Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Maddie's FIRST Birthday Party!!

Maddie's FIRST birthday fell on a Saturday (just like Reagan's did!) so we got to celebrate in a big way!  It was such a fun day celebrating our sweet girl...we are all so excited and couldn't believe she was really already ONE!!

she got measured for the first time! 
(if you don't have a growth ruler, you must make one...if I can do it ANYONE can and it's SO SO fun to see how the kids have grown and how QUICKLY they grow!)

Maddie's party didn't start until 4, so it gave us (me!) plenty of time to make sure everything was ready to go for the big girl!  We had about 50 of our closest family and friends coming to celebrate with us and it was a freezing day so no kiddos could be shipped outside!!

some of the party details...and ice cream party was SO very fun!

the cake turned out GREAT!  Everyone thought it was fake!

somebody is NOT like her cupcake, not even ONE bit!!

"don't make me eat it!!"

We also had an ice cream sundae bar...the kids didn't overdo that at all! ;)

Little girl much preferred her ice cream!
(she just wanted to stick to the party theme!)

we continued the celebration with breakfast out the next morning with Gran and Gramps!

one last pic of the little girl in her "baby" seat...she lasted the longest in that thing of all the kids because I just couldn't change it out...however she was far too big and it was hoo hoo!

Maddie's beautiful pillow that our special friend made!

Landon reading us Brown Bear, Brown Bear!  It was a gift because somehow our TWO copies that we had have disappeared!

Reagan loved Maddie's new German teddy bear :)

...and just because this kid is cute!

It was such a special weekend celebrating our Madalyn!  She has completed our family and we just love her to pieces.  I just really can't believe she is ONE!!

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