Thursday, June 30, 2016

All Kinds of June Catch Up!

This summer is already FLYING by!  The kids have been out of school for almost a month and it's crazy that tomorrow is July!

Building a terrarium, one of Reagan's prized birthday presents.  I don't do terrariums, but this was painless and man do we have a lot of grass growing!

On Thursday, the 9th, Landon had his first "kindergarten playdate" at St. Anne's.  It was such a nice day, but so surreal that our little man is REALLY going to be starting kindergarten!

On Friday Keith picked up something from my dad's that he has had his eye on for a LONG time, the prized John Deer riding mower!!  Yahoo!!  Daddy had to give it a test ride Friday night!

That Saturday, the 11th, was a sad day.  It was our LAST day at my dad's house.  It was the official pack it up and move it out day.  While I'm so excited he and Diane are moving  just about 15 minutes from us, it's still so sad to think that the house we lived in for so long is not ours anymore.  That house was so special!  Lots of wonderful memories.  What is wild is the couple that bought the house is about to have their first baby and the husband is the brother of a girl I graduated with!  Crazy huh!?

My room!  I don't even recognize it though because all of the lovely blue and yellow floral wallpaper was stripped down :)

One last elevator ride!  Landon LOVED Jamie's elevator, Reagan hated it.  Landon will surely miss that!

I will miss this yard!

Backing out of the driveway that I learned how to reverse on (and it was long!) for the last time.  I was sobbing...

Everyone was exhausted on the way home! 

Keith rode with my dad in the U-haul and we got all kinds of great furniture and also are storing some things in our basement for them.

My little Mommy

Look at this big girl!

On Monday the movers finished moving all the big stuff out of my dad's and we got the piano delivered!  Reagan was SO excited!

Loving on her sissy!

I LOVE this pic!!

The kids wanted to have a sleepover together, which was a great idea in theory.  The first drama was Reagan wanted it to be in her room and Landon wanted it in his.  Reagan agreed to have it in Landon's room and read him a book...5 minutes later Reagan walks out crying because she missed her bed and wanted to sleep in there.  Fine, go sleep in your bed!  Landon then starts crying because he wanted to do the sleepover and Reagan hurt his feelings...seriously...this was supposed to be FUN!  Everyone in their own beds and!!!

Sweet boy send this pic to his bestie Liam who was on was his 5th birthday!!

Landon and his mini-me!

This sweetness is really Landon in a bow :)

SO very thankful this crappy little pool keeps them so occupied and entertained!  Too bad after this day there was a hole in the side...

Friday Happy Hour! we upgraded this this bad boy!  The kids LOVED it!!!!  It was their super special treat for having such a GREAT school year and for Reagan's AMAZING report card!!

this sweetness just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dutch Wonderland!

Our first week of summer started with a bang at the allergist, YIPPEE!  The kids had blood work done a couple weeks ago and this was just a follow up appointment and to find out about their peanut allergies.  BOTH have gotten worse.  I just hate it for them.  Obviously nothing changes for how we do "things," but it just sucks for them.  In perspective, it's okay,  but just so scary.  In a way I'm so thankful it's common because atleast there is awareness, but in the other sense it is just plain scary!

After that excitement on Tuesday we went to Dutch Wonderland!!  We just love going and it was Keith's first time going with us.  We had a great day and it started out BEAUTIFUL.  Reagan and Landon got out of school a little earlier than most schools I guess because it was EMPTY when we were there.  We didn't wait in one line, which was awesome!

Traditional first train ride!

Katey and Sydney came with us too and Reagan was so excited...she had to take a selfie!

Maddie was PUMPED to be at DW...ha!  We had to stop at Target to get her some diapers and a hat because I kind of forgot those minor details that morning when we left.  Keith went in and came out with an outfit and hat.  Didn't match her at all, but whatever.  She also had JUST spit up all over herself as we were about to get on the train!

Annual picture in front of the pretzel!

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop and the grands!

Water flume!  Gets us excited for Disney this fall...Splash Mountain was closed last time we went!

On a roller coaster with my sweet boy

Reagan was tall enough to ride one of the coasters by HERSELF...she thought that was about the coolest!

At the dive show, which we LOVE.  They sat in the front row, which you have a high risk of getting soaked...well they did...SOAKED!!!  I was sitting 5 rows back and so did I...I have to say it felt good though!

We picnicked in the parking lot this year, which worked out great.

Somebody got a little sleepy :)  Precious baby!

Right about now is when it started POURING.  I mean the sky was getting so was crazy!  SOOO it was a bummer that it started to rain, BUT the good news is we got free tickets to come back another day.  It was after 2 at this point, so we had had 4 hours of fun and now get to look forward to going again!

These kiddos were getting their face painted under a canopy when it started POURING.  Maddie and I were headed to the gift shop/exit area.  I wound up running to the car and getting SOAKED to get umbrellas to go get Keith and the kids from face painting.  Always an adventure!

Maddie wasn't bothered by the rain

I'd say it was a successful trip!  Everyone snoozed the whole way home.

Such a fun day at DW!

And this kid...went with his face fully painted still, to Walmart the next day to get this Megazord.  He saved his dollars and made the purchase!