Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas on the 26th

The day after Christmas Heather and I had our annual day after Christmas shopping extravaganza!  Although our shopping has changed quite a bit over the years, just getting to see each other and spend some time scoping out the deals is what it's all about!

After I got home it was time to celebrate Christmas with my dad!  We had a delicious dinner and then got to the good stuff :) 

Reagan wanted to help Bubby open his presents before she even touched hers...she really is a sweetie!

Diane and Jordan came too!

those cheeks!!  love them!

Happy girl!  Do you see that collection of princess Barbies on the right...someone is in LOVE!

a princess vanity and "pe-an-e-oh"!!  Reagan LOVES to play the piano withe Grandpa, so now she has her own!  Yay for us ;)

JJ got an iPhone!

We had such a great Christmas!!  We love being able to go up and spend so much time together.  Sometimes it REALLY makes us want to be closer to home...maybe someday!  Anyone have banking connections up north??  Just kidding...kinda!

Hope you had a VERY Merry Christmas with family and friends!!

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas!!  The BIG DAY is FINALLY here!!

Reags knew just which pile was's blurry, but she was moving so quickly!

  Yes, Jamie got a sweatshirt with the kid's picture on hit!

Sweet Reags helping Aunt JJ with her presents!

Christmas snuggles with Pop-Pop

Reagan was drying J's hair with her new princess hair accessory kit...precious

Love this picture!!  My beautiful Gran with my sweet man!

my favorite present of 2011!

Thanking Uncle Mike!!

Daddy with his kiddos!

After we were finished unwrapping, around noon, and Landon hadn't touched but maybe one of his presents, it was time to get ready for the day!

Three Generations

Decided the afternoon was a good time for Landon to get to opening his gifts!

We were SOO happy that Keith's dad could drive down from New York for the day to celebrate Christmas with us!  It was sooo great to see Heinz and the kids were happy to see him too!

We had a GREAT Christmas!!  It's hard to believe it has already come and gone!

Christmas Eve

We were on our way to PA early on Friday morning, thinking we would beat some traffic...that was NOT the case.  Oh well...we got there and although there were plenty of tears in the car, we made it!!

Brother/Sister Christmas Eve morning snuggles

making cookies with Mum-Mum

we decorated the tree...Reagan likes to do the ornaments HIGH up!

such a ham!

The kiddos napped, short ones, and then it was time to head to my Grandpa's to do Christmas with him.  Before we left they got their Christmas pj's!

Landon's First Christmas Eve!

The best we could do :)

We headed out to Firebirds for dinner after we left Grandpa's.  (usually we go to Outback, but we switched it up this year!)  The service was SUPER slow, which was interesting with two small kids, but everyone did great and the food was pretty good!

My sweet cousin Emily with Reags and I

My pops, who was the main Landon holder/taker carer of, and my cute sissy

Grandpa and Uncle Gus

Aunt Linda, cute Vanderbilt cousin Jake, and my cutie

...sweet sugar is SO ready for bed by 7, so Grandpa's arms made a good bed!  Turns out Landon thought this was a little power nap because it took him forever to fall asleep that night...oh well, it all worked out!!!

Now we are just waiting for Santa to arrive!!

Christmas: Part 1!

We started our Christmas off early with a special early visit from Santa the Wednesday night before Christmas!  Reagan (and Landon..ha!) were beyond excited! 

Before bed on Wednesday night they both got to open their new pjs.  This is a tradition my mom started, so we're keeping it going!  (I learned my lesson though to shop early for winter Christmas they are not the easiest thing to find and my selection was very limited!)

Reags helping Bubby open his jams

so excited!!!

I thought I'd give the one piece zipper jammies a try and it was a fail!  Reagan didn't like how they felt on her toes one bit, sooo we opted for her Christmas two piece Minnie jammies that night instead.

leaving cookies and milk for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer



Her prized possession....Sleeping Beauty!!!

"oooo...what this big one Da-da??"

Sweetness slept in on our Christmas morning...of all mornings!

This melts my heart...Reagan and I went to Target to pick out a present for Bubby and she really wanted to get him new binkies, so that is what we got.  She picked out a beautiful princess potty seat for Landon to give to her! :)

The BEST Christmas presents EVER!!!! 
(I can't believe I'm posting this...I am GROSS, but my kiddos are pretty darn cute!)

More presents!!!!

Can't wait for it to rain to use that princess umbrella!

Landon opening his first Christmas present!

Busy at you see a trend around her...princesses, princesses, and MORE princesses!!

My fingers are a lot more exciting than some boring clothes... :)

Getting all fancy!

The full ensamble!!

We had such a great little Christmas Day in NC!  I think Reagan FINALLY finished opening presents around lunch time!  It was so nice to not rush through a thing, take our time, and soak up every bit of Reagan's excitement.  Little did she really understand that she still had about three more Christmases (spelling?) to look forward to!