Friday, March 31, 2017


This seems to be my new M.O. I guess...a BIG monthly post!  Atleast it's documented right?!

One day before school...she was just looking adorable...and big!  She doesn't wear a hairbow everyday anymore and some days needs to put on the matching earrings.  I just LOVE this girl and can't believe she will soon be EIGHT!!

This goofy girl was trying to put a 12 month shirt dice sweet cheeks!

Working on her timeline project one afternoon

...and this pictures mom!!

Reagan's Rad Life! They had to choose 8-10 events...we did 8 only because that's how many we could fit!  The poster had to be a certain length...she chose: the day she was born, the day of her peanut reaction, the day Landon was born, when we moved from NC (boo hoo!), her first trip to NYC, the day Madalyn was born, our Disney trip in October, and our trip to the aquarium in February.  She did it all herself and was so proud of her work!

This little lady was "helping" me make dinner!

Such a big girl!

LOOK AT HER!!  So big and so precious!!  The bow lasted probably a minute...she will NOT keep a bow in and her hair is OUT.OF.CONTROL without it!!

Thumbs up baby, you rock the belted cardigan!

Ready for storytime and lunch with friends on a BEAUTIFUL Friday morning!

On the first Saturday of the month Landon and I had a date day!  It was just one of the best days and he chose everything we did!
We started at Bob Evans for lunch, which we both got French toast and bacon :)  And played some serious games of tic tac toe!

Such a goof!

We left the Bob and headed to Toys R Us...Landon had a gift card to burn and LOVES Pokémon everything right now, so he found a few treasures!

We had a little time to kill after Toys R Us before our 2:15 movie started, so we ran to Gymboree (NOT thrilled about that choice!) and then to Target for a new bike helmet.  He even rode on the race car ride, which he used to LOVE to do.  He liked it this time, but he's just getting big and wasn't quite as enthused about it.  Boo hoo hoo!!

We left the mall and headed right to the movies and the Lego Batman movie was SOLD OUT for that time...what?!  I didn't even think of that!!  SOOO we needed a plan B, we bought tickets for the 5:00 show and then had a few hours to kill.  We wound up at Stratosphere and he jumped his little heart out for an hour!  He just couldn't believe all the fun things we were doing and just had so much fun!

The kid can shoot some hoops!

After trampoline park, we ran to Panera to get take out and took that to the movie! (shh, don't tell!  That's the beauty of a big purse!)

Pre-movie selfie and I waited until they turned the lights down...oops!

The Lego Batman movie was super cute...we loved it!

Then we saw this for the new Power Rangers movie!  SUCH a FUN day with my not so little boy...we had such a great day!

THIS girl needed some Mommy time on Sunday, so she joined me at the grocery store!

That Tuesday we hosted playgroup for a new little group I joined to make Maddie some friends :)  The moms were so sweet and all the kiddos had a great time.  Maddie is the youngest, by 3 months.  It's funny to see what a difference three months really makes at this age!

She loved playing with my pretty new LuLaRoe Amelia dress that I won!!  I never win things and I was so excited for this beauty.

Thursday started SPRING BREAK for the big kids and we were off to Longwood for the day!  Landon was the photographer that morning.

real life...the good news is I showered this day! ;)

sweet baby was SUPPOSED to snooze on the way, but that just didn't happen!

we met Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop there

SO SO pretty!

cuties having fun with the puppets

Friday night was the Daddy/Daughter dance with Reagan's dance class.  They practice a choreographed dance and put on a show!  It's precious to see the girls all dressed up...and their daddies!

Why does she look 13?!

They danced to "Stand by Me" and I just sobbed through it.  Keith works so incredibly hard for our family and is such a great just melted my heart to see he and our BIGGEST girl dancing together.  ...and I'm crying again THINKING about it!...

Reagan's dance wasn't until I put Maddie to bed, had the girl next door come over to listen for her and Landon and I were going to go to the dance.  Then he decided he just wanted to stay home, so it was a little break for this momma! ;)  I'll take what I can get!

Celebrating JJ's birthday on Saturday night!  Her request was an ice cream sandwich cake...YUMMM!

On Monday we headed to see Gran and Gramps for the day!  We left early and, of course, Maddie finally fell asleep with like 20 minutes to go in the car ride, but that was better than  nothing!

We ran to Belk and then to Gran's.  We hung out there for a little while and then went to Baugher's for lunch.  It was Maddie's first trip to Baugher's and she loved it!  She had her first chicken nugget and French fries :) 

It was freeeeezing, but the kiddos wanted to play for a little bit.  We all waited in the car!

On Gigi and Mop's hill!  SUCH a beautiful view!

I don't even know...clearly a home day.  We made some leprechaun hats...I'm pretty sure that's what I have on my head.  Of course the weather for our spring break was cold...we even got some snow. 

Thursday was a Chuck E Cheese day!  Maddie was eyeing up JJ who met us there!

Madalyn loves her JJ, she's so sweet and gentle with her

The beautiful thing about getting to "the Chuck" right when they open and during the week when no one else is on spring break, is that you pretty much have the place to yourself, so that was awesome!

He won some SERIOUS tickets!

Katey and Sydney met us there too and all the kids got to ride with Madalyn on her first ever ride!

Landon really was happy!

Sydney loved Chuck!  They were all dancing with him

Landon spent about 400 tickets on these bad boys!

Uncle Mike (who met us too!) got in on the fun

The whole gang at the Chuck!  Maddie slept for a little bit on the way home and then didn't really want to sleep anymore once we got home.  Always fun...and Thursday are swim lessons nights and I could do a separate post on the crazzzziness of those nights, but whatever!

St. Patrick's Day!  Not too much green around here, but we made it work :)  We had an exiting day of an oil change and a trip to Walmart!  Somehow that sneaky leprechaun got into our house while we were gone and turned the toilet water green, messed up the family room, threw tissues all over the kitchen, and knocked down all the chairs around the table!

That Saturday was Jordan's baby shower!!  She is due the beginning of May and we're so excited to meet this sweet boy!

After the shower we ran to King of Prussia to hit up the Lilly store, where I got the girls such precious matching dresses, and then we got some dinner.  It was a LONG, but fun fun day!

Sunday afternoon Reagan had a Happy Birthday Girl Scouts/Easter Party.  Her leader did a great job with all the fun crafts and activities and Reagan had so much fun!

Monday the kids were BACK TO SCHOOL!  It was also Dairy Queen's free cone day, so we celebrated after school with some yummy ice cream...well Landon and I did, Reagan isn't a huge fan and wasn't feeling 100% either.

Such a BIG GIRL...she is standing so much these days!!

I kept Reagan home for a little bit the next morning, but around 10 she decided she REALLY wanted to go to could I tell her no, she didn't have a fever and felt fine.  She loved catching up on my favorite show, Home and Family.  It's a good and the 80 year olds really enjoy it!

She found the tunnel!

Selfie before dance last Friday!

Last Saturday was the 2nd week of soccer, but R and I couldn't make the first game because of the shower.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and it just put us all in a springy, happy mood!

Maddie had so much fun at the game...she and Emi just snacked and walked around together

We wanted to go to the Chesapeake Inn for dinner that night, but the wait at 4:45 was already over an hour, so we ventured to a new spot, Baker's.  It was good, but a much older crowd!  Reagan whispered to me, "Mommy, I think this place is for older people."  It was too funny!

yup...ripping the bow out!

Sunday was FREEZING, after such a pretty day on Saturday and it was the first day of flag football!  Somehow Landon and Liam got put on the same team, which was awesome!  The boys LOVED it!

After flag football Reagan and I went with Colleen and Bella to see Beauty and the Beast.  Reagan thought it was a little scary, but we just loved it!  Love this sweet girl of mine!

The kids had off yesterday and today for confences...and the weather couldn't have been crappier!  So we really just hung out at home, which was just fine!  Our conferences were at 7:30 and 8:00 this morning, so I sent Keith and I had him FaceTime me from there.  Maddie was still sleeping and there was NO way we were going to all be up and ready that early.  We are just SOOO proud of these two kiddos and how well they are doing in school.  Both teachers just said how hard they work, how well they listen, and how kind they are to their classmates.  My heart was exploding!  SO proud of these sweeties!  We ran to Dunkin to celebrate (tradition!) and I even let them get TWO donuts, which is a very special treat!  SO BIG and SO sweet!

That's our month in a nut shell!  We still have piano on Monday, Girl Scouts every other Wednesday, swim on Thursdays, dance on Fridays, soccer on Saturday, and flag football on's always busy, but I try to just cherish as much of it as I can.