Monday, October 26, 2015

Nice Little Thursday

This past Thursday was a beautiful day!  Probably our last warm day for quite awhile before we picked up Reagan at school we headed to the park for awhile and this kid just had so much fun!

After we got Reagan we headed to the mall to check out their Lego display!  They have an exhibit right now showcasing "Americana."  It was awesome.  The White House, Capitol Building, Independence Mall, The Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty...just to name a few.  It was very fun!  JJ met us there too, so the kids enjoyed riding on the back of her wheelchair and her spoiling them in the Disney Store :)

that is all LEGOS!!  Isn't that crazy?!?!

Appendix Out

Last Friday night, the night of Landon's field trip, Keith started complaining about his stomach/side hurting...I thought maybe it was just gas pains.  He didn't sleep well Friday night and by Saturday morning, as I was setting up for our neighborhood yard sale, he was still in pain.  I told him to go to Urgent Care and be told he was fine and to get home :)  (aren't I sweet?!?!)  Well Urgent Care sent him to the Middletown ER, which is associated with Christiana Hospital to rule out appendicitis since his side did feel tender.  SOOOO as I was manning our JOKE of a neighborhood yard sale, he was in the ER waiting to see a doctor.  The doctor then ordered him a cat scan to see his appendix.  At this point I had cleaned up all the yard sale stuff and had my dad and Diane on call to be with the kids just in case it was his appendix. The results came back that his appendix was inflamed and needed to come out that afternoon!!!  SOOOO around noon the kids went down to Colleen's (until my dad and Diane could get here...they were in Reading!) and I ran to the ER to be with Keith.  They were going to transfer him by ambulance so that he wouldn't have to be "re-admitted" at Christiana, which was nice.  We waited until about 3:30ish to finally get the ambulance and then I followed them to the hospital.  They took him right to the prep area for surgery and was in there by 4:30.  That was a long hour and a half just sitting in the waiting room by myself!!!!  Thank goodness the doctor came in and told me around 6 that Keith did great, he got the appendix out and was in recovery!  Phew!!!!  I got to go back to see him soon after that and he was already asking for the Michigan/Michigan St. football score, so I knew he was fine.  :)  I stayed until about 8:30 with him and then headed home to relieve my dad and Diane.  Keith spent the night.  Sunday morning my mom and John came over to be with the kids and I got to Keith by about 10:30 and he was released around noon,thankfully!!  SOOOOOOOO it was a crazy weekend!!!  Keith was to paint, hang curtain rods in our bedroom, and work outside this weekend...ha...clearly he went to extreme measures to get out of his "honey do" list :) 

In Middletown ER...

Getting ready for an ambulance ride

JUST out of poor Daddy :(

Sunday morning baby girl decided she needed a donut (or two!) on the way to get Keith!

walking around a bit before getting discharged

Home Sweet Home in his favorite spot!

these two fell sound asleep all snuggled up together!

Pop-Pop even got a visit to Reagan's hair salon WHILE playing Trouble with Landon!  ha!

Keith was home all last week from work, which I think drove him crazy!  The first couple days he really just laid around all day, but by Wednesday he was moving a little more and by Friday he was pretty much himself!  It was certainly a crazy little weekend!!

Landon's Field Trip to Coleman's!

On Friday, the 16th, Landon had his 2nd field trip to Coleman's!  (The previous Friday he had a field trip to the fire station, which we walked to from his preschool.  The firefighters wound up getting called to an emergency and had to leave, so that was cut way short!  It actually worked out well because it was the day before the gender reveal party and this momma had a lot to get done!)

Landon H, Liam, and Landon K...the weather couldn't have been better!

We went on a hayride, fed ducks, picked pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn!

my sweet boy!

That afternoon the boys were digging machines!  That week they were working on the curbs on the street and the boys were having a grand old time digging in the dirt.  When they were finally filled back in the boys were NOT very happy about it...guess what, neither were the mommas because it kept them BUSY!!

and then there's Reagan and Bella :)  Reagan is a total NUT!


Just a couple cute ones of my big boy!  I keep thinking that he'll be in KINDERGARTEN next year at this just doesn't seem possible!!

working on his homework one day, he LOVES doing it!  Hopefully that doesn't change!

Landon wanted me to bring B with me to pick him up like we have done for Reagan, he was so excited to have his doggy in the car!

...and right after this pic he told Bailey to get down because he was hurting him!  Ha!

This picture cracks me up...2 peas in a pod!  I had a board meeting this Thursday morning, so I had met Keith in Wilmington to get Landon, who was still in pjs, hair not brushed, and I'm pretty sure teeth weren't brushed either.  Landon and I ran a couple errands and then I was to have a sewing class for an embroidery machine that my mom and John got me.  They wound up meeting us there only to find out our machine had some technical issues and needed to be sent in for repairs.  SOOO we went to Panera for lunch and these two had themselves a good time playing on the iPad....I think we were there for well over an hour!

Gender Reveal Party!!

We had SO much fun on Saturday, October 10th!  It was our Gender Reveal Party!  After my ultrasound, we had in an envelope, sitting on the counter, whether this baby was a boy or a girl.  It was kind of killing me not to just tear it open because it just sat there for a week or so.  Finally, I dropped it off at the bakery one day so that it was out of my sight!!  They would be the only ones who know if this was a little man or little miss :)  It worked out great to have the party that Saturday because Keith's dad was going to be visiting that weekend and Kristin and her girls came down too, which was so fun.  It was great having both of our families there to celebrate!!

I did not do a very good job of taking as many pictures as I would have liked!  We had lunch and I was kind of rushing everyone through eating so that we could cut the cake!!

I did really want a "Team Little Miss" and a "Team Little Man" picture before we found out though!  Several dressed in their pinks and blues to support which they thought :)

As you can tell, "Team Little Miss" was the majority!!  I wore white to remain neutral...obviously we had not an ounce of a preference!  Also, for the record, Landon decided he would wear green because that was a boy or a girl color.  He did not want to wear pink or blue...that boy cracks me up!

Sweet Landon and Liam wanted a picture holding the them!'s time!

Just about to cut! (Please note the balloons...Landon decorated.  The kids were very involved in the planning  and I loved that.  They helped with the paper products, setting everything up, and the decorations.  Such a fun way to find out who this baby is!)

Jordan is holding my phone Facetiming Aunt Ellen!  We had to have her "there" with us :)

....see the icing in the middle?!?
It's a GIRL!!!

Reagan was BEYOND excited and I'm so thankful to my friend/neighbor, Colleen, for videoing for us!  Landon wasn't so sure of the sister idea, but he has been very neutral...I wouldn't say he's excited, but he's not crying that it's a girl either, so that is a good thing :)

Such a FUN day!!  For Reagan we didn't find out, we did with Landon, and now with this one we had a little party for the grand finale :)

Sweet cousins got matching pjs when we went shopping on Sunday!  Biggest Sister Reagan HAD to pick out a couple cute little things for her baby sissy!

Saying good-bye after we dropped Landon off at school on Monday morning!  Sweet girls in their matching outfits!

So thankful for a sweet precious baby GIRL and for our families and friends celebrating with us!

Blessing of the Animals and All School Picnic

We LOVE Reagan's school for so many reasons, but one of the sweetest things they do in October is the "Blessing of the Animals."  I'm pretty sure it's an Episcopal thing, but I'm not positive.  It's adorable though and the kids just LOVE it.  People bring all kinds of animals, mostly dogs, but there are a few horses too!

Bailey getting blessed...the pastor said, "Bailey, may you continue to bring Reagan, Landon, and the rest of the family joy."  I about lost it...seriously, pregnancy hormones are no joke!  ha!

Bailey loved being there and Reagan loved having her B there!  Notice he was very distracted by all the other "friends" there :)  Looking one way...

...and the other!

It was a busy day at St. Anne's because that night was the All School Picnic as well!  The kids had so much fun and it was a night off from cooking :)  

Anna, Annika, Macy, Reagan, and Dean...the sweetest group of friends!

The face painted children finally decided to munch on a little pizza as we were leaving!  They couldn't stop running and playing for a minute to eat :)

It was a great day and we are so thankful for such a wonderful school!