Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crazy Kids!

Just a couple pics...

I now have to keep the refrigerator tied up because a certain little man has figured out how to open it and LOVES to stand in it and get the milk out himself...heaven help me!  Reagan seriously learned how to open it up about a month ago by herself :)

Being a NUT in the bath!

Yesterday we met friends at Kidventures while Reags was at school...Landon had so much fun!  He pretty much stayed in the kitchen and played with the was so fun!

Such a mess!  Love him!

Donuts for Dads

Wednesday was the day Reagan has been looking forward to for SOOO long!!!  It was Donuts for Dads day at school!  They have been working hard on all kinds of projects for the Daddies and I honestly don't know if Keith or Reagan was more excited about it :)  It was so sweet!

Love them!  You can't tell, but we did curl Reagan's hair that morning...she wanted to be fancy for her Daddy :)

This cutie couldn't miss out on a picture...he was saying "chheeeeeze, cheeeeezzzzeee!!"

My new FAVORITE of my two kiddies!!

Landon's look in this is priceless!

...and of course R being a nut!

Keith said it was so cute!  They did a hand tracing activity when they arrived at school, which I think L was VERY confused about why Daddy was taking sissy to school and not us :)  At about 9:30 they went down to the CLC (Christian Life Center) and had donuts, played some games, and listened to Ms. Dawn say a few words.

I am SO blessed to have a husband that is such a great daddy and SO blessed to have a beautiful daughter that loves her daddy!  I'm so glad they had a great morning together! :)

New Shoooooooes!!

Last Friday turned out to be a "snow day" AGAIN for preschool because we were to MAYBE get some freezing rain on Thursday night.  The schools delayed 3 hours, AGAIN, which meant no school for Reags.  It really worked out fine and we had a fun little day!  We ventured to the mall because Sir Landon was in DIRE need of a new pair of shooooooes (as he says it!). 

Of course Stride Rite only had ONE pair of sneakers in a 9 XW!!!  ...and they were TERRIBLE!  I refused to purchase...but the Sperry's were just calling my name and I just COULD.NOT resist!!

I'm sorry, but he is a precious little man!

That face just spells TROUBLE!

Here are his shoes at the mall...I sent this picture to Keith because I told Landon they looked like Da-da's shoes, so now his are referred to as "Da Da shoes," pretty stinkin' cute!  BRING ON SPRING!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lots of Randoms!

Just some randoms of the kiddos from the last week!

Posing in a bucket with she and Landy's balloons!

Last Sunday Keith took Reagan up to the indoor pool to practice her swimming...she was SO excited that she had her swimsuit on all morning!

Mother Gothel being a nut!

Climbing up the attic latter...he would have gone the whole way if we let him!

Sibling love :)

On Friday Reags got a little McDonald's after was so pretty outside that she had a little "picnic" with Cinderella too!

This sweet man was playing outside and when I took him in for his nap his fever was up to 102.7!!  I felt so bad for him...still acting fine though!  He slept and I wound up taking him to the doctor that afternoon since we were leaving in the morning for PA.  Everything checked out fine, thank goodness!  By Saturday morning he had just a low grade fever and by that night was fine!

Reagan stayed with our neighbor Miss Chelle, while Landy and I went to the doctor.  Once I picked her up and was backing out of the driveway we saw a hot air balloon that looked like it was going to land in the street!  We decided to follow it and it landed in an empty lot in the neighborhood!  We were able to get SO close, like felt the heat from the flame close!  We still don't know why exactly it landed there, but it brought out pretty much the whole neighborhood to check it out!  Pretty cool!

Trip to PA!

On Saturday morning we left for a long weekend in the PA state!  It was a busy visit, which I took pretty much NO pictures, but fun anyway!

Sunday morning Landon helped Pop-Pop make pancakes...Reagan was WAY too busy elsewhere! :)

Sunday afternoon both kiddos needed Mum-Mum snuggles!

We went to Outback (of course!) for dinner on Monday night and this was Reagan's creation...she learned how to make hearts and was SO proud of herself!  She said Mo-Mo taught her how to make the flowers too...I was pretty impressed!

We came back yesterday morning and it was a pretty good trip back!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was a fun little day this year, although our Landy man was not feeling 100%, he had a nice fever for a few days. (Thankfully he was acting fine!)

Wednesday afternoon Reags and I made some Hershey Kiss pretzel treats...they didn't last too long around here!

One of my sweetest Valentines!

Valentine's Day morning Landon woke up with an almost 102* fever, so he was rocking the onesie to "cool down" a bit!  Poor man!

Reagan worked so hard on a card for her Daddy and was SOO excited to give it to him!

A holiday wouldn't be complete these days without a Doc McStuffins something!

Also some new dress up things...JUST what she needed!

Sweet sissy helping Bubs open his presents!

Sweet man, loves wearing Da-da's shoes!

We had painters here on Valentine's Day and since Landon had a fever we had to cancel make up swim lessons and a playdate, SOOO what makes all of that better?!?!  Dunkin Donuts of course!

We hit up the carwash after the Dunkin' and came home for lunch!

We had a yummy steak dinner and then made icing for our cake for dessert...the kiddos LOVE licking the beaters, can't say I blame them!

It was a very sweet day with my three favorite people! :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Last Week!

Holy am I behind on blogging!!  Here are a few pics of what we've been up to!

Last weekend we went to VA to visit our sweet friends, The Mills!  We went up Saturday for Margaret's birthday and stayed until Sunday.  Reagan had a BLAST with MoMo!!

Last Monday Mum-Mum came down for the week!  The kiddos were SOO excited!!

The little fish had another swim lesson last Tuesday...

...and sweet brother just hangs out and watches :)

Keith did some yard work on Wednesday and Landon wanted to be a helper :)  He was such a good boy at the doctor and such a pretty day, he could do whatever he wanted!  Mum-Mum, Reaggie, and I went out to lunch after we picked her up from school!

The little chefs were busy cooking up a storm on Thursday morning!  Mum-Mum brought their new kitchen that they got for Christmas down, so they had a blast with something new!  While they cooked away, I got to have a root canal done...exciting huh!?

Friday morning Mum-Mum left, R had school, and we had a busy little weekend! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

18 Months!

At 18 Months, Landon...
weighs: 34 pounds 3 ounces
height:  35.25 inches
Our sweet Landon man turned 18 months old on Saturday...that's officially ONE AND A HALF!  I have been sticking to the "months" when asked his age, but now I guess it's time to just say those and a half.  SO hard to believe!!

This has been a BIG month for Landon!  He has REALLY started talking...I feel like there is a new
word almost everyday that he is saying.  Probably mostly only understood by us, but still they are words :)  The ones I can think of off the top of my head: shoes, sissy, nana (banana), chu (cheers), Beeee (which is Bailey and binky, you have to use context clues!), ball, choo choo, eat, all dum, bah-ball (basketball), yo ho ho (which he says when Jake and the Neverland Pirates is on), ooh ooh ahh ahh (which is his monkey sound), boooooo (which is the cow sound), num num (to eat something), and I'm sure I'm forgetting several!

Another big trick is CLIMBING!  He is such a climber...oh my gosh.  Climbs on the sofa, climbs on the kitchen chairs, climbs up my legs, climbs on everything!!  He is just being "curious" is what Reagan says :)  He sure is!

Landon sometimes is NONE too thrilled to have to get into his carseat...literally stiffens his body so hard that I can NOT get him to bend to sit down...a strong little monkey!  Yesterday I took him to get his 18 month pictures done, which we got ONE good is better than none right?!, and the only way I could get him in a carseat was to put him in Reagan's!  Whatever works...

Our little outdoorsman continues to LOVE to be outside.  We have had some colder days, but that doesn't stop him!  He doesn't feel cold I don't think :)  He is so happy outside and so content pushing toys around that it's hard not to take him outside for atleast a little bit!

Landy LOVES to watch Mickey, play on the iPad, play outside, playing with whatever his sister is playing with, brush his own teeth, choo choos, trucks on the road while we're driving, snacking, playing with the kitchen, reading books....he is a busy boy, but such a sweetheart!