Saturday, August 22, 2015

Just a few randoms

Just a couple randoms...

Landon took this of Reagan while we waited for the nurse to come in to give him his 4 year old shots...just 2, but he did "no yike dose berry much at all!!!!"

all the babes watching tv in our room

Landon had my phone while on the potty at my Mom's and he left me a couple pics...

the kid is crazy!

and a pretty common occurrence in our household...Daddy and Bailey snuggled, asleep on the sofa...both snoring!

Sleepover Fun

The day after Landon's birthday was an exciting day around here because Anna was coming to spend the night!  The girls were SOOO excited!

Our first stop was bowling!

After bowling we got some ice cream and then came home to play and get dinner ready...

the girls did "make up"
(OMG...this was a DISASTER!!!)

They were such good girls though and had so much fun!  I LOVED listening to their giggles :)  They had a little movie night with a Barbie movie and stayed up SO late until 8:45!  ha!  (to them that is late...and I wasn't complaining!)

These girls are so sweet together and I am so thankful Reagan has such a precious friend! (I kinda like her momma a lot too!)

Happy 4th Birthday Landon!

On August 2nd our sweet Landon turned FOUR!!  We can't even believe it!  We had such a fun day celebrating our big man.

he opened presents right away...he couldn't wait another minute!

The overall theme was "Rescue Bots" :)

At first Landon didn't know what he wanted to do for his special day; just stay home was what he thought because that is so little home body!  Then I mentioned the Garden State Discovery Museum and he was so excited about that, not to mention Reagan hadn't been before so she was pretty happy about that too!  The birthday boy requested McDonald's for lunch on our way and that's just what he got!

Reagan was SO sad to have to eat McDonald's...RIIIIIGHT!

Fishing fun at the museum

Reagan drove us home through the neighborhood!

Growing WAY too much!!  Landon is just one inch shorter than Reagan was when she turned FIVE!!

Landon you are just so very loved!  You put a smile on our face everyday and we just love you to pieces!!  We hope you had the happiest of days celebrating wonderful YOU!

Landon's Roll to the Rescue 4th Birthday!!

The beginning of August was pretty exciting around here because a little man in our house turned FOUR!!  We had Landon's 4th Birthday party on Saturday the 1st and did a combo with friends and family!  He was SOOOO excited for his Rescue Bot par-tay!

The day before these nut balls had fun at the "photo booth"

Reagan had SO much fun helping Keith mow on Friday night! (He borrowed the neighbor's rider, Keith still has a push)


Liam and buddies!!

My precious babes!

Bella, Liam, Reagan, and Landon

LOVE these kids!!

Aunt JJ got in on the photo booth fun!!

Ready to start the party!  We had all kinds of things set up outside and it couldn't have been too much hotter one seemed to mind too much thankfully!

Reagan and Bella ran the "tattoo parlor" 

Landon insisted on a monkey pinata...silly kid!

Landon had a GREAT day!  He had so many friends and family come to celebrate was a full day of fun!