Sunday, August 28, 2016

Landon's Lego Party!

Thank you Aunt Ellen for, yet another, AMAZING shirt!!

Nothing like spreading out the birthday love!  We celebrated Landon's party with his friends on Friday, August 12th.  You see we just could NOT do the party the weekend before because Liam was at the beach and it just wouldn't have been a party without his bestie there!  Not to mention having his party on a Friday versus the weekend saved over $100 on their party package...I think I need to join their business...but atleast it was not at our house, praise!!!

This sweet boy was SOOO excited for his party!

these three...these are her twin buddies from school :)

happy boy having so much fun!

Bella, Jason, Sean, Liam, RonJon, Landon, Macy, Dean, Reagan, Landon, Abby, Max, Jamison, and David

time to eat!

Landon told Reagan she could sit with him in the birthday chair as long as she let him sit there with her next year...Reagan agreed even though she knows she's not having her party there next year.  These two!

Landon's sweet, amazing, wonderful preschool teacher, Miss Heidi, even came; per Landon's request.  I don't know why I waited until the END of the party for this one!

We came right home, kids got bathed, and then it was time to open presents!

Such a fun party and final 5th birthday celebration for our sweet boy!

SOOOO while presents were being opened; I was on the phone with the on call nurse from the ped office because Maddie was throwing up...first she took almost a 3 hour nap before the party (which is crazy long for her), she didn't really want her afternoon bottle, then threw most of it up after my mom gave it to her.  You could tell at the party she just wasn't feeling herself, so Keith wound up taking her home for a nap which she woke up from throwing up.  I was still at the party and quickly wrapped everything up to get home to the baby.  As soon as we walked in the door she had just thrown up all over Keith!!  Now I was nervous because that was a lot of throwing up for such a little girl.  The only thing I could think of was that she had some banana that day around lunch time!?  After talking to the nurse, she said to skip the night time bottle and to let Maddie sleep.  Check and check.  Well at 12:30am baby girl woke up and I felt her burning up!  Called the nurse again, thankfully the same one I spoke to earlier, and she said just to let Maddie sleep off the fever...poor girl.  We were up from about 12:30-4:30 until she could get settled...BUT woke up the next morning her happy, perfect self again.  We made her just a 2 ounce bottle to start, to make sure she was okay eating again, and girlfriend did NOT like us jipping her!  She chowed down her bottle and was perfectly fine the rest of the day.  The nurse did say these little bugs usually just last 12-24 hours in babies...phew!!

sweet fevery girl...I had her in any position possible in our bed trying to get her to sleep

Good as new Saturday morning!

August Fun!

 Some of our early August fun!

first time swinging at Bayberry park!

The kids LOVE this climby me a heart attack, which I'm pretty sure makes them love it even more!!  This park is so fun because there are little paths that go around it with road lines on it, so they love to ride their bikes around and act like they're driving.  Love it!

I made him a picture puzzle for his birthday and he loves putting this together!  He is a puzzle kid.

We recently joined the YMCA, mainly for swim lessons for the kids, and hopefully so Mommy's tush can start working out too!  We went on a Sunday and all had so much fun.

this girl got the "green band" which gives her total freedom in the pools!

The kids started swim lessons that next day and Landon was so nervous...he was DREADING having to go under.  Keith and I have been talking about swim lessons for so long and we do not have anything in town, so we have to drive about 20 minutes to the Y, but it's worth it.  Landon wound up LOVING his swim lesson and his teacher was long as he didn't have to go under!!!

I brought up this gem that Reagan and Landon both used to love as well and Madalyn has followed suit! 

Another day of swim; getting more and more comfortable each day!

We had a playdate after swim lessons with the Troutman 4 one afternoon.  The twins are buddies of Reagan's from school, Max will be in Landon's class this year, and then sweet Ben just turned 1.  I don't know how Emily and I thought with 7 kids we would be able to "lunch and chat!"

These two just LOVE each other...

AHHH!!  See this girl with her boobs?!?!??!?!  She is so stinkin' funny!

Playing an intense game of Checkers with Pop-Pop

Sissy Love!!
(Madalyn is going to be SOO bored with Mommy when the big kids go to school!)

Last day of swim lessons and they literally were in the pool for 5 minutes when there was lightning in the area so they had to get out of the pool, clear the pool deck, and cancel lessons.  Such a bummer! 

That afternoon we headed to the Herr's factory with the Hunts for our summer chip tour!