Monday, August 29, 2011

Mini Me and Haircut

Sadly the storm kept my dad and Jamie from coming this past weekend, but they will be here in two weeks and we can't wait!  We had good rain on Saturday and had a very relaxing was nice to not have to be anywhere or do anything (except take care of the kids!).  We all took advantage of he rainy day though and had good naps!  :)

Well there is no doubt that Landon man looks like his does his sister!  I look at Landon and I see baby Reagan's so funny.  They are their Daddy's kiddos that is for sure :)  Maybe we'll have to have a third baby just to see if "it" would look like their brother and sister!

taking a morning snooze in our sweet!

I am pretty sure I have a picture of Reagan doing this and they look the same!

Today we went to get Reaggie her going to the beach/going to school haircut.  She has been so excited to get her haircut so "it not all crazy anymore," as Reags has said.  We had a 10:15 appointment, but I figured we would get there a little early...turns out we got there before they even opened.  We just hung out outside on a bench for a little bit and then went in.  Reagan got to pick out a movie and Cinderella was her choice to watch while getting her locks chopped.  She did great and was a very good girl!  The back of her hair looks MUCH better now :)  She was slightly overdue!

We are getting excited to head to the beach for a long weekend!  How is it already almost September?!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day...

Today is the first day of school around us and while it is strange not being a part of it, I am so thankful to be home with my sweet kiddos (even though one of them is STILL singing in her bed instead of napping!!).  Last year at this time I was a wreck...remember?!  I never thought that school year was going to end...however it did, quickly and soon after came our little man.  It's amazing how so much can change in a year!

Today was also the first day that I took the kids (so strange to have an "s" on the end of that word!) out to run several errands.  I was somewhat nervous, but knew we just had to do it.  We were out of the house, on our way out of our neighborhood at 9:58...before 10!  :)  We went to the post office and saw our Miss Monnie, who was so happy to see Reagan and meet baby Landon.  Then we went to the library to return library books and get new ones.  Fourteen books later we walked over to the playground and Reags played for awhile, all while Landon was snoozing away in his carseat.  We left the playground, at Reagan's request, and went to a little shop to pick up a gift, then to the Chic-Fil-A drive thru.  I was pretty excited to get that much accomplished in one day :)  Too bad I did not take ONE picture!  I just kept thinking, Landon is going to wake up any minute and want to eat...but sweet thing just snoozed away.  Such a good boy!!

Things are doing very well here...I feel like we are getting things down and learning more and more everyday about our sweet Landon.  Next Friday he will be ONE MONTH old already!  Can you believe it?  Only 11 more to go before he is one...

We are keeping an eye on this Hurricane Irene to see what her deal is going to be.  J and my dad are supposed to be visiting this weekend, however the storm might change those plans, hopefully not!

Here are a couple pics of what has been going on: (more pics to come...promise!)

Such a good helper!

These rain boots are a "must" these days :)

This was at Babies R Us on Tuesday...purse, baby, necklace...girl is accessorized!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


We had such a great visit with Gran and Gramps this week.  They left Friday morning, right after Keith's dad and Liz arrived.  It is fun having back to back visitors!

On Thursday we got brave and ventured out to Target and met Keith for lunch at Over the Falls.  I was so nervous for how lunch was going to go because our sweet Landon does enjoy eating about every hour, on the hour.  However, after a little crying in the Target parking lot he went right to sleep and slept the whole time through lunch.  Such a good man!  We stopped to get ice cream on the way home and while Reaggie ate outside with Gigi and Gamps, I sat in the van and nursed Landon.  Worked out great!  We had a nice dinner and Reagan got lots of outside playtime with was so cute.  They had a lot of fun together.

Sadly, G and G left on Friday morning, but we have Heinz and Liz here until tomorrow morning.  It is great to have them!  They had such a long drive, about 14 hours, to get here for just a couple days, but they were so excited to meet Landon man!

"Say cheese" and this is what you get :)

Thank you for the beautiful flowers Gran and Gramps!

Such a big man!  The outfit is 0-3 months and I think it is about to not fit!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Weeks

Happy TWO WEEKS (and one day) Landon Thomas!!!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already...well part of me can and another part of me can't!  Things are busy to say the least, but we are doing better and better.  Gran and Gramps came yesterday and it is wonderful having extra hands to help out!  I told Reagan the other day I need to be an octopus mommy and she said "you need eight arms mommy!"  ha!  She is totally right!

Landon has done so much better since we started the supplement bottles!  They are a life saver :)  He is doing great with it and they make him so much happier!  He is such a sweet baby and will cry only if he has some gas or is hungry, and I can't say I blame him.  He loves his sister and she loves's precious!  Landon has even started liking a binky, which I have to say I am SO happy about because it really does help to calm him down when he is upset.

What else...we went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 week check up and he is doing great.  His weight was...are you ready!?!...10 pounds 13.5 ounces!!  Yahoo!  Between the boobie and bottle he is growing into a big, strong man!!

We put Landon in his room on Monday night for the first time.  I was so scared I wouldn't hear him because when he is ready to eat in the middle of the night he just kind of makes his "grunting" noises, but I can hear him.  If you let him get past the grunts it turns into tears.  He loves to eat in the middle of the night and is pretty good about going right back to sleep!  Such a sweet man.

We had some pictures taken on Sunday and the sneak peak that I saw turned out so cute!  I can't wait to see all of them and get the announcement going!

We are so in love with our little man, not so little, but he is perfect.  Reagan is doing so well and has continued to amaze me with her patience and her ability to independently entertain herself while I am feeding Landon or trying to clean up around the house.  We are so blessed! 

Keith snuggled with his "mini me" :)

Lovin' on baby brother!  This was actually a life saver...Reags held Landon while I finished cooking dinner the other night.  She is such a sweet helper!

2 weeks old!  He was sporting the cutest outfit, a blue polo and plaid shorts.  I didn't get a full shot, but he'll be wearing it again soon :)  We ventured out on Tuesday to surprise Daddy at the office and then made a trip to Harris Teeter.  This was big time for me...I hadn't left the house with both of them by myself yet, so I was excited!

Poor Bailey, he's so deprived...good thing he snuggled on Gigi like a little baby and got lots of lovin'!

Such the little mommy!  I love this!

Reaggie and Gramps went on a walk last night to the pond...Reagan made sure he knew exactly where to go!  Too cute :)

Such a pretty sky!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Wow!!  I am SO far behind on blogging...things have been a little crazy around here adjusting to life with two.  I would be lying if I said I haven't had my fair share of tears and pep talks to myself that "I can do this!"  However, I am so blessed and I tell myself that everytime I start to feel overwhelmed or slighly insane. :)  We are so lucky to have two beautiful, healthy children, I don't think it has totally sunk in yet that we have TWO kiddos!!

Now...time for catch up!!

Wednesday, August 3 (Happy Birthday Gran!)
A day of recovering in the hospital!  We had a pretty good night at the hospital, but nurses are constantly coming in and out, which is slightly annoying, but just the way it is.  Someone from labs came in at 4:40 am to do my blood work, seriously, could this have waited like two more hours?!  Oh well!  Keith slipped home for a little bit on Wednesday to see Reaggie.  While he was gone my sweet friend Stef came to visit and we hung out for a few hours.  Landon slept like a log in her lap the whole time!  Later that night Heather and Jess (a former student and her mom) came to visit!  It was so great to have company!

Proud Daddy!

Snuggling with Aunt Stef

Sweet man

Snuggles with Miss Heather

...and Jess!

Thursday, August 4
Time to go home!  We had to meet with the pediatrician, the OB, and the nurse to get all of our discharge information.  Everything was looking great and we were able to leave at about 12:30 on Thursday.  We were excited to get home!! 

Reagan was asleep when we got home, which gave us some time to settle in.  When she woke up, she was unsure of what to think of Landon being home.  When he was crying, she was crying, which made for a nice quiet evening :)  Bless her heart, she just wanted him to be happy.  She quickly learned that Landon just wants "boobie" (sorry TMI?!) and that makes him a pretty happy guy!

Sister "no like" when Landon cryin'!

Celebrating Landon's arrival and being home!

Our family of 4!

Checking out her brother...with her shades

We had a delicious dinner, thanks to my mom and John and got ready for our first  night at home, which to be honest, today I don't even really remember.  I know I was up a lot, but we all survived and Landon did great!  Guess who likes the carseat too!? :)

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop bought a cake that said "Welcome Home Baby Landon" and we sang Happy Birthday to him, as requested by his big sister.  Of course, it would not have been complete without candles!

Friday, August 5
We had to go to the pediatrician for Landon's first little check up.  He did great, but lost a little more weight, he was "down" to 9lbs. 12 oz., which was an ounce less than when we left the hospital.  We were asked to bring him back again on Saturday!

Saturday, August 6
We went back to the doctor and Landon weighed 10 lbs. even!!  FOUR ounces in ONE DAY!  We were so excited!!  The kid loves to eat and eats a LOT!! (We're talking I was feeding him on the way to the doctor...)

Landon did get his first bath that night...I am such a nervous nelly for that first one, but all went well.

Sunday, August 7
Hmmm...I don't think we did much on Sunday. Just relaxed, hung out, and looked at this cute face!

Monday, August 8
My mom and John took Reaggie out for the morning to the mall.  She LOVES to ride the choo choo, the little toy cars, and the merry go round.  They also do Chic Fil A and an ice cream cone too!  Too much fun! 

Landon and I hung out at home!

Tuesday, August 9 - Happy ONE WEEK Birthday Landon!!
My mom and John left a little before nap time and I think I shed a LOT of tears that afternoon.  I knew I could be with the kiddos myself, but I am just a bundle of hormones, so I just couldn't stop!  We all survived though and had a pretty good afternoon.

Pop-Pop went to the grocery store for us and got Reaggie some flowers and Landon an Elmo "Happy Birthday" balloon! :)

Wednesday, August 10
First day TOTALLY on my own in the morning...I had made an appointment for a photographer to come to our house at 10am to take newborn shots of Landon, get some pics of he and Reaggie, and a family picture or two.  The morning was going too smoothly...Landon ate, I showered, Reagan got up, we ate breakfast, got ready, cleaned up, fed Landon again, he went down for a little nap, and then it was time for pictures.  Sweet Landon wanted NOTHING to do with it!  Oh I felt so bad...just when I would calm him down and lay him down for a picture, Reagan would start screaming or banging a toy or he just would be unhappy about being put was quite the morning.  I was dripping with sweat when Keith got home and needless to say we didn't get pictures done.  After trying until about noon, we decided to try another day.  Hopefully Sunday will be better!

That afternoon I had to take Landon to the doctor again for his weight check, to make sure he was still gaining.  He weighed 10 lbs, 2oz, so he gained, but not as much as they were hoping for.  He still looks great though and the doctor told me I could supplement with some formula because he is such a big boy!  She said that she has two month olds that don't weigh 10 pounds yet, so I might not be providing enough for him.  We go again on Tuesday for his 2 week check up, so I'm hoping and praying he is back up to his birth weight of 10lbs. 7oz. by then!

I had to nurse Landon at the doctor and then I decided he and I would slip to good old Walmart to pick up a few groceries.  We were in and out and I didn't want anyone to breath anywhere close to him!!  What a fun first outing :)

Thursday, August 11
First FULL day at home with the kiddos by myself!  We did it!  The morning was crazy, not going to lie...breakfast didn't get cleaned up until lunch time, but it was successful.  Reags and I played a little bit in between feedings, we watched "Dora's Explorer Girls" (or as known in our house "Big Girl Dora", which is SO cute!) and Reagan had a fashion show with several pairs of my shoes.  Landon went down for a nap right before Reagan's nap at 1, I read her books, and they both slept until almost 5!!!  It was so wonderful!

No her hand is not broken...just waving to the camera :)

First supplement bottle...the boy is an EATER!!

Keith came home and cooked some burgers and we had a really good night as a family!

Friday, August 12
Keith stayed home this morning!!  Yahoo!  Doesn't it figure though, this morning went just as smoothly as it could.  Landon got up before Reagan and was fed by the time she woke up.  We all hung out together, had breakfast, cleaned up, and now Keith has Reagan at the park while Landon is sleeping.  I took a nice, long, warm shower, did some laundry and cleaned up a bit.  We are slowly, but surely, getting this down!

That is the latest on how things are going around here!!  Landon has been getting up anywhere between 3 and 4am to eat and then sleeping until 6:30 or 7.  He is a good boy and as long as that belly is full he is a happy, sweet, wonderful baby!  His big sister is adjusting well too!  (Mommy and Daddy are hanging in there too!)