Friday, April 29, 2016

Busy Week 2!

It was time to bust out the Bumbo!  This girl is just getting a little too big 

Just loves to lay with that baby girl!

We had a couple errands to run at the mall on Tuesday...

...and we finally made it to Toys R Us for his Lego set!!

That afternoon we made a cake because, well, it just sounded good!  Landon is my baking buddy...Reagan likes it, but Landon is always wanting to help in the kitchen.

Reagan gets home from school and can't wait to get her hands on Maddie!

Holding that head up like the biggest girl!

Looking snazzy to go meet her newest friend, Emily (Emi) Anne Stringer! made Madalyn look SO big next to the little Emi peanut!

We totally crashed on the Stringers so we could meet baby Emi on Wednesday morning while the big kids were at school

Big Brother Liam and Biggest Sister Bella meeting Emi for the first time!

On Thursday we headed to Longwood for the afternoon with Heath and her boys after another wonderful conference for Reagan.  We just couldn't be more proud of that girl!

Everyone is getting just a little too big!

Maddie was there too :)

me and my you HBMTC!

And for SOME reason we were feeling VERY brave and decided to go out to dinner with five kids after Longwood...SOOO after nursing Maddie in the van we went into Ruby's Diner.  It really wasn't that bad, but not exactly a relaxing "let's catch up" kind of dinner either :)

...and on our way home everyone was OUT!

Reagan had off on Friday too for conferences, so we met Nana at King of Prussia Mall to do a little wedding shopping.  Our first stop was the Lilly store!  Both girls got several cute new dresses!!  Momma wasn't QUITE ready to be purchasing a dress yet, but they zipped, so that was good!  This was the first time Reagan had really tried on clothes in the store before and she just loved it.  Not a bad gig huh, shopping in the Lilly store, Justice, out to lunch, and then suffering through a Loft stop for Mommy and Nana.  We left at 3:00 and it took us almost THREE HOURS to get home because of should have taken about ONE!  We TOTALLY missed dance...we tried...and thankfully Maddie snoozed the whole way home!

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em for the Ronald McDonald House 5K in memory of the Stringer's son, CJ.  It was chilly, so Maddie and I hung out in the van and then visited with Colleen and Emi who also hung out in their car.  Keith wound up with the Stringer's stroller, but Landon in it, running with Liam and Reagan?!  Hilarious!

There was a huge group of us that went out to lunch afterwards, which was fun!

Some Saturday snugs with my baby love!

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!

Little miss found her thumb and I just had to document :)  It's about the most precious thing!

Landon got to meet Liam's baby sister, Emi...and hold her!

This girl.  I just love her.  I can't even believe she is almost finished with FIRST GRADE already.  She's going into 2nd grade...I TAUGHT 2nd grade and some of my precious 2nd graders just went to junior prom!

Maddie was snoozing and surprisingly Landon managed to get up on my shoulders!

The birthday boy arrived and Maddie needed some Uncle Mike snugs!

Our VERY failed selfie attempt

We had Uncle Mike's requested dinner and then of course had to sing Happy Birthday!

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop snuggles

Keith was going to be super late that night, so it was nice to have lots of extra hands around!

April Catch Up! - Week 1

 Time for some April catch up!  How is this month almost over?!  Crazy!
Just a typical afternoon around here...Landon still in PJ's, climbing on his poor momma :)

Pulling into Reagan's school...everything was blooming soooo pretty this week!

Landon LOVES to give Maddie stuffed animals while I get him ready for's too sweet.  She is clearly thrilled!

He also loves to get his picture taken with her and the stuffed animals!

This is just sweetness!!  Such a little love!

Daddy worked from home that morning, so M got some extra snuggles!

We brought Liam home with us after school since his momma was at the doctor.  The boys were in dress up within minutes and then had an intense game of Hungry Hippo

SOOO Thursday morning I was brushing my teeth, we were about to head out to run some errands and to go to Toys R Us.  (Landon had a gift card from Christmas burning a hole in his pocket and he REALLY wanted a new Lego set.)  Anyway, brushing my teeth and Landon comes upstairs and I thought I heard him crying....I asked him if he was crying and he said his knee hurt.  I went over to him and asked him if he fell and he said he did fall on the roller coaster (hard plastic) but that had been a few minutes before.  I thought maybe growing pains, which he gets frequently!?  We went downstairs, but he could not put weight on his right leg or straighten it.  So weird.  We did our go to for when he has growing pains, the heating pad.  That didn't help, so I thought ice?  That wasn't really helping so we went to Tylenol.  Poor guy was trying to walk on it because he REALLY wanted to go to Toys R Us, but he just couldn't.  After the Tylenol wasn't cutting it, I called the doctor and when the nurse called me back she suggested I bring him in.  Colleen, about to pop with a baby!, very sweetly watched a just fed Madalyn for me so I could take Landon to the doctor.  I had NO clue what this could be, but upon google-ing leukemia was the first thing that came up.  I am a worrier...I can't help it, so I was a nervous momma.  The doctor didn't see anything, not swollen, didn't know what it was, so sent us for x-rays.  We went to that office and the lovely tech said "he's going to have to straighten his leg."  Well clearly that wasn't happening and THANK GOODNESS there was another nice lady in there who you could tell was a mom and said he could just straighten it as much as he could and they'd get the best picture they could.  I was so thankful for her and sweet Landon still had tears streaming down his face...he was so brave.  I was so proud of him.  Within an hour I got a phone call from the doctor saying she had the results from the the x-ray and all was fine.  She had tried to get us an appt with an orthopedic doctor, but his schedule was booked and then said we could go to the ER.  I really didn't feel like it was an EMERGENT issue, Landon was fine other than not being able to walk.  Poor guy was crawling around the house...that was the other thing, he could crawl on it, which is why I wasn't convinced it was a bone or anything sprained.  We had Maddie's 2 month appointment the next day with our regular pediatrician, so we decided we'd talk to her then.  Friday morning, we take Landon and Maddie to the doctor, Keith came with me thankfully.  The doctor wasn't sure about Landon, but wanted to do blood work to rule out lymes.  I was asking about arthritis and even found something online called toxic synovitis.  It affects boys between the ages of 3 and 7 after having a virus.  It can cause hip and/or knee pain and the inability to walk.  The doctor said it certainly could be that and if it was he'd be FINE by Monday.  After we talked to her forever about Landon, she checked out Maddie who was perfect! :)  I didn't take L for bloodwork on Friday, just to not traumatize him.  I was really hoping that he'd wake up Saturday and be fine.  Sadly, Saturday morning he woke up still not able to walk and I told Keith to take him for the bloodwork.  He was so brave and got a sweet Lego kit out of it!  We had plans that afternoon to head to my dad's to clean out and Landon was still crawling around his house.  He had so much fun going up and down in the elevator.  Then out of the blue, after eating a bag of pretzel sticks, he started putting a little weight on his leg, then started walking, then running, and then was JUMPING on bubble wrap!  WHAT?!?!  We couldn't believe it!!  It literally left as quickly as it came...THANK GOODNESS!!  He was fine that night and outside all day Sunday running and playing!  I got a phone call on Monday with the bloodwork results and everything was totally fine, PRAISE THE LORD! 

Elevator selfies with my sweet boy!

R actually got in the elevator...she's such a nut and got stuck when she was 2 and hasn't been back in there since! :)  She felt OK going in with Landon and I, but still wasn't thrilled!

And then we wrapped up our visit with Grandpa and Nana with some sweet baby snugs!