Tuesday, July 11, 2017

JUNE!! (again...SO late!!)

June flew by...it started with everyone, except Keith, getting hit with the stomach bug, then we had 8th birthday celebrations, the end of the school year, a trip to NC, dance recitals, Father's Day, playing, swimming, VBS, and so much more!  It was a great month that FLEW by!!
someone loves to play on the piano like her big sister!

on Memorial Day night Madalyn threw up and it seemed like a fluke because it was a once and done thing...on Wednesday night Keith and I were going to a work event for him, we actually had a babysitter (bless Victoria's heart!!)!!  On our way I got a text that Landon wasn't feeling well and thought he might throw up, so I said to drink some Gatorade, he'd be fine.  Keith and I got to the event at a BEAUTIFUL old DuPont home, and within 10 minutes I had a text that Landon had thrown up.  Traffic was AWFUL in the direction towards home, SO we had to wait it out about 30 minutes before we could leave.  We were about 10 minutes from leaving and I got a text that now Reagan wasn't feeling well.  UGH!!  #1) I felt terrible for Victoria #2) I felt terrible that I wasn't with my babies #3) we NEVER go out, and now we're out and I have sick kids, TYPICAL!!!  Well don't you know right as we were getting in the car to leave and drive the 40 minutes home I got the text, "and Reagan just threw up!"  AHHHH!!!  THANKFULLY it was pretty much a 24 hour thing! By Thursday afternoon/evening it hit me.  It was awful!!  Reagan and I spent all day in bed on Friday.  Momma had to put on her big girl panties though because we had Reagan's birthday party the next day and we were somehow going to make it happen!

Feeling better and ready to par-tay!

Reagan wanted a Paris themed party, which she started planning in January!  We had it at Painting with a Twist and she chose an Eiffel Tower painting for all the girls to paint.


Her rice krispie treat cake that Daddy smoooooooched the bottom icing of!  That required a deep breath from me and then we moved on ;)

SOOO thankful to have the birthday girl feeling better!

Grandpa stopped by

Sweet little girl having snacks and hanging out...for a minute anyway!

The finished product!

Everyone did such a great job, it was such a fun party for the girls

someone just couldn't hang any longer!



Helping to carry all of her gifts to the car

We got home and it was TIME TO OPEN!!

That afternoon I got conned in to going to get these cuties fidget spinners!

That Sunday was CRAY!  I had a Stella & Dot show that morning, Landon had his last flag football game, and then we were having Reagan's family party that afternoon!  It all worked itself out though and Reagan was able to get her Baby Adam snuggles :)

even Landon wanted some snugs!

Reagan requested spaghetti and meatballs, her favorite!  BUT since she still didn't have her appetite totally back from being sick, she ate about 2 bites and was done. 

The birthday girl requested ice cream sundaes as her dessert for her family party!

Landon was pretty upset about HAVING to eat an ice cream sundae ;)

Happy 8th Birthday Reagan!!!!!!!

Monday was the big day and the 8 year old requested homemade waffles, on a school morning, that she then didn't even wind up eating!! (good thing it was her birthday!!)

She opened a couple presents in the morning...pretty much all things she knew about including new bedding and a new shower curtain for her bathroom ;)

off to get Dunkin' Donuts to share with her class as her birthday treat!



We went in and had lunch with the birthday girl and even took her McDonald's! 
Her buddy Dean, LOVE these kiddos!

Landon's lunch overlapped Reagan's lunch time, so we were able to bring him a special lunch and have lunch with him too!

someone was just being cute after we got home from school ;)

couldn't WAIT to open her other presents!!

Maddie got Sissy matching PJs for them

Reagan also went on a little shopping spree at Kohl's one day and I told her it was all for her birthday...ha!  She was SO surprised!!

She didn't know about this gift though!!!  We LOVE watching Dancing with the Stars and we got her tickets to see the LIVE show!!  She was SO SO excited!!!

One last hug on the yellow bedding...this is the bedding we got when she moved to a big girl bed when she had just turned 2...sadly, it was time for "big girl bedding."

The new!  It's so cute and just screams "REAGAN!"

dinner request...steak, fruit salad, peas, and applesauce

matchy girls...even though Maddie already had her jammies on, she INSISTED on putting these on top!  The girl is hilarious...and stubborn!!

she just keeps growing and growing

For the REAL birthday dessert it was an ice cream sandwich cake...nobody was upset about that request!
Look at my little Stella helper!

Reagan and a few of her best girls at lunch just days before the last day!

Can't even believe my baby boy had his LAST day of kindergarten!  Please note that on June7th he has on a fleece and long pants...it was SO chilly that day!!

it also happened to be field day!!

Landon had NO fun!

Landon and Ms. Kalloo

Reagan with Mrs. Tolton and Mrs. Bell

Reagan's field day was that same afternoon, right during naptime, so sadly I wasn't able to go.  She had SO much fun though and the BLUE team won!!

We celebrated Landon's last day with a donut treat after school!

The pretty girl had her last day the next day and it was just a half day

How is she now a THIRD GRADER!?!?
As I drove to pick Reagan up I was sobbing...we are going to miss this school so so very much.  What an adjustment a new school will be for ALL of us, but I'm sure all will be good!

I picked Reagan up, we ran home to get the rest of the fam, and we were off to NC!!

Friday morning iPad watching :)

We met up with my friend Katie and her precious girls in the morning

Keith met some old friends from his BB&T days while Maddie napped

That night I headed to Chapel Hill to watch my first group of 2nd graders graduate high school!!!!  UNREAL!  MY baby just finished 2nd grade and it doesn't seem like that long ago that THESE babies were finished with 2nd grade!  I was SO happy to be able to be there!
Carolyn (K teacher), Stef (3rd grade), Jess, and I!  What an amazing young woman she is!
This girl!!  Stef and I had lots of education classes together, student taught together, taught together...she is such a special friend and I'm SO glad we were able to grab dinner (at Kanki...yum!!) together after graduation.  I stopped by my friend Taxis' (Heather) house after dinner, but sadly didn't get a pic.

Saturday we went to Parker's baseball game and then I met Erin for lunch at Maggiano's!

Reid, Landon, and Parker

Saturday night we celebrated Reagan and her best buddy Brooklyn's birthday!  It was SO great to catch up with friends and it was if we had never left.  Such a FUN night!!

Our pups were the best of friends from the time they were puppies!  Now Jackson and Bailey are older, but we SWEAR they remember each other and they sure do love each other!

Monday morning we were back home and said good bye to our neighbor Gracie, who moved to NC!, before meeting friends at the park!

We busted out the water slide and that kept the big kids nice and occupied for a few hours!

They had so much fun...and weren't even arguing!!
Once this girl woke up we set up her new water table and she had SO much fun splishing and splashing!


these girls...LOVE!!!

That night, at 8:45!!!!!!, Reagan had her dance pictures.  Nothing like doing hair an make-up way past bedtime.  First costume is her lyrical (ballet) dance

Quick change into tap costume

Tuesday morning we were up and at 'em to Dutch Wonderland!!  Keith had planned on coming with us and even though it was SO hot out, we had THE BEST day!!

By noon we were READY to head to the van to have our picnic lunch and hang out in the AC for a few!  Keith took the big kids back in to the water park area (which I had never even shown the kids in the years we've been going, they couldn't believe there was a whole water park!).  I drove Maddie around Lancaster so she could take a little snooze :)

We came back for some water park action, which Madalyn wanted NOTHING to do with!  Then went back for a few rides and the dive show!

The kids sat in the splash zone and were SOAKED...which they loved!

We really had the BEST day together as a family...loved it!
Running errands in a Pokémon towel (AKA cape)

We celebrated Liam's birthday at the movies that week...sweet Maddie was such a good girl and even fell asleep in my arms for about 30 minues

can't get enough of the water table!
Thursday was stage rehearsal and then Friday night was dress rehearsal...lots of LONG, LATE nights this week!

but this smile makes it all so so worth it!  Reagan is a dancer, it's her thing, and she loves it and is so great at it!

precious girls and their amazing teacher, Miss Louise!

Recital DAY!!  (with the sun in her eyes!)

costume change and intermission and girlfriend HAD to use the Getaway bag for all her gear!

After FOUR HOURS, YES, FOUR HOURS of the recital, we could celebrate with the dancer!  Landon was such a trooper!!  It was Liam's party that day and he was so patient...but was ready to bust out of there as soon as it was over to get to the party!

We got home at 6:45 probably, I fed the girls, put Maddie to bed and then we were off to Liam's party!  Good thing Liam's family has all day parties :)  Reagan was begging to come home at 10, like I said we had a LOT of late, late nights with dance.  Landon stayed until 11:00, he'd never been up that late, but had so much fun!
Sunday was Father's Day!!  Keith and my dad had an early tee time, so we had to squeeze in a couple gifts and a breakfast to go before they left.
Landon picked out the purple golf shirt because he knows how much Daddy likes to golf and loves purple...plus "if he doesn't have a meeting, he can wear it to work."  Such a thoughtful little man!

He also made this cuteness in school...so sweet!

and would it even be Father's Day without a new tie, a purple tie at that!

Ready to go with their white belts and bacon, egg, and cheese English muffin sandwiches :)
we rested that afternoon while Maddie was snoozing...we were STILL exhausted!

...as was this guy who napped for a couple hours!! 
After golf we had a great dinner and celebrated the dads!

These four...my heart could burst!

Daddy and his girls

and a little boy

Reagan is such a little mommy with Madalyn...it's a very good thing, but can also be a "drives me crazy" thing.  She is so sweet with her though and loves to read her books, which Maddie just LOVES!

pool day with her BFF, Emi!

JJ came over one day and literally fell asleep in the middle of the kitchen, it was hilarious!

someone loves to sit on her little red stool and eat a pouchy...that's just her little routine!  It's pretty stinkin' cute too!

Sissy snuggles

sleepy, sleepy girl!  She's even been wearing almost all 2 piece jammies this summer...I will surely be getting one pieces for the summer because what is sweeter than a "baby" in onesie jammies?!

SO into her drawing!  she LOVES to write on the whiteboard

We had a Toys R Us trip one day because this girl had birthday money and gift cards to burn.  She bought this HUGE Barbie and loves to do her hair...it's so sweet!

VBS with her best buddy Macy

saying good bye to our piano teacher, Ms. Dean.  She's off to Iowa...we will miss her so.

Reagan helped with "décor" for my little Stella & Dot Sip N' Shop!  It was such a fun night!

On Friday we went to Nana's to hang out with Jordan and Adam and Nana requested everyone wear their 4th of July gear for a pic!


I was SO proud of Landon at VBS this week.  He is such a shy boy and doesn't like new environments, especially if I'm leaving him there, but he did so great.  He had his buddy Max there, but Max was even sick a couple nights and Landon still stayed.  I was so proud of him.  He had a BLAST!!
Enjoying a taco in a bag on the last night, Family Night

That Saturday Reagan and I ran some errands, went to cousin Syndey's birthday party, and then drove to Hershey to see Dancing with the Stars LIVE!  We had SO SO much fun!!

It was a great show and Reagan loved it!!

It was yet another LATE night...the show ended at 9:30 and then we had a 2 hour drive home, but we made it and made great memories!

That Sunday we had a FUNDAY planned to celebrate our neighbors that are moving to Texas.  The weather was awesome and we all had THE BEST time!!  Such a fun afternoon with great friends! 

Maddie is really starting to use a spoon so well! She now loves to eat cereal in the morning for breakfast and does a very good job :)

This big girl also loves to brush her own teeth and stand on the stool like her brother

Another pool day with friends!

Summer time and the living is easy :)

just a little early morning drawing time :)
June was a good month!  We left for the beach on the 30th and it was hard to believe we are already in July!!

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