Friday, July 28, 2017

JULY!! (even a couple days early!)

Happy end of July!  It just might snow because I'm actually doing my July update IN JULY!!  ha!  Here's a look at our month :)

On our way to the beach for the week of the 4th!

Van PACKED to the guild resulted in me sitting inbetween Maddie and Landon...thankfully it's just an hour ride!

Traditional Nicola's first night dinner

Winner winner chicken dinners, with animals and Dippin' Dots!

This Mickey and Minnie loving cutie woke up with a fever and just wasn't feeling she and I had a couple days of hang out in the condo time

She's just such a BIG girl!

Sunday, the 2nd, was "4th of July" fun in North Shores, so Keith took the kids down for the bike parade while I stayed up with Maddie.  It wasn't much of a parade, but the kids had fun decorating!

Keith stayed up with Maddie at naptime, so I got to hang out with the kiddos at the pool for all of the fun activities they had planned...the water balloon toss was fun, but SUPER fun for Reagan because a lifeguard requested that Reagan be her partner!

My cute partner

We got take out for dinner, put Maddie to bed, and worked on our new puzzle while we waited for the fireworks to start

This view...just LOVE it!

Ready for fireworks!!

Somebody was feeling better by Monday so we finally made it to our fave breakfast spot, the Royal Treat!

Keith wanted some new shoes, so we went and did a little outlet shopping...the girls weren't complaining :)

This kid was a trooper!

Maddie and Daddy did her first ride!  The helicopters...she was less than impressed!

4th of July mini golfing fun!

Happy 4th of July!!

I wound up taking the kiddos down to the boardwalk for some rides and t-shirt shopping...we had such a fun little night together!

We came home on the 5th and it was back to crazy town...we were in the basement and this girl found the roller coaster!  She had SO much fun on it, so I just brought it up and it kept her occupied for awhile!

We did a little craft activity at Michael's one morning with friends and they even did "face painting" boy got a pumpkin, love him!, and Reagan went with a snowflake.

still on that bless-ed roller coaster!

That weekend Alex had a lacrosse tournament in PA, an hour away from us, so Keith and Reagan went for a few games while I took Landon and Maddie to a birthday party.  The whole Zuber clan came over for a cook out that Saturday night and the girls stayed for a sleepover.  It was so fun to have them for a quick visit!

I took the kids, minus Maddie, to Alex's last game on was a beautiful day!

Landon did Safety Town camp, which gave the girls 3 hours of boy-free time.  One day Reagan requested a mall trip and then we wandered into Build A much as I dread this place, I love how sweet and innocent it is.  I know her days of going there are almost numbered, so I just need to enjoy it.

JJ came over and was hungry, so she chowed on some leftover Mac Salad from our cookout

Sometimes Momma just needs some brownies!

This sweetie loves to play outside and LOVES bubbles!

Saying good-bye to our buddies across the street...our first friends when we moved into the neighborhood are Texas bound

just watching a little MICKEY

Maddie and Landon have a special bond, they LOVE each other SO much!!

Little man finished up Safety Town with the little program that is always cute...he had a GREAT week with his buddy Max

this girl's newest trick is emptying out all of the cookie sheets and cooling racks and then tries so hard to get them all back too :)

A last minute decision for the boys to head to Maryland for another lax tournament for Alex...they had such a FUN boy's weekend!

SOOOO while the boys were away, we went school supply shopping!!  HAHA...this girl was SO excited, she couldn't wait another minute.  We've never supply shopped before, but for their new school we needed to.  She LOVED it!

I should mention it was DOWNPOURING while we were in good old Walmart, SOOO when in Rome, wait out the storm at the McDonald's in Walmart.  The girls weren't complaining at all :)

A little "extra" school supply, mint green aviators...of course she NEEDED them

and the next day she even got the salon treatment!

the boys had an awesome dinner after a long day of LAX

as soon as the boys got home on Sunday, Reagan and I were off to meet her Girl Scout troop at the Ronald McDonald House to deliver cards they made and some GS cookies.  Talk about visiting a place that puts things in heart just ached the whole time we were there.  Those are some amazing families and what an amazing place for them.

tuckered this big girl right out!

This week Reagan was in an all day art camp, so one morning Landon, Maddie, and I went to see good old Jungle John and his reptile show.  He puts cockroaches in his's gross.  Landon was even picked to hold one of his snakes for sitting so quietly, but Landon didn't want to go shy little man!

after nap snuggles with my baby

think she could use a diaper change?!

we met Heather and her crew at Longwood one day, we had such a fun day!  It was Maddie's first time really being able to play and she loved it!

love these sweet boys!

snuggling her Minnie on the way to Landon's allergist appointment

just one of those nights...

zucchini bread making...any way to get this kid to eat zucchini, I'll take it!

Grandpa picked Reagan up from camp for me and brought over water one had any fun at all ;)

Reagan loved her art camp!  They did a little gallery on the last day and it was so fun to see all of Reagan's creations :)

haircut time for this kid with our "purple hair girl" who happened to be bleach blonde this day

This girl LOVES her "Beeees" 

This past Sunday my dad and the big kids went to a Phillies game!  It was hot, but they had a good time.  I don't think either have any interest in baseball at all, but the experience was fun!

With good old Harry K!  The BEST baseball announcer ever

look at that ponytail...hilarious!

snuck out to the grocery store one night and the sky was just so pretty

we went uniform shopping and then ran to the mall for a couple stops, once of which included the rides.  Landon is just about too big for them hoo hoo!!

Maddie did her first mall ride and LOVED that ice cream truck!

later that afternoon was dentist appointment day!

chalking :)

Maddie and JJ LOVE to FaceTime...I seriously don't know who loves it more!

Madalyn cracks me up...she loves to sit on her little stool in the pantry to eat her pouches.  She's such a silly, sweet little Moose!

We hosted a playdate with friends on Wednesday afternoon and one of the mommas, who has all boys, is a mean inside out braider.  Reagan took her up on her skills and had the cutest pigtails!

Maddie's first Gator ride with Landon!  She loved this almost as much as she loves her big brother

A friend of ours gave us this AWESOME bubble machine...they all love this bad boy!

Today is Keith's birthday!!  We were supposed to leave for the beach last night but the weather was to be so crappy we decided to postpone a day, so we celebrated at home today instead!

After his massage appointment we met on Main Street for lunch...Maddie was dipping her fries in ketchup, it was pretty stinkin' cute!

We had to go get some ice cream afterwards and then the big kids and Daddy went to see the Emoji Movie...they give it a "medium" thumb ;)

...then Reagan and I headed to the doctor for her finger.  She had a wart, or something that looked like it, that popped and turned BLACK.  I was slightly concerned, but all is good, thankfully!

We got home from the doctor, JJ had just facetimed, I looked at Maddie's head and saw a TICK!!  We got it off, but holy crap...I freaked and so did we pray that little lady is was a big tick, so hopefully that is a good thing.

After all of that fiasco we went to dinner and then out for MORE ice cream to celebrate the birthday boy!

It was a great, busy month!  It's hard to believe it's almost August now and that summer is starting to wind down...we are leaving for a week at the beach in the morning and looking forward to celebrating Landon's SIXTH birthday while we're there!