Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hand, Foot, and Mouth...

My sweet little man has himself Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  YUCK!  I feel sooo terrible for him.  He seems to be doing ok, as long as he has tylenol in his system...

He woke up yesterday morning with very pink cheeks and he felt a little warm...I took his temperature (with our SUPER crappy ear thermometer) and it said 98.8, I think.  I took mine next and it said 94.7, which hello, was way off.  Then I did an underarm temp and it was about 100.8.  I gave him some tylenol, he was acting fine after that, ate a great breakfast, drank a lot of water, played with sister, and took a good morning nap.  While I was getting him dressed I noticed some "bumps" on his arms. Similar to what I thought I saw on Saturday night...I tried not to panic....The ORIGINAL plan today was to go to the gym, Mommy do zumba, kids in KidZone, then go to the pool.  When LTK had a bit of a fever though, I knew that was out.  SOOO we were going to have fun playing in the sprinkler and water table this morning.  Back to the bumps...so I called the doctor's office to leave a message for a nurse, but then 2 minutes later wound up calling for an appointment.  A neighbor had JUST put on facebook this morning that her daughter has HFandM and guess what, they were at the gym the SAME day last week.  We got to the doctor and, after waiting way too long, we were called back.  The nurse was asking me some questions and then took L's temperature...the poor thing had a 102.2* fever!  I felt terrible.  The doctor finally came in, predicted that it was HFandM, but still swabbed his throat to rule out strep since he had soo many little bumpies in his mouth.  While we were waiting for the results Landon was getting more and more lathargic, it was scary.  He was almost asleep snuggling on my shoulder, which is NOT like him at all.  Poor guy...when the doctor came back in and said it wasn't strep she game him more tylenol, which seemed to help him.  We stopped by Walgreens on the way home for a NEW THERMOMETER (just spend the money on a good one, don't get cheapy after cheapy...I've learned my lesson!) and some more medicine.  He ran a temperature the rest of the day, but it got better with the tylenol. 

Last night wasn't the best night, but it also wasn't quite as bad as I had anticipated it being.  The good news is Landon hasn't had any fever today!  Yahoo!  His "rash" seems to be getting a little more so though, but HOPEFULLY since the fever is gone that means we are on the up!?!  We shall see...I can tell his throat is bothering him today.  He really isn't eating a whole lot...he's getting a lot of ice cream, yougurt, and cheese. 

SO I don't know if this came from the Kids Zone at the gym, the pool, where, but it sucks and I am ready for it to be gone.  Great news about it too is that it's SUPER contagious...awesome.  My fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else are crossed that R doesn't get it next...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Reagan at 3

Last Thursday was Reagan's 3 year old well visit at the doctor and she did great!  Thankfully, there weren't any shots either :)  Bless her heart, she was giving herself an outloud pep talk as we pulled into the doctor.  "It gonna hurt just for one minute and then it be all over and Reaggie get a band-aid" (we've been talking about it)  We even brought some M&M's just in case as a "shot treat."  She still got the treats for being a good girl!

Everything looked great!  She is 39 pounds and is 39 inches.  Easy to remember!  She had to have her vision tested today, which was cute.  All I can say is thank goodness she knows her shapes...she would have been screwed if she didn't.  :)  We are so lucky to have a healthy, happy girl.  I am a mess and teared up in the car because I just was feeling so blessed.

I have been wanting to write down a few things about Reagan at this age, so I can remember.  She is such a mess, but I just couldn't love her more.  Sometimes I forget that she is only 3 because she can have such an intellegent conversation with me...it's pretty sweet.  I PRAY that we remain close and that she likes me as she gets older ;) ...maybe atleast most of the time?!

Some "Reaggie-isms"

* Whenever you ask her "how did you get so cute?" or "how did you get so smart?" Any sort of question like that her answer is "from God."  :)

* For the LONGEST time EVERY night and naptime she would request that I sing her "The Flower Song" and tell her what to dream about.  "The Flower Song" was made up one night in desperation and just kind of stuck, just to the tune of the itsy bitsy spider.  We would do three rounds of that and then I would tell her what to dream about, which was always about our beach trip.  Going to get donuts, playing on the beach, going to the boardwalk, getting ice cream...it was really starting to get old :)  Thankfully we have now moved on to classic songs, such as Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, You Are My Sunshing, Mr. Sun...and back rubs and arm scratches :)

* Reagan is so sweet (99% of the time), she is usually very polite, she admits when she is going to be shy, she is wild, outgoing, sassy, personable, smart, stubborn, crazy...she is just a little nut!  She can be rough though, especially with her brother, however we figure that's good for him...toughens him up!

* She still says that her favorite song is "Dynamite" and requests to listen to that and "Knee Deep" pretty often in the car, obviously along with princess favorites and Humpty Dumpty :)  Poor Landon is going to know all the princess tunes before he knows The Wheels on the Bus...it will help get him all the ladies ;)

* Reagan loves to play with her figurines, the kitchen, legos, musical instruments, her babies, Barbies, doing crafts, cutting, playing outside, swinging, LOVES reading, watching tv...she is a pretty content girl and can easily find something to do to keep herself busy.  Her imagination amazes me!

* Lately she has been overkilling the "I'm sorry" card.  She'll push Landon down and then say "I'm sorry."  Seriously!?  If you were so sorry you wouldn't have done it in the first place...we're working on that.  She also always asks, "You happy Mommy?"  She already gets that if Mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

* I also love how she will say, "save that for me Mommy for when Reaggie get bigger."  If she likes anything of mine, jewelry, shoes, dress, shirt, pj's...whatever, she'll tell me to save it for her.  :)  Keep in mind that's not all that often since I'm usually in totally bummy clothes in which she will then ask me to raise my arms to see if I have holes in my t-shirt.  Some of those Phi Mu t-shirts from college have about reached their limit!

I'm sure there are so many other things, but this age is just so sweet and fun, most of the time :)  We love you Reaggie Mae and are so proud of you!!

Last Week Catch Up!

Somehow last week just slipped by me with no updates...it happens :)

Monday of last week I (for the FIRST TIME EVER!) took my kids to the gym and put them in the KidZone so I could do a morning zumba class.  I was SO proud of myself because for some reason it just makes me nervous to leave them there...maybe it's that I don't know the person watching my child?!  Regardless, I did it.  They both did fine, Landon was a little snoozy though since he didn't get his morning nap.  More to come on that KidZone experience though...

Tuesday we did laundry (yay!) and one of my sweet friends that I worked with came over to hang out with us.  Reagan was BEYOND excited!!  She has babysat for us before and Reagan is begging for her to come back again...NO WORRIES sweet girl! ;)

Reagan has been SOOO into taking pictures lately.  She LOVES my piece of poo camera and snaps some "awesome" pictures.  haha!  She took a quick pic of me before going to zumba on Tuesday night.  Keith was home from work in time for me to go that time!

Having an orange juice popsicle!

I have no recolection what we did on Wednesday...maybe we went to the park that day?!  Or was that the week before?!  Hmm...that is just sad... :)

Thursday Reagan had her 3 year well visit!  She did great and I have a whole post on that to come.  After the doctor we hit up Target and then came home for lunch.

Oh I forgot to mention what we FINALLY picked up at Target...her BIG GIRL bike!!  She is SO excited...seriously!  She sits on it for meals, and is REALLY practicing her petaling.  Silly girl!

This is a "pre basket" pic...

Friday was Brooklyn's 3rd birthday party!!  Yahoo!  Of course we were SO excited :)  Reagan and Landon had a blast and it was great to catch up with my friends too!

Ye-haw LTK!

Silly girls!

Lunch time...on the bike!

Friday afternoon I skipped out for a little while to run a couple errands and then I had to get ready for our neighborhood yard sale Saturday morning.  We cleaned out the garage last weekend and had a bunch of "stuff" that we just didn't need.  Thankfully one man's junk is another man's treasure, because we sold almost everything!!  I had to scope out what the other  neighbors were selling and scored a couple trucks for Landon, princess cars for Reags, and THIS trampoline for only $5!  Best $5 I have spent in awhile :)  This little jumper LOVES it!!

We went out for dinner at this little place up the road and had ice cream there on Saturday night, using some of our yard sale mulah :)  (I noticed a little rash looking something on Landon's arms too...)

Sunday was a family trip to the grocery store, cleaning up, a little yard work, running a couple errands, and playing outside...oh yes, and lunch on the bike...again! :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day!

Father's Day 2012 was a success!  The weather couldn't have been better and the kiddos couldn't have been sweeter :)

We started with presents...what's a holiday without a few fun things to open!?

Reaggie with a "D", Bailey with an "A", and Landon with a "D", plus Daddy got a few other treats!

After Landon's nap we all headed to the park, Daddy's request!

She is a hot stinkin' mess!!!  (but love every inch of it!)

Doing their exercises on the walking trail!

Laughing at his nutball sister :)

After the park we were going to go out to lunch to the restaurant we have gone for the past two Father's Days...well we got there and all they gave us was the brunch menu.  I asked if we could order off of the regular menu and we couldn't...ummm all they had on the kid's menu were EGGS.  That would be a problem considering the egg allery little miss has...SOOOO we just came home for lunch.  The waitress said, "will you all be coming back later?"  I quickly responded, "uhh no."  Probably the "northern" Steph coming out, but seriously?!  Brunch only?!  Since when?  The poor dad next to us said they were bummed out about it too...oh well!

After lunch we headed back outside for a little more playtime before naps.  Reags is REALLY practicing hard pedaling so that when we get her "big girl" bike she is READY!  Um and a new helmet too...this one is a little small :)

Big man playing with blocks!

Landon and I ran to the store while Reagan was still sleeping and Daddy could enjoy the Germany soccer game in peace.  Thankfully they won, which made for a very happy Daddy.  We had a yummy dinner of spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and bread, which was Keith's request and EASY.  Thank you!!  You may recall two years ago it was "the tour of Italy"...NEVER again!!

Father's Day 2012 ended with snuggles in bed before bedtime.  Doesn't get much better!

My kiddos sure are lucky to have such a sweet Daddy, which both kids have beyond wrapped around his finger!

Water Table Fun!

Saturday morning was just beautiful!  Reags and I ran a couple errands and while Daddy mowed the lawn, the kiddos played on the "pirate ship" (the swingset) and then got the water table out.  Landon and Reagan had too much fun...we're talking this kept them busy for about an hour and a half...beautiful!!

I love this :)

It was a fun little morning followed by a fun night out to dinner with some friends!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Week

Happy Friday!  We've had a fun filled summer week with some BEAUTIFUL weather :)

On Monday Reagan woke up with a fever again...no idea what the deal was.  It lasted a little over 24 hours, nothing high, just a low grade fever.  Thankfully she acted pretty much herself.  :)

Durning breakfast Tuesday morning this kiddo was getting accessorized by his sister...poor thing!

Tuesday I had an appointment for the kiddos to get their pictures taken, AGAIN! This time it was for Landon's 10 month and Reagan's 3 year pics...they turned out pretty cute!

Wednesday we headed to Vollmer Farms for some strawberry picking.  I happened to see that they would have strawberries for another couple weeks and Reagan had SO much fun when we went before, I figured we would count that as our "field trip" of the week.  It was empty, which was nice, but rather warm.  We were still successful though and got some YUMMMMY strawberries!!

Yes, Hallmark Gold Crown seals...we were busy getting Father's Day cards in the mail that morning ;)

We just HAD to get some homemade YUMMY ice cream while we were there as a little "pre-lunch" snack.  It was so good!  Landon had his own little cup too and he POLISHED it off!

This is his "ehhhh, ehhhh" face, which in "Landon" means MORE LADY and FASTER!!

Thursday we ventured to Walmart, storytime, and then to Chick Fil A to meet one of Reaggie's friends for lunch.  The girls played, Landon chilled in his stroller, and the mommas got to chat :)  It was a crazy morning though and I was secretly wishing that CFA had nice cold cocktails...oh well.

Landon was lovin' his peas at dinnertime!

Today the weather was PERRRFECT!  Not a cloud in the sky, no humidity, low 80's, just BEAUTIFUL!  We were going to go to the pool, but it was still a little chilly this morning and with the breeze, I didn't want to risk us getting there and then freezing...too much work :)  SOOO we opted for the post office and the park instead.  It was such a fun little morning with the kiddos!

Seriously, he is just getting SO stinkin' big!!

Precious girl!

It was a great week...now it's time to get ready for a fun filled weekend and a special little day on Sunday :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Third Birthday Weekend!

*Beware of picture overload!*

Friday morning we had to run a few last minute errands to get ready for the big day on Saturday, such as pick up the cake!  By the time we got home my mom and John were just about here, which Reags was a little too excited about!  They were here for lunch and then once I got the kiddos down, I had to run to get our blasted computer looked at real quick so I could finish up her 3rd year slideshow...it worked out that I had "babysitters" during naptime :)

Pop-Pop worked hard during naptime to put this beauty together!  Reaggie's first car :)  She was SOOO excited!!  However, she was so scared to get in it at first and then finally got in it, but did NOT want it to move.  Thankfully, the battery was still charging anyway, so it's a good thing she didn't want it to move!

Landon loves it too!

Seriously!?  Her bar is set a little too high now I think!

Thank you Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop for the SOOO cool present!

We had a little cookout at our house Friday night because Margaret and MORGAN drove down from Virginia for Reaggie's party.  Our other neighbors came over too and we all hung out and ate until about 9 when this wicked woman broke up the party so a certain 3 year old could go to bed to get ready for her big party day!

Reaggie's party was at a gym this year, which was SOO great!  There really was NO stress the morning of the party, which is a whole new concept for me :)  We had to swing by Harris Teeter to get some balloons and, clearly, had to have a donut!

We got to the gym about 15 minutes before her friends were to arrive, I set up the tables, got things organized and we were set!

Party time!  Yahoooo!

Reagan with her girls, Brooklyn and Grace :)

Mo-Mo!!! (in full gymnastics attire!)

Baby Evie came and to say Reagan was excited to see her was an understatement!  Of course we were excited to see Miss Heather and Mr. Bret too!

"Silly" Emmy :)

So they have this harnass swing that apparently is the "hit" of all the parties...I didn't think Reagan would want to do it, because she has been nervous lately about doing anything new.  WELL, Morgan went first to show her how fun it was and then Reagan was ALL excited!  She was FLYING through the air and LOVING every second!  I felt like I was going to vomit just watching her, but she had a blast!

Since she was the birthday girl she got to go TWICE!  The second time she was much more comfortable and wanted to go faster and higher than before!

Group shot!  I can't believe they were so still :)

After an hour in the gym we got to move into the lovely paint splattered party room ;)  We had 30 minutes in there, which worked out great.  We had cake, ice cream, Reagan passed out her goodie bags to her friends, cleaned up and it was time to go!  I think everyone had a great time!

Since her party was wrapped up by 11:30, we decided to go out to lunch with Margaret and Morgan before they hit the road.  We went to the Ale House, sat outside, and the girls got to run out even more energy while we waited for our food.  They had a blast!

We were home in time for naps and EVERYONE slept GREAT!  What a busy morning!  I think we need to invest in a trampoline and bouncy slides in our future :)  Keith went out to watch the Germany soccer game and on his way home picked up Reagan's final dinner request of the 3rd birthday extravaganza, steak, again!  We ate a yummy dinner on the deck and Landon had a BLAST splashing in the water table.  Silly man!  Good thinkin' Mum-Mum!

Pure happiness!

We had to sing to the birthday girl ONE LAST time!

...with leftover cake from her party!

We ended Saturday night by watching her 3rd year slideshow that I made.  It takes awhile to do and I stress so badly about the songs to put on it, but it is so fun to watch and see how much our little girl has changed over the year!  Reags got a kick out of watching it too :)  She has been watching her "baby" one a lot lately on the computer.

Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast and then it was car time again!  Reagan still wanted nothing to do with pushing the petal, SO Keith had a GREAT idea (I seriously was impressed) to use the top of a broom to push the petal and we could walk behind the car.  It worked and R LOVED it!  It is going to take her a few tries to master steering, but she did pretty good!

note the broom handle :)

Landon got in on the fun too and LOVED it!

Phew...what a fun weekend!  I think we are partied out for a little while anyway, until it's time for our big man's first birthday in August.  Hard to believe that is right around the corner!
Reags woke up with a little fever this morning, again, and said her tummy hurt.  She rested most of the morning and I gave her Advil, which seemed to help her feel better too.  Hopefully she can sleep it off and be feeling good as new!