Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Little Peanut

Well here is the grand reveal of the little peanut at 7 weeks and 4 days! One would think I know how to scan, but I do not. I did the next best thing...took a picture of our baby's picture :) I must say this is the cutest little thing I've ever seen!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Very Sleepy!!

Well I have to say that I have been very lucky this first 8 weeks of pregnancy and have felt pretty good...a little nauseous, but really pretty good. As long as I eat every two hours, I am feeling alright. However, I am SOOO tired all the time!! I have NO energy at the end of the day to do much of anything but lay on the sofa, watch tv, and doze in and out until it is time to go up to bed! Thankfully, Keith has been wonderful with this and has come home to see my lying in a ball on the sofa, only to make us dinner! What a great help that is :) I just can't stop feeling blessed and just so thankful for this miracle growing inside me! I swear my tummy is huge, but it's just bloat and my usual appetite problems! As I finish writing about how tired I am, I am going to go plop on the sofa until Keith gets home and then head to bed for the evening! We have one more appointment tomorrow with the OB nurse to talk about who knows what and get all kinds of good stuff! :)

The Name Game

It didn't take long at all for Keith and I to start talking about names for our little munchkin! We are not going to find out the sex of the baby until he/she decides they are ready to see the world :) Keith has been so cute about printing off all of these name lists from the internet with name choices for us. Finding names that go with Kepplinger is not the easiest task... :) Out of about 115 names that we looked through last night, as I was half asleep, we liked 8! That was just for boys too!! When it came time to look at girl's names I was pretty much sound asleep! It's hard to pick this name that your baby will have forever, but it's also very exciting!!! :)

ETA...May 31, 2009

On Thursday, October 16th we were off to Carolina Ultrasound to check out how far along this peanut is! I was nervous, but so excited at the same time. After waiting forever to be seen by this doctor he gooped me up and tried to get a look...we could see the baby, but not very clearly! So, internal ultrasound it was...just what I was dreading! However, it was AMAZING!! We got to see the little peanut, all 1/2 inch of him or her! We could SEE the heart beating and even got to hear it! It was one of the best experiences!!! I, of course, was crying!! Keith said, "are you crying," and my comment back was, "you are just unemotional..." (very Steph like...I know!) The doctor very quickly said, "he's also not the pregnant one!" It was funny and very true! We got a couple pictures printed out of of the little one as well and I have to say it is just the cutest little kidney bean sized baby I have ever seen! :) After measuring overies, yolk sacs, and the baby, turns out I was 7 weeks and 4 days along!!!! Giving us our due date of May 31, 2009!!!!!

We're Having a Baby!!'s true! Keith and I are having a baby!!!! On Saturday, October 11th I happened to take a pregnancy test not thinking anything of it...left it in the bathroom, did laundry, cleaned up a little, and then decided to check it out. LOW AND BEHOLD, two lines!!! I ran downstairs to tell Keith, who was outside cleaning the deck before it got stained, and we were in SHOCK!!! So excited!! Keith had to go to Lowe's to get more stain for the deck and very kindly stopped to pick up another brand of pregnancy test just to be sure! SURE ENOUGH, it said PREGNANT!!! We were so excited, in disbelief, and thrilled all at the same time!! :) :)

It's Official...

Despite the two, make that THREE pregnancy tests that were taken, a trip to the doctor's office was necessary to confirm. On Monday, October 13th Keith and I went to the doctor to get the official word. After taking a similar test in the doctor's office, we had to wait forever for the doctor to come in to tell us their results. Keith passed the time by checking out all the fun stuff in the doctor's office... :) Finally a very unemotional doctor walked in saying, "so I hear you've had a couple positive tests..." keep in mind this is the most monotone voice ever!! I said, "yes, what did YOU find out?!?!" Turns out it was the same thing!! After feeling my uterus she couldn't get an accurate estimate of how far along I was, she predicted 6-8 weeks, but we weren't positive...appointment number 2 at Carolina Ultrasound was next :) Keep in mind, still can't believe this!!! However, that confirmation made it OK to call our families and fill them in on the GREAT news!!!! :)

Obviously I had to stop by Border's on my way home to pick up a couple books! Thank you to Aunt Ellen for guiding me in the right direction in the "baby" section! Of course I had to pick one up for the Daddy-to-be as's pretty cute when I catch him laying in bed reading it!