddest part of that was that at 6:30 on the dot, we were both awake, our Mommy alarm clocks had gone off as if we had somehow gotten more than 4 hours of sleep.  SO on a Saturday morning you get up, have breakfast, and head to some yard sales :)  We got a few things, nothing huge, but it was still fun. We shopped at some outlets, got some lunch, went to Marshalls, and then hit the beach!  The weather was perfect...even a little chilly.  I TRIED to nap on the beach, but it wasn't happening.  Just sitting there relaxing was amazing!

We eventually went back up to the condo to shower and get ready for the night.  We hit up a couple more outlets, went to a Hibachi restaurant for dinner, got some ice cream at Royal Treat, and then passed out a little after 10.  It was the perfect day!

Thank you Heath for such a fun weekend!!  Love that our friendship over the last TWENTY years has only gotten stronger!!

A Few Extras

someone got a new highchair (since I can not find our old one anywhere!!!)

Reagan started Girl Scouts this year and her first meeting was the day Ellen came, September 7th. She has a few friends from school in her troop and just loves it!

Madalyn has become a sippy cup expert and a puff eating monster :)

Modeling her baptism gown :)

This is what Mommy has to do to get laundry done!  Carry the laundry and baby up at the same time!

The weather is really starting to get nice, and this little lady sure does love her swing!

Reagan has been learning all about butterflies in school and is slightly obsessed...she caught one in the backyard one day and was sooo excited.  We had to send the pics to her teacher and everything!